5th Jun 2007, 03:51

Not an ex-taxi; it was a one owner low mileage vehicle. It was almost certainly a lemon, but reading the other reviews, I am certainly not alone.

Doesn't matter as I have a brilliant Primera that knocks socks off the Mondeo in equipment, comfort, quality and reliability.

13th Jun 2007, 02:19

Bizarre. I have the same car, year, engine etc and mine has done 120,000 miles. It has had one injector and the rear subframe bushes replaced at 55,000 miles under warranty. Other than that it's been utterly reliable. It's never let me down or given me any reason to doubt it.

What's more, even at 120,000 miles it still drives brilliantly. The Primera can't get close to it dynamically.

Sorry you bought a lemon, but this is not typical. Mondeos are usually brilliant cars.

26th Jul 2007, 18:53

Bought a used, 1 owner 130TDCi a couple of weeks ago. I've had some fun (not) with the electrics, mainly trying to get the tail lights to work. £94 later they do. But the instrument lighting is still off. Motto: look under the back bumper for a hidden towbar, which might have been removed prior to sale. That was the cause of my problems. I'll get the rest sorted out in due course - probably sort them myself, like the lighter didn't work, some oik had removed the fuse!!!

Fortunately the engine works just fine. This is one seriously powerful donk.. Fastest I've ever owned in fact, and I've had a few. There is very little that can take a Mondeo TDCi 130, full stop. A Peugeot tried this afternoon... gave up. LOL.

17th Jan 2008, 09:33

I have a 2lt diesel bought last year with 80k on the clock. Had trouble with brake and reverse light switches, cam sensor and starter motor which has been replaced twice in two months. Have been told starter motor trouble is due to fly wheel and will need new flywheel and clutch.

2nd Apr 2009, 17:24

You said in comments you now have a Primera. Oh dear wait till the cam chain starts stretching{common}.Nissans are not the cars they were. But good luck.

26th Apr 2009, 13:04

I bought a 115ps TDCi on a 2002 and yes, it too had to have the dual mass flywheel, clutch and slave cylinder replaced at a whopping £1100! It's also had a replacement starter motor, due to the failed clutch/flywheel. It's had subframe bushes too as well as 2 full length brake pipes, and it's just 6 and a bit years old! Also has to replace the central locking control lock at £180. Curiously the OSF brake caliper has been replaced twice!

I was planning on a ST TDCi with 155ps next, but not now given the dual mass flywheel issue!