2001 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Good handling and Comfy, unreliable


The car had problems starting at 15,000 miles. Took it to Ford Dealership who plugged a computer into the car to find the fault. Said that they re calibrated the engine management system. Same fault occurred again at 20,000 miles and regularly since then - never really fixed.

25,000 miles - Windscreen wipers.

30,000 miles - Rear windscreen water jet no longer working - repaired.

50,000 miles - Front suspension.

61,500 miles - Rear axle.

62,000 miles - Clutch.

General Comments:

The Mondeo is a fine and comfortable car, but is a bit unreliable at the moment never out the garage. But I am left a bit dissapointed with everything that has gone wrong with the car.

I had a Ford Focus before the Mondeo and nothing went wrong with it. I think I will go for another make of car next time.

Quite thirsty on fuel.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2006

16th Jul 2006, 12:58

The Mondeo is a front wheel drive car with fully independent rear suspension. I would love to know where you think the rear axle is on this car, and bearing in mind it doesn't actually exist, how on earth it could have gone wrong.

Mine's done 120,000 and had none of the problems you mention. The original clutch is still holding up well too.

19th Aug 2006, 16:28

You must be the only one who thinks this as they're built like tanks. They will do 200k easy with not many faults. They were built for hard fleet use so you must have thrashed it and burnt the clutch out yourself as they seldom go.

12th Sep 2006, 08:14

I agree with the comments above.

My 2000 mk2 has racked up 120,000 miles and I have just had to change the first non-consumable part. The water pump started to weep causing coolant loss.

My gripe with this car is not its reliability or build quality (both superb) but the cost of parts. The local Ford dealer wanted just over £100 + VAT for the water pump which seemed extortionate to me. I opted for a known brand pattern part for £70 which came with all the same guarantees. Looking at the part, I can't see why it costs this much. A simple metal casting with an impeller and a pully just like every other water pump, yet twice as expensive as on any other car I've owned.

But £70 in unscheduled maintenance over 120,000 miles is still a phenomenal achievement.

2001 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic drive, shame about the faults


Engine management light came on, turned out to be exhaust re-circulation valve - £260.

New battery - £60.

Rear centre seat belt seized - never bothered to fix it.

Handbrake cables seized, caused back brakes to bind and overheat. Apparently a common problem on new shape Mondeo. Overheating warped the disc so needed new disc and pad and new handbrake cables - £200.

Despite £200 spent it is still not perfect because it needs 2 new brake callipers - £260, I said no to this and I am now selling the car because the MOT would pick this up on the rolling road.

General Comments:

Love the car despite its faults. I really don't want to have to sell it, but I can't afford the £400 upcoming MOT and wanted to change it in a few months anyway.

Very comfortable and spacious car. Being a heavy car the pick up is a bit slow from the 1.8 but once it's wound up it pulls well, but you have to take it over 4500rpm to make it do anything.

Economy is not too bad for such a big car - I average about 32mpg, drops to about 27 - 28 if you take it anywhere near a town, excellent on the motorway. On a run from York to Plymouth (370miles) at about 90mph it averaged 37mpg and did it in 5 hours dead!

The interior is well put together with only the odd rattle coming from the parcel shelf. Air conditioning in fantastic. I have never been in a car that blows cold air as well as this, very quickly cools a hot car.

The area where this car is unbeatable is handling. It is exceptionally smooth with excellent body control and has vast supplies of grip - even in the wet. I drove an '05 plate Vectra and it wasn't even a patch on my Mondeo!

Another bonus is the seats. I drove my bosses Mercedes SLK (new shape) on the motorway and had a sore back after an hour and a half. You can drive all day in supportive comfort in the Mondeo and arrive relaxed.

It will be a great shame to see my Mondeo go, I am trying to choose between a Vectra 3.0 v6 cdti and a Mondeo ST220. I know which one my heart says!!

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

7th Mar 2007, 02:47

With regards to your brakes issues. We had the same problem. It was found that the problem comes from the self adjusting mechanism in the handbrake.

It is not the brake cable, or the calipers, but the tightening of the handbrake.

Most ford dealers/salesmen won't show you how to use the handbrake properly, but after we had this issue I contact ford direct and had a right go.

They arranged for an assesor to come to our house and in five seconds found the fault.

He aksed us to show him how we put the handbrake on. Simple. Stop and pull up the handle. NOOOOOOOOO! he scream. That is you problem.

You MUST first put your foot break down fully then pull up the handbrake.

After 6 months of this - no problems.

Most garages will change everything on the brakes and then you have, a year later, the same problem and they keep ripping people off.