14th Jul 2003, 07:01

1998 Model.

Feels like it is too high on the road for corners to be appreciated.

Plenty of leg room for tall drivers.

What in God's name where they thinking with the Glove Compartment area. It leaves space for the belly of a 30 Stoner.

It gets to 80mph no sooner than night becomes day.

Feels a little like a train in its momentum and unsafe.

Breaking is light progressive then non existent.

Shape is unique and can be complemented for initiative.

Steering is too heavy on the one I drove (on loan for 2 weeks). The steering margin reaction arc is to large and leads to delayed response in handling.

It feels like a car that you really would like to push and push and push until she blows up right in your face and only then will justice be done.

Why make a car like this for a starter - a starters car should be a lot better, better brakes, sterring and handling, cos they're the ones who will need a car to forgive them for their inexperience, n'est pas?

22nd Jan 2004, 11:41

Just a note to anyone who wishes to comment on the Ka. Please drive one of these before you comment, saying that it is poor at handling obviously shows you have never set foot in one. Just try searching for the Ford Ka on Google and you will find that it is renowned for its good handling, it grips the road and dives into every corner, unlike most small cars. And saying that it is a basic car... you get what you pay for (what do you expect for £6775 OTR)

25th Aug 2004, 06:32

I have just purchased a second hand R reg '98 KA, (it's a vast upgrade from my first car G reg micra). so far I am chuffed. however some of the comments do worry me. I suppose with any car there is a element of risk. fingers crossed my little KA will be everything as good as the owners club promise and not rust like the others say...

11th Mar 2005, 11:41

I love my KA, I have driven 3 other Ford models and this is the best so far. I would buy another one, but to be fair the boot is pretty amusing I can't go away for a week only a weekend or I have no room for my luggage, but I knew this when I bought it! I can only buy 5 bags of shopping too!They are nippy and so easy to park if you can't get into a gap just pick it up and put it in!! Plus I also have a great excuse about not being able to take all the kids out with me as I haven't got enough room for 5! As I say I love it.

24th Jun 2006, 10:37

I have a 2002 Luxury KA that my mother owned from new and I was given last year and as my first car it had been fantastic. It handles really well and is fun to drive (although not so fun on the motorway where wind noise does become a problem). The design might be 10 years old, but it still stands out. Thinking about upgrading to a 1.6 model, having owned one of know about the flaws and with that info am still happy to own another.

21st Jun 2008, 03:59


My g/f has a r reg Ka. She loves it. Some slight engine problems, but they can be fixed. When driving for a while it only chucks out hot air, and this time of the year, it is a nightmare. Has anybody else come across this problem?

7th May 2009, 10:27

Well let me tell you, I have owned a KA for 8 yrs and in this time I have experienced the majority of the complaints in this forum. But I can also tell you that most of them are very cheap and easy to repair even for someone like me with no knowledge of working on cars!!!

Apart from the usual tyres and exhausts, you will not find a cheaper, more reliable car for this kind of money.

Problem 1 - engine cuts out or revs drop at junctions, traffic lights etc. Check that no breather pipes are split/holed. If these are OK, then it is very likely to be the engine idle valve - £22 on E-Bay, 10 minute job.

Problem 2 - heater blows cold air. Replace heater valve - £20 on E-Bay, 30-40 minute job. One mechanic once told me it would cost over £400 as he would have to strip the dash out to get to the heater matrix - what a buffoon.

Problem 3 - rear wiper works now and then.

Clean all brass boot contacts with emery cloth - costs nothing, 10 minute job.

8th Jan 2010, 02:58

I love my Ford Ka, I've had a few minor problems. ie, heater blowing cold, but nothing too bad, it's good on petrol, and quite nippy too, I'd defo recommend the Ford Ka.