1994 Ford Granada Scorpio 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Classic 90s executive express


New brake discs and pads, which come under wear and tear, but new calipers all round were a bit costly at one point.

Noisy differential.

Exhaust back box fell off. Putting this as wear and tear as well though, since it happened when it was nearly 10 years old and probably was the original.

General servicing, oil/fan belt changes, etc.

General Comments:

The Granada on a 1994 model was the last of its kind. Fully kitted out with leather as a top model (Scorpio), this car wanted for nothing and was one of the most comfortable cars I ever had. Electric everything. Huge interior.

The Scorpio trim level became the newer model name plate that replaced this car in 1995. The newer car was unloved though because of its looks, and hence a lot of early 90s Granadas were sought after for a long while even as they got older.

Purchased mines with over 30K on the clock at only a few years old. Looked very nice in dark metallic blue paintwork. Basically it looked like a 'big' Sierra and did not really stand out from the crowd, but those in the know respect it as a good car and a cut above your average Ford. Easily up there with German rivals which to this day dominate the executive car market, however this car's direct rival was Vauxhall's Carlton and Senator models, which were also excellent cars; I can comment as I have owned both. There is very little in what car is best and it just comes down to what you prefer.

The 2.0 engine gave decent performance and economy. Being rear wheel drive it was easy to get the back end to slide out, but I tended to drive slow and just cruise; it was more suited to that. Would have loved the Cosworth 2.9 model, but couldn't afford it at the time. Will always have fond memories of this ordinary 2.0 model however - it was a great car to drive, very comfortable and gave very little problems.

I only scrapped it at 12 years old and nearly 200K on it because it was in an accident (not my fault, got rear ended) and was obviously uneconomical to repair (but was still going strong right up till that point). Would love another one nowadays as a second car to play about with, but they rarely come up these days for sale, your best bet is check AutoTrader and eBay frequently and then find a specialist independent that knows how to keep older cars like this looked after, especially if you get a Cosworth model - Ford dealers are generally OK, but I wouldn't take a car of this age/speciality to one.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2016

23rd Sep 2020, 13:33

They were certainly good cars, shame Ford and some other manufacturers stopped making executive saloons. Probably because that market was and still is dominated by BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

1994 Ford Granada scorpio 2.9 V6 12v from UK and Ireland


Excellent car in every way. Truly!


De-ice thermostat

Warped disks

Very Small amount of rust in arches.

General Comments:

This car was truly outstanding in every way, I know there maybe many that do not believe me, but its true!

The car was exceptionally smooth and quiet. Not incredibly fast, but very good considering the size of the car. Very well equipped and everything worked perfectly. Body in excellent condition except for very small amount of rust in arches. Easily and cheaply sorted by local body shop. Even though the Scorpio I owned after was more modern and did hold the road better it was nowhere near as reliable or as easy to work on. It truly is a shame I smashed it up or I would still have it now. Only small niggle would be the stupidly huge fuel consumption. 20mpg average 28mpg if driven real steady on a run! However cheap parts and servicing offset considerably. I do think however I did have an exceptional example as there was receipts for thousands of pounds from the previous owner.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2006