22nd Jan 2001, 12:29

Re Scorpio 24v.

I own a '92 hatch version. All in all it does about 22 mpg. I don't mind this, I live Northern Ireland, but am only a few miles from the border with the Irish Republic, where unleaded costs about 50p per litre. It's not bad necking a 24v for under £35!

I just wish Ford had done something decent with the engine, rather than just sticking on their clanking old auto gearbox from the 1985 Granada 2.8. When overtaking, especially about 30mph upwards, the rear end has a nasty habit of kicking out.

Apparently the 24v produced 300bhp plus on design. Ford however knocked 100bhp or so off this.... Reason? They had no traction control system available that the car needed, and 300bhp was just too powerful.

Shame really.

5th Feb 2001, 08:53

I have a 1996 Scorpio Cossie, I get about 20mpg but what a laugh, all for next to no cash.

Took it to Santa Pod raceway, got 7.85 to 60mph which is cool.

That is with the 8x18 Voodoo wheels I have fitted. 225-4-ZR18 tyres.

15th Feb 2001, 10:02

Just bought a 1993 version - pre facelift. Well, I`m totally impressed so far - fast, quiet, and loads of toys! Very impressed with the acceleration - especially considering the size, and feels planted round every bend.

Get about 22MPG, which isn't that bad, unless you are really heavy on the right foot!

Lots of car for the money, just watch the cost of ownership - petrol, tyres etc soon add up - £500+ a set of tyres is not cheap!

Overall happy with the purchase, and I would it recommend to anyone that is after a large, comfortable car that's quick and is not too concerned about the economy...

6th Jul 2007, 08:20

I have had mine for 18 months. If you are careful, you can squeeze 32mpg out of the mighty V6 cosworth (not for long I hasten to add). It is really big and comfortable, plus it is still possible to work on should it be necessary. Modern cars may be cleverer, but they are not a patch on this brute. Does anyone know of _ANY_ other car that is as well specified and as well built as this that are as practical? I have to say that in my opinion, even the better end of the Jaguar and Lexus range are not as good, though they are newer and possibly more economical, you cannot work on them.

12th May 2008, 16:43

My dad got a cossie 2 years ago and its by far the best car he has ever owned. Its got everything you want except for the aircon as it was taken out before his ownership (a couple owners before him was a modifying company, apparently it helps performance). is this true? does it help? its fast as it is. Every time I'm in it, I have the biggest grin on my face, especially when she outdoes the scoobys at the lights. Its had its problems while hes had it but for enjoyment, comfort and pleasure this is a car. hes had numerous Grannys, Sierras, the odd Cortina etc but his Cossie is just amazing, only downside he don't know it yet. I wish he will insure me on it but as I am 18, the insurance is a bit on the high side. My brother always says get rid of both cars. his other car (Ford Granada GLXi Saloon 93), his Cosworth being on a 94 L plate and get a newer car, but why this has everything and could beat it for acceleration. he soon shut up tho it beat his Alfa Romeo, everyone looks at it as these cars getting rarer. I was in a scrappy the other day and there were loads in a row sitting there waiting to go. If you go on putfile and type in Scorpio you will find the previous owner enjoying it.