30th May 2006, 06:25

I think you might find this site and the FAQ's useful.


And yes, you can disable the aux heater by removing the connector from the temperature sensor at the front of the car, near the windscreen wipers. Search that site for details of the exact location.



1st Jun 2006, 16:10

I had the pre heater motor and pump disconnected on my Galaxy because of excessive smoke. So far after 3 weeks appears to be no problems.

13th Jul 2006, 16:14

I have a 2002 Galaxy Zetec diesel.

I had the smoking problem on cold days, people on the street telling me my car was on fire. Auxilary heater replaced twice under warranty and the last one has packed up as well. The dealer says they are disconnecting them now as they cannot be fixed. They only work when the outside temp is below 10 deg c, so they do not start all summer, and the diesel is not used in the system, hence the smoke in winter. Down side is the car is freezing in winter.

Air con unit also packed up. 2000 euros to replace.

Link bars all replaced twice. 800 euros.

Water from the rear window washer came up in the passenger footwell, broken pipe.

I am now considering a Galaxy Ghia, because I like the car, it is comfortable and can carry loads.

7th Sep 2007, 11:58

From bill,

I also had this problem of smoke from pre heater, dealer quoted £600 to replace or £150 to replace glow plugs of which there are two, the pre heater is both a VW audi and ford part number, I just removed the damn thing completely and put a steel tube to bridge together the two water coolant pipes and blanked off the diesel pipe. So far no problems and the moneys in my pocket.

2nd Oct 2007, 02:52

From Andy.

I have a TDI galaxy, I have a problem with the heater inside the car. Has any one got any ideas. The dial on the panel does not turn the unit to heat. Is the cable for this just broken in some way, or could it be something worse??.

14th Jan 2008, 05:08

I have a 2003 Galaxy 1.9 TDI and the aux heater has just packed up for the 3rd time. Seems there is a problem with these aux heaters and they need to be replaced on average every two years. When I had my last one replaced, I had to wait for 6 weeks because they were updating the part due to a problem, it seems to me that they have not rectified that problem. I too was asked to get out of the car by the police because they thought my car was on fire.

26th Nov 2008, 02:40


Looks like a common problem with the 1.9 Tdi. Mine started on Saturday with fumes within the cabin and white smoke at the passenger side middle seat air inlet and underneath the car. Have it booked into a Ford dealer today and expecting a battle as to whether they will fix it under warranty. Car's a 2006 reg so should be covered but I tend to find that it's never straight forward with these issues.

Totally unacceptable when you consider that most people have small families with these vehicles and the last thing you want is fumes and smoke within the cabin. Why do manufacturers behave in this way, surely they should take ownership of these faults and resolve promptly free of charge. Hope this isn't the start of a running battle and continued problems with this component and vehicle.

Regards - Graham.

3rd Jan 2009, 08:24

I have a 2003 Ford Galaxy TD had problems with smoke from underneath the car, and also smoke and fumes entering the car.

The auxiliary heater glow plug was replaced under a Ford protect warranty, this seems to have stopped the smoke from underneath, but fumes and smoke are still getting into the car out of the top of the passenger seat belt holder.

It appears to happen when it's cold outside, the smoke lasts for about a minute, the fumes and smell are diesel like.

Some cold days it doesn't happen, which is a bit annoying when the garage won't do anything until they have seen themselves, which is the position I am in at present.

Any body with similar problem, please reply.

Regards TS.

7th Jan 2009, 08:12

Have owned 3 Galaxy cars since 1998, and all have completed high mileage 150,000 plus. All have been serviced regular and are pleasing with their all round performance.

My current Galaxy is 2004 1.9 TDI Zetec, and in winter 07/08 I had auxiliary heater problems the same as everybody else, but by not bringing on the Aux heater and waiting till the engine was warm, meant there was not a smoke problem and no costs! This year, 2008/9, it appears the problem has fixed itself!!!

Today my heater went nearly cold and the temperature gage went to maximum on a 200 mile journey.. My service agent thinks this is a defective water pump. Appears it needs the cam belt to be removed to complete the repair.. Has anybody else had this problem? johnymac.

7th Jan 2009, 08:53

I have a Ford Galaxy Zetec.

I love the car, but have had a few problems with it.

I had a noise from the power steering if I turned it left or right. I had load of things changed on it, but it did not cure the problem. In the end Ford found it; it was the alternator.

I have also got problems with it holding back on the power, and cannot find out why I have had it analysed and nothing showed up. I have changed the intake air flow; this has made no difference. I have looked at every hose to see if there is a split or pipe off; nothing. Can anyone help?

I also have a problem with the smoke from the pre heat system. Ford need to change them all. I suggest people start ringing Watchdog. The smoke fills up the whole cab; it is like me sticking a pipe up the exhaust and in to the window. Can anyone help?

22nd Jan 2009, 14:06

I have a 2000 2.3 petrol Ford Galaxy. The problem I have is a tweeting noise like a bird chirping that seems to come from the center of the windscreen area. This only happens when I am traveling at 70mph+. At first I thought it was coming from the wind screen wipers, but when you switch them on it dose not stop. Has any body got any ideas?

23rd Jan 2009, 13:06

The aux heater on my 2005 Galaxy 1.9 TDi seems to be playing up. When I switch the engine off it sounds like a plane taking off for a few minutes. Also smells inside the car. I would welcome any advice on how to turn the heater off, or where to take the wire off to disable it?

1st Feb 2009, 09:09

I have a Galaxy 1.9 TDi Ghia 2004.

Over the last two years the aux heater has broken seven times. The Ford dealers have not been able to fix this problem. I have only just got the car back after the dealership had it for four and a half weeks, within 7 miles of driving it, once again it failed. Trading Standards are now involved with this as I have run out of patience with the whole situation.

Come on Ford, help us out.