1994 Ford Granada Scorpio 2.9 V6 from UK and Ireland


A wonderful luxo-barge for silly money - just mind the fuel


Windscreen wiper rotor fell off. Fixed it by drilling the ball joint and bolting the thing together. Sounds harsh, but works well now.

Poor automatic gearbox performance when cold. This is probably due to me using cheap 'n' nasty auto fluid once.

Strange grinding noise when cornering hard at full lock.

Needed new exhaust pipe (mid and rear sections) at 95,000 miles. Which isn't bad at all.

General Comments:

Firstly, anyone who tries to drive a Granada Scorpio like a sports car will be seriously disappointed. However, waft around like you're the Queen, and you'll really start to appreciate the qualities of a car like this. I bought mine in March 2001 for £1,500 with a full service history and one company owner under its belt. Even if you're not a fan of Ford cars, you'll love a deal like that.

Of course, it will crack 145mph (on a good day) and out-accelerate fools in Vectras and Mondeos, but they'll have the last laugh - the company pays for their petrol.

The interior is very comfortable (mine has leather seats) and contains more toys than Hamleys. The most surprising thing is, that after 104k miles, they all still work!

I must agree with some other reviews, which slate the fuel economy. In fact, it is the reason I have decided to sell mine. Even if I drive like an old lady, I still only get around 20mpg - and that's on the motorway!!! Every time I go to the petrol station, I see the pump attendant rub his hands together gleefully at the prospect of another £45 fill-up. I must have more Tiger Tokens than Coca-Cola's top sales rep.

If only I could have ALL the power and ALL the comfort without the insatiable appetite for go-go juice...

I think the answer might be in my next car - a Rover 620 Ti.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2002

21st Jul 2003, 07:47

Good review.

As for wanting the performance & not having to go to the petrol station every day?

May I suggest a Vauxhall Senator 3.0l 24v?

I have had the honour of owning both these cars & I can say, the Ford is nice, but the Vauxhall is in a different class!

It also has the bonus of being "economical" well compared the the Granada! It will average 30mpg (35+ on the motorway)

3rd Mar 2005, 05:16

Try driving it properly - I get a return of 37 mpg in my 2.9i on the motorway.

1st Jun 2005, 05:54

Not 100% sure about the fuel economy figures quoted. These units are meant to throw out avg 28mpg - have to remember this is roughly same as a sapphire cosworth with fuel consumption for around the 200BHP figure. 15-18MPG is definitely in the 320-340BHP - I know that because that's what my saph cos 4x4 does running 340BHP. Check for leaks or faulty injectors if you're not getting this.

17th Mar 2006, 06:08

I own a 1994 Granada Scorpio 2.9i V6 and I have found this car to be a pleasure to drive. Yes the fuel economy is not great, but what the scorpio lacks in economy it more than makes up for in comfort and affordable luxury.

I previously sold this very same car to my sister five years ago and then had to wait patiently for her to sell the car back to me. Once I had sold my scorpio, I couldn't wait to get it back.

1994 Ford Granada Scorpio 24v Cosworth from UK and Ireland


Very cheap executive car with superb performance


Tyre's at the front have worn badly, I suspect tracking or worn bushes, I have always had these problems with Granadas, after you change bushes and arms all is well.

Gear box creeps at tick over, but nothing too much to worry about.

General Comments:

Performance is fantastic, plenty of power and so smooth, this is the 3rd Granada I have owned. Previous were 2.0lt DOHC Ghia 9/10 (lacking in power on occasions) and a 2.8lt 4X4 8/10 (great handling if the 4x4 systems work 100%).

As 1994 was the last year the Granada Scorpio was produced, I will have to look at the goggle eye'ed Scorpio Ultima as a replacement :-(

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Review Date: 27th April, 2001

22nd May 2001, 08:31


What do you recommend me if I want to buy a used car Scorpio 2.0lt DOHC classic 1994?

17th Oct 2002, 19:58

Creeping auto gearboxes are perfectly normal.