1991 Ford Laser GL Liftback 1.6 litre SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


A great little city car despite its age - and a bit "feisty" despite being a 1.6 litre SOHC


Nothing at all. Slight click from an outer CV joint (right) - nothing to worry about.

General Comments:

For a 1991 model with only 117,334 km, it is a very good find. Auto air conditioning is perfect, in fact too cold. Manual steering - less to go wrong and leak. Interior almost factory new. Ratty sound system - retro fitted radio/sound from the Falcon. Laser speakers "had it". Will find better speakers and fit them.

Front seats were mounted a bit too low. I raised the rear of the front seats two inches with proper spacers and high tensile bolts; now perfect.

No leaks, no drips - nothing wrong at all.

The 1.6 litre SOHC engine is actually a "feisty" little unit despite being the lowest rated engine for the KF Laser series. Perfect for an old codger.

Check in twelve months and see how things are.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2014

31st Jan 2015, 12:11

Update on the '91 Laser I bought in November after 1,000 km.

What has gone wrong - nothing.

Drips - drops - leaks - none.

Enjoyment to drive factor - 9/10 (easily pleased I suppose). Yep, it puts me in mind of the '79 Mazda 323 auto wagon I bought new and kept 15 years - indestructible.

Did manage to fit a set of 6 inch Pioneer speakers where the little 4 inch speakers were in the dash.

Let's see how things are at 5,000 km.

26th Apr 2015, 13:03

Me again,

2,000 km since I bought the Laser (Mazda 323 - who cares what you call it).

Problems - none.

Leaks - none.

Failure to proceed (hah, Rolls Royce) - none

Alles in ordnung ist!

12th Aug 2015, 07:18

How did you go with replacing the speakers? There are some 6.5" Pioneer speakers for sale at SuperCheap Auto I'm eyeing, as mine are SHOT.

BTW, I have a 1991 1.8 EFI model with just 104,000km on it, one old lady owner etc. and it's a gem.

25th Aug 2015, 13:36


It's fiddly but not overly difficult to put larger speakers in.

Remove the end plates at each end of the dashboard, and the screw is there. Gently dislodge both end plates, usual plastic clip things there. There are about four or five screws in the lower part of panel under the steering column, one up in the coins etc box. Drop the panel and out with the old small speakers. You may have to do a little "surgery" on the old speaker mounts.

New speakers much bigger; the only way to put them in is part sideways and held by (looks bad but it works) cable ties. Make sure the speakers are "buffered" by hard plastic foam or similar to stop rattles.

The left hand speaker requires removal of the glove box lid from memory. Quite easy.

I know the job looks a bit thrown together, but that is about the only way to put the new larger speakers where they "should" go.

Unfortunately there's no room at rear of larger speakers to mount a box or similar.

Sound quality is OK I suppose, but sadly missing a lot of bass.

Thinking of trying again for better sound, but the Laser does not have much room under the dash to work in.

Good luck.

1991 Ford Laser Ghia 1.8 efi from Australia and New Zealand


This car is AMAZING to drive. You would not expect such performance from a small car. FUEL EFFICIENT


The only things wrong with the car have been normal wear and tear.. The muffler got gutted and fell apart.

Small oil leak from transmission.

Reverse gear is a little tricky to get into. A tip would be to always test the reverse gear in Ford laser GHIA models as they have a special synchro for that gear that may be worn out. This just makes the transmission "Click" when you try and put it into reverse.

General Comments:

The Ford Laser was surprisingly good to drive. It has great performance, and the engine is really quick and pretty strong in the higher rev ranges. (1.8 liter EFI)

I must add that the car does lose significant power with the air conditioner on.

Handling is good in normal conditions, but you have to drive like a grandma in the rain or the wheels will lock up as with any older car (no sharp turns etc). It does suffer from under-steer at speed.

The interior can get a bit worn out, as my door trim snapped off when one of my mates tried to close the door too hard, but then again, some of the glues used are like 20 years old.

Fuel economy is AMAZING! I have driven 480km on a full tank, and this is with "enthusiastic driving" such as changing gears at 6000 rpm and constant hard acceleration (the car really gives you a kick).

The hatchback is SO SPACIOUS... I have thrown 2 tonnes of fire wood in the back with the seats folded down... moved a small fridge around... too easy.

Overall you will be VERY surprised when you drive this car... You would not expect such performance from a little Ford Laser, and it really opened my eyes when I first put my foot down in gear 2.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2009