2006 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


A slightly different beast to the Mk2


Rear wheel bearing.

Clunking from rear, possible subframe bushes.

General Comments:

After my beloved Terrano finally succumbed to the dreaded red rot, I was in the market for another motor, and after a positive experience with the previous incarnation of Mondeo, I took the plunge and bought this 1.8 LX, one of the last of its model. Initial impressions are that it seemed bigger and unwieldy, yes it's pretty much the size of the old Granada and rearward vision is pretty poor, and it also seems lower even with the seat raised to the max. Standard equipment includes cruise control, air con, and a trip computer, but strangely no front foglights, although most of the wiring is there.

The biggest difference is under the bonnet with the old Zetec engine replaced with a Duratec badged Mazda unit with a chain instead of a timing belt. This is an engine that thrives on revs, feeling noticeably happier above 3000 revs, which happily coincides with 70mph; trawling along at 60mph will give 40 MPG, 70 gives 36 MPG, town mileages is mid 20s at best, but it's not really a town car, being at its best on motorways where it is in its element. It does use a bit of oil, which I'm told is pretty normal with these engines.

Comfort wise the car is pretty good, quiet on the motorway, good lights, decent heater, air con works well in summer, seats aren't brilliant, and the usual massive Ford stereo, which makes fitting an aftermarket unit a pain.

Reliability isn't helped with the move to the dreaded dual mass flywheel, even on a petrol engine, but touch wood it has been OK thus far. Clunking from the rear sounds like subframe bushes, which are a pig to do, but hopefully I will have it for 4 years like its predecessor.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2016

2006 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Doesn't live up to expectations


Injectors have had to be replaced at 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

Interior is poor, looks & feels cheap. Only one lighter socket.

Climate control is good, & front heated screen is excellent.

Handling is poor compared to my previous car; no confidence in cornering.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2010

22nd Nov 2010, 12:13

I can't understand how you came to the conclusion that the Ford Mondeo is a poor handling car. It is one of the best front wheel drive cars and can even outhandle some more powerful cars. It has been proven.

28th Oct 2014, 02:40

How has it been proven?

28th Oct 2014, 18:39

Do you not read or watch any reviews? Car journalists around the world are not amateurs. Drive the car too. See for yourself. Unless you're coming from a Porsche 911, the Mondeo handling is as good as it gets for a mainstream front-drive family car. "How is it proven?" Need you ask?

2006 Ford Mondeo Titanium X 2.2 TDCi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Not very good. I think it's a New Year's Eve car


Hi, I have a 56 plate TDCi Mondeo with just over 32000 on the clock now, and what a disappointment it is.

This is the list of faults so far:

Rear suspension failure

Wheel bearing

Rear seat catch

Tracking and geometry

Instrument cluster (3 weeks to resolve)

Rear heat shield

Injectors (5 weeks to resolve)

1 week later broke down due to injector failure (4 weeks to resolve)

2 weeks flashing glow plug light no power (8 weeks to resolve)

Got the car back for 12 miles, then fuel injector pump failure +2 injectors again.

Now 3 weeks after getting the car back, I have lumpy power between 2500 3000rpm (feels like it's holding back)

General Comments:

As you can see, I have had a lot of problems with my 14 month old car, and every time Ford refuse to replace it!!! So I am now asking opinions on what I should do next?

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2008

19th Apr 2008, 09:52

Very unusual - these are generally tough and reliable cars for their first ten years of life.

You may be able to pursue a case claiming that the car is not of merchantable quality. The fact that you have suffered such major issues so early in the car's life certainly indicate serious assembly and/or parts quality control issues. If you put together the complete catalogue of problems with dates, resolution actions and details of any out-of-pocket expenses you incurred and discuss these with your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, they should be able to advise you on whether you have a case. If proven, you may not get your money back but Ford should at least offer to exchange it for a car of similar age, mileage and specification. If so, insist that it comes from their "Ford Direct" stock as these are usually in superb condition and will come with a two-year comprehensive warranty.

Good luck!

7th Jun 2010, 11:21

I don't know where you get it from that these are such good cars. Ford never actually made a Mondeo that was well built. Huge loss of value, huge rust problems (in the past), and poor build quality. But they always seem nice when they are new. After a couple of years they are just junk, all of them. This has been the story with every single model from Ford since the 70's, and people still buy into the scam.

17th Mar 2011, 14:25

No way. I've driven various Fords the last 15 years, including a 07 Mondeo, and my experience is that they are generally good, with few problems.