12th Feb 2009, 17:44

Seat Alhamba 130 2004 35,000 miles.

I also have the smoke problem and have been told that this happens to all of the variants, V.W., Ford and Seat.

My problem has only started in the last week, and I was told that due to the cost it was best to switch off the rear heater system at the dash control. So far it's worked. Watch out for the wipers seizing, which apparently is another characteristic of these vehicles. The bar that joins the two wipers locks up and it cost me £200.00 plus fitting. But the versatility of the car still makes it worthwhile at the moment.

Bob F.

15th Feb 2009, 04:38

I own a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI Ghia 130 bhp 2005, and the alternator warning light came on and electric failure, so I called out the AA who stated it was an electrical fault, and noted alternator light briefly flickering on. I took the Galaxy to a Ford main dealer, who reset the fault codes and sent me on my way.

The lights came on again, but also brake warning lights, so I took it back to same Ford dealer who again said nothing wrong and reset the codes. I had the car checked under its warranty.

Having then approached another two Ford main dealers about my concerns, I then decided to take the car to an independent garage, which I have trusted with my previous vehicles in the past. This garage replaced all my brake pads and discs and reset the fault codes. My warranty then ran out.

My car broke down again, and the AA attended and advised me that it was an electrical fault, probably the alternator. The independent garage have now found blown alternator melted wiring and fuse box.

When they went to Ford Parts, they were informed that it is a re-occurring problem on this model of vehicle, and they can blow and melt again at any time.

The independent garage has replaced the fuse box with a new Ford Galaxy replacement fuse box, which is more heat resistant. The alternator was replaced with a new one and a work around was essentially made for the two larger wires that locate to the alternator, also re-routed wire to avoid the heat build up. Hopefully this will resolve the problems.

The connections have to be pristine and tight.

Ford I assume would just have replaced the wiring loom, alternator and fuse box and inevitably the car would have been at risk again of same re-occurring problems.

Ford Customer relations have recorded my complaint as a safety concern. As yet no good will gesture from Ford as they have to investigate and want me to take the damaged parts to a Ford main dealer to be analyzed.

I also have the issue of diesel smoke from the auxiliary heater. This is something that Ford also seem unable to fix on this model, and it is an issue in winter.

Recalls unlikely until a high % of Galaxy owners complain to Ford. I have had my car scheduled services and repairs at Ford main dealers, but I believe that legally you can still go to an independent garage as long as they use Genuine Ford Parts and the warranty would still be valid.

Think that I might give Trading Standards a call.

I know that lots of other people have had the same problems.

Might end up buying Japanese car next time. My car was made in Portugal and I think it is a VW/Ford engine.

We only do about 10000 miles a year, and it is usually my wife who drives it.

15th Feb 2009, 04:53

If enough customers complain to Ford Customer Services then they might recall. The auxiliary heater appears to be a common fault. The alternator, wiring and fuse box on certain Galaxy models especially the 2005 TDI is another reoccurring fault with safety implications.

Bring back the horse and cart, it might be more reliable.

9th Mar 2009, 09:05

Stumbled on this site looking for some help on my 'smoking auxiliary heater' It has done it before but is now in a terminal phase, lots of smoke. I have found that setting the heat to min until the car has warmed up seems to do the business. Vehicle is 5 year old Ghia 115 tdi and has generally been great, versatile and comfortable, driven gently, not more than 75mph, it runs out at better than 45mpg on the trip computer and 42mpg over 58,000 miles, (until recently it was regularly driven a lot harder).

I also have had the fuse box problem, thought that I was in a minority, failed twice but fortunately no problem with alternator, been running on cobbled up connections for last 18 months.

Re water pump, my local independent (VW specialist) tells me that the impeller is plastic and prone to failure after 60,000 miles, so I had mine replaced at the same time as the cam belt, good insurance for just another £30 or so.

11th Mar 2009, 08:44

As many of you have complained, I have the same problem with the auxiliary heater; grey smoke from under the car to make it look like the car is on fire... Got one of my mechanic friends to disconnect the heater, this seems to have cured the smoke.

3rd Apr 2009, 08:09

There is a 25amp fuse in the fuse box under and to the right of the steering wheel, just unplugged that to disconnect the Aux heater, it's listed in the handbook as "Auxiliary Heater". Basically the Aux heater has a glow plug within it which packs up, that's all that needs to be replaced. Problem is it's around 2 hours to strip it all down and build it back up again.

17th Oct 2009, 14:23

Came across this site looking for information on why the cabin smells of diesel fumes and a pall of whitish/grey smoke pours from the rear of the car when it's cold. The aux heater seems to be a problem. I have a 2003 Ghia and cannot believe what I've read regarding Ford Motor Company not being able or willing to fix the problem!! I'm going to remove the fuse; if that does not work I'll have it disconnected. I'm really worried about killing my children; the fumes in the cabin are that bad.

27th Nov 2009, 16:42

27 Nov 2009.

130 Galaxy Ghia 55 reg smoke in cabin.

This is my second Galaxy, and it smoked on 1st cold day, smelling out the cabin with foul paraffin odour. It happened on my last one as well, AA called, but knew nothing about it, dealership gave usual response (reading other comments) - if we can't see it, we don't believe it. I am inclined to try the turn off heating method 1st and then perhaps the disconnect. Ford must be very aware of this by now.

9th Dec 2009, 15:48

At last this isn't just me going mad. Our Galaxy 1.9 TDI has starting smoking under the rear wheels when come to a stop. Scared the living daylights out of me as was driving with my young children. Can I just disconnect the amp then?

4th Jan 2010, 14:15

We have the same problem with our cabin on our Seat Alhambra filling with smoke and smelling of fuel. Is there any danger to you or the car if you disconnect the aux pre heater? Thanks for the advice.