1998 Ford KA 2 1.3i from UK and Ireland


Tyres needed changing around 25000 miles.

Brakes needed changing at 20000 miles.

Paint work (metallic finish) should be of a much better standard, tends to scratch very easily.

Seat belts tend to get entangled (stuck) between the drivers door and the seat on a regular basis.

General Comments:

This is easiest and safest car I have ever driven. It is a very reliable car and better built than most other small cars, feels solid.

It really sticks to the road, when pushed.

Braking system is very good.

Power assisted steering is very good and does not lose feeling, like some other cars.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2001

1998 Ford KA 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Reasonable teenage, or second car - impractical, poorly built


Cassette player failed.

Rust developed at the welding around the rear door.

Rear wiper unreliable.

Engine management failure causing the engine to race of it's own accord and the car to fail to slow down on engine braking.

General Comments:

A miserly equipped poorly built expensive little car with no room in it for anything apart from a, rather small, ladies handbag. These cars handle very well and are quite fun to drive, although the early models without even power steering are so badly equipped the cost is hard to justify.

As a second town car there is a lot to be said for the KA, although for shopping purposes the boot is small and the load space impractical. I feel this is a car designed on looks over practicality, which is a shame. The basic design of the car means the the engine compartment is too small for any work to be carried out. I suspect even a small failure would mean out with the engine to fix it. The nice curve of the body coupled with no low level protection means that the sills and lower part of the doors are usually peppered with stone chips.

I wasn't happy with my KA, which I have since replaced. Whilst the drive was quite nice round town as our only car it was totally impractical. My KA started to rust after 8 months. I know that Fords build quality has been questioned but these Indonesian assembled Fords seem to have shockingly poor bodywork finish. I also experienced a problem with the engine management that caused the engine to rev on it's own. When this happened the revs would never drop below 2500 meaning that taking your foot off the throttle approaching a junction had no effect! Stopping and restarting the engine would cure this. A call to the dealer told me this was impossible and simply couldn't happen... Hmmm Head, sand... you get the picture.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2001

27th Jul 2001, 15:02

Myself and my boyfriend both have KA's with unreliable rear wipers. I also have a problem with my boot release, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

15th Aug 2001, 08:52

If you look at the boot when open, there are three metal prongs sticking out of the door, if these or the contacts on the body of the car are dirty or covered over, then the door electrics won't work.

When I recently had one of these as a courtesy car, I was tempted to reverse the damn thing into a wall to see if that would shake the boot release into working.

1998 Ford KA 2 Collection 1.3i petrol from UK and Ireland


A fun, reliable dogs dinner


Exhaust system needed replacing at 20,000 miles.

Coolant level seems to drop a bit.

Brake fluid warning light appeared when braking hard.

Oil pressure light flickered when cornering hard.

General Comments:

It's actually my girlfriends car which I sometimes drive. I service it and it's been almost 100% reliable apart from the exhaust failing fairly early. I can't work out why the coolant level appears to drop sometimes, but it seems OK temp wise.

The brake fluid also got low (no leaks) and topping that up to the max line sorted that out.

The first service was done by Ford - a week later my girlfriend said the oil light flickered when she cornered. I took it out and so it did. Checked the dipstick and there was barely any oil showing on the stick. The muppets at Ford had not filled it up correctly. I topped it up with nearly 2 litres of oil, and it was fine.

They are easy to work on so don't bother with Ford. They are all idiots.

Car in general looks like a dogs dinner, but handles well, goes OK and has been very reliable. My girlfriend loves it and is going to get another.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2001

30th Jul 2001, 15:33

My exhaust went at 20K too : (