2001 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 Di from UK and Ireland


A little overrated, but still a fine car!


New power steering pump at 10,000 miles.

Cigarette lighter does not work.

General Comments:

Very comfy.

Nice cabin.

However the handling and gearbox are not as good as my Primera! And the build quality is not to the same standard has the Primera I had!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2004

2001 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2.0 Tdi from UK and Ireland


Overrated, expensive to run and unrefined


Engine has constant hesitation/splutter at 2000rpm and is incapable of idling smoothly.

Steering veers to left despite being tracked 4 times by main dealer and as a result tyres scuff down to legal limit in 7K miles. Main dealer will tell yous cuffing is due to the steering over locking during parking etc.

General Comments:

Apparently rough engine revs is not a fault, but a feature of the 2.0 TDi according Ford technical services. Take care when buying second hand.

This is a thirsty diesel car, 35-40mpg overall, even taking care. However, put your foot down and it goes like the wind.

17inch low profile tyres make progress less than luxurious for a Ghia X and you will feel every bump in the road and follow every groove/white line. 17inch tyres will also set you back approx £100 each even for the cheap budget ones.

On the plus side, all the equipment you'll ever need, and head turning good looks.

10K miles service intervals, expensive tyres which wear out quickly, and poor economy mean you'd be as well of with a more refined petrol version.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004

8th Aug 2008, 14:20

With regards to the comment about it being thirsty, mine records over 53mpg (although I do a lot of motorway miles). But even when I throw a good degree of town driving in, it still gets over 40mpg.

The stutter at 2000rpm is correct though, mine does it and it's getting worse (I've done just over 94k miles in it now).

Very good motor overall though. Relatively quick, economical, comfortable, decent equipment level (Ghia spec) and an enormous boot when the back seats are dropped.

2nd Feb 2010, 13:35

I have just sold mine, a very very capable car, missed it so much I bought another.

Regarding the rough running - this only happens if you rev the car and hold the revs constant whilst in neutral, you will not notice this in normal driving. My old 1.8 TD would do the exact same thing. Tyres on mine have lasted for ages, and I would expect 40k a set.

2001 Ford Mondeo ST200 3.0 V6 24v from UK and Ireland


I love it


Electric window switch started working intermittently. £8 for a genuine part through a local factors and a 10 minute DIY fit. Problem solved.

Small squeak from parcel shelf area.

General Comments:

Had a flirtation with a Vectra GSi which was an unmitigated disaster. Chopped it in for the Mondeo and haven't looked back.

This is a brilliant car. Fantastic performance, refinement and noise from that lovely 200 bhp V6 and more than quick enough to embarass the Saxo VTS baseball cap boys off the lights.

Cornering performance staggering. Lovely steering, bags of grip and drifts beautifully at the limit. Throttle response of the V6 means pulling it all back together is a breeze. Much nicer than the Vectra, which was great until you turned the traction control off, when robbed of electronic assistance, the hopelessness of its chassis became glaringly obvious. Obviously with 200 bhp and FWD, the Mondeo can be made to smoke the tyres, but the only time it really struggles is in the pouring rain, and then doesn't squirm and get all untidy like the Vectra did.

It's a good looking car in Ford Racing Blue with a tasteful bodykit. Good inside too with leather trim and very solid build quality. Reliable too. Apart from the window switch it's been faultless. The car had just had its 30k service when I bought it, and is not due for another until 40k, so I can't comment on dealer service yet. I've had to add about half a litre of oil to the engine in 7,500 miles, which I don't consider excessive. It's still as sweet and smooth as the day I bought it.

Not a cheap car to run. In true V6 Ford fashion it has a bit of a drink problem. 24 mpg average (I drive fairly hard), and my worst is a faintly terrifying 17 mpg. To be fair, that tankful did involve an airfield day, where it held its own very nicely, but it's not exactly frugal even when driven gently. I haven't managed better than high 20's.

Apart from the fuel economy, it's a totally practical and sensible car. There's bags of room for five adults, a cavernous boot, and it's reliable. I bought the car from a Ford dealer, with a comprehensive 2 year warranty for less than £9,000. You just can't buy anything else this late and this capable for such bargain prices.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003