1994 Ford Granada Scorpio 2.0 DOHC from UK and Ireland


A safe, reliable and comfortable family cruiser


Heater matrix started to leak & smell.

Head masket blew at 72,000.

Prop shaft needed replacement at 79,000.

Idle speed control valve replaced at 72,000.

All work was done under an independent warranty which was worth its weight in gold!

General Comments:

A great car - despite some problems. Best advice I can give is that they do suffer from the occasional problem and these independent warranty providers do not seem to reflect that in their premiums - mine was 260 quid for a years cover and has paid for itself fourfold within months!

Watch out for rusty rear wheel arches and high pressure in the cooling system which is probably head gasket trouble.

On automatics, make sure that the oil is clean ie. red, not brown or dark with a burnt smell.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2001

1994 Ford Granada Scorpio 24v Cosworth 2.9 V6 EFI from UK and Ireland


The biggest, meanest hunk of bad-ass stealth muscle for the money ANYWHERE


Leaking heater matrix (replaced under warranty).

General Comments:

A relaxing drive home after a hard day in the office... if you can keep your eyes off the fuel gauge. 18mpg around town is not clever, but is forgiven the moment you bury your right foot in the shag pile. A spine-tingling roar accompanies the feline hiss of the fuel injection and the high-pitched shriek of the tyres as you lay 30 yards of rubber before defying the laws of physics with a phenomenal burst of acceleration. Try the same trick from 120mph - it kicks down, rears up and you get where you're going half an hour before you left, and all in perfect air conditioned, leather-clad armchair comfort.

On the practical side, parts are dirt cheap even from the main dealers and the service departments know their stuff. It'll seat four big lads in comfort and swallow more luggage than you'll ever need... and more to the point, girls love it. This is definitely a big boy's toy.

It's just a pity it costs £20 to get it off the drive. Eighteen to the gallon is crap, whatever way you look at it...

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Review Date: 24th November, 2000

10th Dec 2000, 09:19

I have just bought such a car - a 92 J plater. first impressions correspond with what you say - it is crap on petrol! But performance? Whoa, momma!

I have yet to find out what parts prices are like, it had only just been serviced before I bought it. I normally do all my own servicing on cars, but having looked under the bonnet on it, perhaps not!

Mine is in white, and the only way to tell it isn't a two litre is the wheels and the tiny 24v badge on the back, which means it looks like a Grandads car.

Good for playing with reps in Mondeos and Vectras.