24th Feb 2004, 17:28

I'm sorry, but I can't see a SOHC 1.6 keeping up with a supercharged late model V6.

I've driven a 1.6 for a few years before upgrading to a straight six (Falcon) and this difference is huge. 1.6L vs almost 4L AND supercharged?

Are you sure the VT was having a go?

16th Dec 2004, 05:28

I drive a 1989 ford laser and it is a really good car for the price. I must admit it is a bit gutless, but it gets me from A to B, but I cannot see how you beat that v6 unless you have done something to it like turbo. the only thing I think you could race in this car would be something like a charade.

7th Jan 2006, 05:25

You have to tell the person in the VT it's a race for it to count. I Also have a 1.6 laser and I couldn't ever see it even beating a billycart, they're gutless.

24th Mar 2006, 02:27

I've read it elsewhere, so I won't take credit for this, but, the guy is saying the Laser was KEEPING UP with a Supercharged VT. So what he means is that the Laser was following BEHIND the VT. It therefore follows this Laser can keep up with a great deal of larger engined cars... ya gotta read between the lines people!

9th Apr 2006, 18:39

The clutch slips after being driven hard or if it's fully loaded, but then again it's the original clutch so I shouldn't complain.

I've had the same thing with my 81 model.

11th Nov 2006, 01:54

My 88' Laser is a beast. It has a turbs in it with a blow off valve and it hurls! I dragged off an 03' WRX with ease. Untill the cops took me licence away they knew who I was and my laser, becos it had a wicked paint job on it.

So a Laser can beat a V6 after all!

By Mikey!

10th Dec 2006, 05:46

Hey guys can any one give me a price on a timing belt for an 89 laser 1.6 please. thanks for any help.

31st May 2007, 23:55

My Speedo decided to drop out today when I was driving on the highway! I've checked all the cables are plugged in; what else could be the problem?

2nd Jul 2010, 07:56

Hello all, I have an 89 KE that's done 220000 original. Still gets up and goes, the aircon ices over the vents, not a single fault with the interior, and it's the sedan with red and grey sports interior.

Clutch is so easy to adjust when wearing, serviced it myself forever.

Light steering even though it has no power steering.

Gears only now getting a little sloppy, but can't complain.

Would love to hear from others who have had such a great mileage from such a little cheap car. Cheers.