1998 Ford KA collection 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Cute and dainty, not for the fierce


Strange knocking noise from the front left side, turned out to be a screw that needed tightening, but was very dangerous. If you hear any knocking, please get it check at a garage.

Leaking right hand front door.

(not severe)

Leaking boot.

(not severe)

However, all of the above faults have probably come with age. The car is almost 7 years old.

General Comments:

Very nice looking car.

Very nice to drive.

Fairly reliable, although if you are planning on buying one, I would go with a brand new one.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004

1998 Ford KA Ford 1.31 petrol from UK and Ireland


Gets old too young


Break fluid leaks.

Shocks failing.

General Comments:

This is a very useful car for city use, where parking is at a premium. It is a lovely little runabout with a low petrol consumption and general reliability.

However, parts are expensive and need to be replaced too early in the car's life.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004

1998 Ford KA 1 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Fun to drive, spoiled by being very unreliable


1 day after picking up the car the drivers door lock seized up and needed replacing, dealer did this under the warranty.

A day later the back wiper only worked when it wanted to, again, this was sorted out under the warranty.

The boot latch is very badly fitting. Every time you went over a bump in the car you would hear a metal-against-metal rattling noise which is very annoying to say the least.

In the winter months the car started leaking water in. I got in the car one morning to find my local swimming pool had been re-located to the drivers foot well! The dealer did something with silicone sealent, but the next time it rained, once again I needed my speedo's to drive anywhere.

The drivers door rattled constantly and would only stop rattling if you drove along with your elbow against it!

17 days after the dealer warranty had expired I came back to the car after going to the newsagents and the car was dead. The lights came on on the dashboard, but the engine wouldn't turn over. The AA said it needed a new starter motor.

General Comments:

I've not long passed my driving test and I'd always wanted a Ford Ka. I'm so very disappointed with the car and I don't think I'd ever have another Ford after all these problems.

The day after the starter motor went I took the car back to the dealers and he agreed to do a part exchange on a Vauxhall Corsa. I just hope I have more luck with this one!

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

1998 Ford KA 2 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Great fun to drive, but oh so unreliable!


The problems with this car started the day after I bought it.

The main problem was a persistent overheating fault which the dealer couldn't repair, even after four attempts.

However, the electrics on the car were also very poor. The headlights and brake lights blew and the rear window wiper persistently didn't work. Also the radio was faulty and the dealer again couldn't fix it.

The steering was another problem area. On two occasions I had to call the AA due to power steering failure, resulting in a new rack being fitted. The garage overtightened the rack though when fitting it which meant the car was reluctant to straighten up after turning a corner.

Other minor faults included - inoperative heating (in the middle of winter!), rust patches on the doors, faded back bumper, trim coming loose on the doors and in the boot, and a leaky door.

General Comments:

I bought this car October 2002 and have just sold it back to the garage I bought it from as a part exchange against a brand new Ka.

This one was nothing but trouble. In 6 months of ownership I covered 6000 miles (not a lot for me), however the car was back 10 times, had the AA called to it 4 times, and I had a courtesy car for almost 3 of those months.

The main dealership I bought it from were simply not interested. I spoke to various people in the servicing department (including the service manager) and found them to be absolutely useless. They never returned my calls or apologised for the number of times the car was back. Eventually the manager of the dealership agreed to buy my car back for what I paid for it as a trade in against a new Ka.

On the plus side, the Ford Ka is a really nice drive - nippy, easy to drive with fantastic, communicative steering and amazing handling. It also is very fuel efficient.

Its probably best suited to single people or a couple as the back seats are too cramped for any more than occasional use. The boot is also quite small and it doesn't have a light.

I'd also like to warn Ka owners of a serious problem with this car. The spare wheel is mounted on a cradle underneath the car, and is highly susceptible to thieves. Both myself and my girlfriend (also a Ka owner) have suffered the theft of the spare wheel and it costs about £200 to replace by the time you get a new wheel and tyre. I'd advise asking your Ford dealer to remove the wheel from the cradle and placing it in the boot of the car where it is not vulnerable to theft.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2003

22nd Apr 2005, 13:27

I am also A Ford KA 2002 owner. The car has the problem that it overheats. The problem is a wrong design of the aluminum part of the motor the one that is called "Head". The middle cylinders tend to be deform so that air can escape from the chamber and it goes directly to the water cooling system. This air gets trapped between the hot water and a valve, the latter opens when hot water reaches it, so that with the bubble of water there the valve will never open, and in the water circuit will be something like an open circuit.

I want to know if we can make something against Ford Motor Company.