1998 Ford KA 3 from UK and Ireland


Amazing handling, but very unreliable


I have a Ka3 which is OK, but it's the most unreliable car I've owned. OK it's only been niggly bits, but it's every niggly bit you can get on a car.

It drives very well. Mine is 1998, has done 94,000 miles and is still going. I guess just needed to do:

Fan switch - heater didn't get hot.

Had to fix - front wishbones and struts. Done them myself, easy job to do, and the water pump. While I was down there, all the gaskets including the sump, which is a nightmare to do with the air con.

Door handle and lock broke.

Rattle from back still there. Looked everywhere, can't find the source.

Dash light is broken. Put some stick on neon lights on from Halfords; seems to be doing the job. Looks better than Fiesta green.

I guess the door hard and top is coming off. Rust on both doors and the fuel cap; have sorted that out, though still looks rubbish.

Aircon needs regassing, but I guess it's 10 years old now.

Tracking needs doing all the time.

It's jerking every now and then.

It's a very slow car; needs 75bhp at least.

If you don't wanna go anywhere, do yourself a favour and buy a 106; a lot better for the money and a lot more reliable; just watch for the ECU after 120k.

General Comments:

Best car I've ever driven, I just wish it didn't break down all the time.

It would have been a great car, though it needs adjustable steering.

Can't see what speed I'm doing; too high for it.

It holds the road like glue, and has very good handling, but if you don't know how to fix your cars, don't get this one, the garage bill will add up to a fortune.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2008

14th Jun 2009, 06:10

True true brother, crap car, it's hard to find things you don't have to fix on this car... it's CRAAAAAAAP. Typical Ford; rusts as soon as it rains. If your Ford is over 1 month, watch out, problems are just around the corner!!!

1998 Ford KA 2 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Buy a Fiesta instead


Air flow meter failed, resulting in the car not starting properly and then cutting out when trying to drive off. A new part from a Ford breakers fixed the problem for £30.

Suspension creaks, groans and knocks over any speed bumps, no matter how slowly they are taken.

Engine sounds very tappety and the oil light flickers on at start up, despite regular servicing.

Poor stereo.

General Comments:

I would consider this car to be good A to B transport, nothing more.

The interior space is very good, I am 6ft 5 and I can drive the car happily, although I do find the seats un-supportive at the top on long journeys.

The doors also open nice and wide, which makes it easy for people with long legs to get in and out - however watch out for other cars as it is very easy to ding another vehicle with your door when in a supermarket car park.

The stereo quality (lack of) and loose trim means you get crackling and trim rattle if you have music on loud enough to cover the road noise at motorway speeds.

The quality of the interior is as you would expect: Very cheap and very basic, although nothing feels as though it is going to break off, it doesn't have a nice finish either.

The boot is small and you can only just get a decent week's shop in there, sometimes things have to go on the rear seats.

The handling is very good, the car will go around corners and round-abouts at speed (although you feel like you are in a washing machine), which is just as well because it is the only thing which really makes the car stand out from other cars of this class.

I feel fatter tyres would improve grip even more.

The engine is truly pathetic. With a 1.3 engine you obviously don't expect super car performance, but the KA is so slow to respond at anything other than sub 35mph speeds that it is bordering on dangerous! It also has a horrid tappety sound and uses a bit of oil, despite regular TLC.

There is no power there whatsoever, which makes it very easy to get boxed into a lane (you can't accelerate into a gap or out of the way). Maintaining speed uphill is a foot to the floor experience, and don't even bother changing down a gear because all you get is more noise and the feeling that bits of metal are about to fly through the bonnet and land in your lap!!!

Overtaking requires a long piece of motorway or over taking zone, plus you better hope that the HGV/campervan/cart & horse doesn't decide to put in a burst of acceleration (IE: increase speed by 3mph) because you will be left choking on diesel fumes, meanwhile BMW man is jammed so far up your backside you can actually feel his breath on your neck!

However, one SMALL positive thing would be the engine does have a lot of pull at low speeds in any gear, so you can drive around down without really having to change out of 3rd or 4th gear, which makes for a lazy driving experience.

This car is my mothers car, which I have been driving for a while because I have been without my own car.

I am picking my next car up this week and I can honestly say I hope I never have to drive this piece of crap ever again. This is definitely a first time buyers car, or an A2B school run car.

Buy a Fiesta instead, 2 extra doors, a wider choice of engines!

Very cheap, but no so cheerful. 5 out of 10.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2008