2002 Ford Ka Luxury 1.3 from UK and Ireland


When it's good it's really good, when it's bad it's awful


The car developed a steering problem where it would veer violently while braking/accelerating/changing gear - turned out to be a fault with the differential, which cost over £600 to fix. This problem had also caused the left tyre to wear excessively around the outside edge, which meant I had to replace the tyre twice within 6 months.

Suspension bushes need replacing around every 10,000 miles or less - which is apparently standard with after-market bushes on a KA.

Bodywork is very prone to rust in certain areas (around petrol cap, around back wiper mount, around door sills where protective covers are not applied). Older models often require welding to the sills.

Back wiper tends to work intermittently, although fiddling with the connection usually fixes it.

General Comments:

I have owned two KAs - one was a basic 1999 model, now I have a 2002 Luxury. I think the experience of owning a KA is down to pot luck - some never encounter any major problems, while others tend to fall apart around you.

My first KA never had anything majorly wrong with it except rust both on the upper bodywork and the structure underneath. Obviously visually that wasn't too good, and it always needed some welding to pass the MOT at around £100 a time. I owned it from 54,000 miles to 80,000.

I bought my current KA a year ago, and since then I have had to pay around £800 fixing various things. Altogether I am quite disappointed with this second KA compared to the first.

However, for what I initially paid for the car, it's not too bad. KAs are cheap to buy because they are cheaply made - which is something you have to accept. When you see forums full of the disadvantages of owning a KA, it can easily put you off - but the amount of KAs you see driving around every day must count for something. They're a popular car because they are cheap and have a reliable engine - you just need to be as savvy as possible when buying one and keep an eye out for the common problems.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2009

2002 Ford Ka 1.3 from UK and Ireland




When I bought the car, the fuel cap was rusted, and now it's got worse; the whole side is rusting and it's not even a very old car.

The main thing that's wrong now is it keeps cutting out on me, and my electric light is on.

General Comments:

It's a great nippy car, brill for first time drivers! Up till now it's been great, dead reliable, and it can fit quite a lot of stuff in it.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2008

1st Feb 2015, 11:29

So you bought a car from one of the worlds major car brands and at 6 years old it's rotting - badly!! How DID Ford get away with this in the 21st century!!!

2002 Ford Ka Collection 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Good, fun first car, don't go there if over 6'3"


Top mount needed replacing.

Brakes needed replacing.

Clutch hose needed replacing.

Rear coil spring broke.

Front strut needs replacing.

General Comments:

Good little car, nippy in urban areas and definitely feels fun to drive. You can feel what the car is doing, so you feel bumps in the road through the steering wheel, know when it's skidding a bit, steering is very hard and responsive. The brakes require some force, but can lock the wheels must be acceptable. The car handles well; a little roll in the corners and slight loss of traction, but never skids.

The cabin is quite small, and really this car is a 2+2; only small children/animals/luggage really can go on the back seats. Top speed listed as 96mph, but it will go 108mph before the rev limiter steps in. Does about 35mpg, 45 if driven like a train.

Really needs to be revved to accelerate reasonably, there is not a lot of torque, however lack of a rev counter doesn't help much.

The car heats up quick in the cold, A/C is very useful. Good first car for someone who only rarely carries more than 1 passenger. I can't imagine driving the 1.0 litre, the extra 300cc makes a big difference on slip roads, country lanes etc.

Boot is small but seats do fold forwards for more space. Also the exterior styling is more suited for a girl than a boy.

The seats are slightly uncomfortable after about 3 hours, but having not driven another car for that long without a break, that could be typical.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2008