2001 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 turbo diesel from Belgium


Nice car...! But also irritating


A very irritating wind noise from the left front door when driving above 90 km/hour, this is still not solved 3 months after I bought the new car, although some efforts have already been made by the dealer. But it seems like the manufacturer can't resolve the problem.

The lights of the brakes at the back of the car are still working, even after removing my foot from the pedal.

Also, this problem hasn't been resolved after 3 months. Tough, the dealer promised me to solve this problem.

After using the seat belt at the back only for a few times, it got stuck. The mechanism doesn't work anymore. Also not solved after 3 months.

The fuel consumption is still not diminishing as the mentioned average for the particular car.

General Comments:

The interior design is very good and there is a lot of space for the passengers.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2001

6th Sep 2001, 10:14

A note on the seatbelt sticking problem - if you fold the back seats down, then ram them back up again quite hard, the seatbelt should unstick. Happened to me and the dealer fixed it in five minutes.

I also am continued to be annoyed by the squeak caused by the aluminium-effect trim around the gearstick (Zetec model) rubbing against the black plastic side panels of the centre console, which also seem to have a large amount of movement.

26th Jun 2008, 17:45

My God people stop complaining.. You've got a good car, yet you still complain about nitty gritty things!!! With having over 17 cars in 5 years, I know what a good car is, and if dealers are such a big problem, then just don't use them and save money with independent dealers... Full service history isn't all that you know when having to use idiot dealers who haven't got a clue... My Mondeo diesel is one damn good car and far better than the previous models by far... Just enjoy the fact that it's not an Alfa, and it doesn't break down all the time.. Hope I haven't offended anyone, but come on!!!

2001 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nearly a great car, shame about the dealers


After 2000 miles, the electric drivers seat fell apart, Ford provided a Ford Ka as a replacement car for 3 weeks as they could not get a new seat. 6,000 miles on the new seat has gone exactly the same way.

The heater did not work from day 1, it took four visits to three different dealers to fix the problem.

A number of blemishes in the paint work have become apparent, bubbles have appeared on the roof, the front spoiler has paint missing. Ford have had the car a number of times for a number of reasons, each time I have told them about the paint issues and each time they have ignored it.

General Comments:

In general the car is comfortable and well equipped, the 143 Bhp is welcome and the large 17 inch wheels enable decent handling. As ever with Ford it is the little things and the dealers which sour the experience. I will be going back to BMW for my next car, when spending over £20,000 for a car I like the dealers to treat you with a little respect.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2001

3rd Jun 2001, 18:40

It seems that all Ford dealers are idiots and need to change their outlook.

My advice is don't buy another Ford because of the dealers, simple as that.

22nd Aug 2001, 00:28

I wonder if there were production problems at the end of last year as my Ghia X (along with several 100 more, apparently) was built without heated seats that should have come as standard - I was given £250 back, however, it was still extremely disappointing not to have this feature as retro-fitting was not an option.

12th Jun 2002, 08:07

My Ghia X is a lovely car, but I must agree with the comments about the dealers. The car has been in twice just to have the rear windscreen brake light glued back on and five times to have a fault with the airbag warning light fixed - at first they suggested that I was mistaking the airbag light for the brake light!!!