2003 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Well impressed!


No faults.

General Comments:

Well pleased so far. Smooth engine with good performance and >30 mpg economy.

Handling, steering and brakes in a different league to my previous Vectra (2.0 LS) Actually feels like the steering wheel is connected to the front wheels unlike the Vectra.

Good build quality - no squeaks or rattles. Interior is very Audi like with its chrome rimmed dials and good quality soft feel plastics. A nice place to be for 400 mile stints at the wheel.

Attentive and reasonably priced dealer. Work is carried out on time and to a good standard.

Every bit as good as the hype. Why pay more for a family hatchback?

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Review Date: 25th July, 2003

11th Nov 2003, 15:24

My partner and I also own a 2003 Mondeo Zetec, and are so far very impressed with the car. The drive and handling are in a different league from other family vehicles and most other cars. The Mondeo is a sharp looker too, ours is finished in Metallic Silver, and features automatic transmission which boasts slick and seamless gear changes, even under harsh acceleration.

So far, Very Impressed!

2003 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2.0 130PS TDCi from UK and Ireland


Very comfortable motorway cruiser.


Nothing, its too new.

General Comments:

Generally very pleased with my new car. Its not quite as fun as my Focus, but more comfortable as a motorway cruiser. Plenty of power though, better than the 115PS in that regard.

Large 17" wheels make it look good.

The black leather interior looks smart and complements the black plastic trim well - not too dark or gloomy.

Still getting used to where the corners of the car are, since I can't see them (despite being 6'4 tall).

Make sure you lock it or someone will steal it...

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003

2003 Ford Mondeo TCDi 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Alarm defective.

General Comments:

Purchased Mondeo Graphite 12 weeks ago.

Car broken into, alarm never went off.

Informed by Ford mechanic that there was a fault with the new Mondeo alarm system -

Thieves place a screwdriver down the side of the door lock which inactivates the cental double locking.

Ford are aware of the fault, but deny that there has been any reports from the Ford Dealers. When I gave them the report from their Ford mechanic, they denied they their had been any complaints. Yet after my phonecall they contacted the mechanic and he was warned about giving us information about the alarm fault.

I will be taking legal action, and will get an independent inspection of the car.

I wonder has anybody else had problems with the alarm on the new shape Mondeo.

I would strongly advise people to have their alarm checked.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2003

5th Jun 2003, 16:35

Sorry to hear about your break-in. However, most anti-theft systems can be overcome by force, particularly "pry-in" theft which involves putting screw drivers and slide hammers through the door itself to fiddle with the mechanisms behind. No car is immune to this. Unfortunately most security testing by both manufacturers and car magazines is non-destructive which is sadly completely irrelevant in the real world.