2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCi 130 from UK and Ireland


Good mix of economy and performance


Rear suspension bushes - apparently a Ford known fault - fixed in last MOT.

One dash light has given up - will get it replaced at some point.

Exhaust box fell off - sorted at my local garage.

I hasten to add that all of these occured in a 6 month period in 2007, prior to this I have had no problems at all.

General Comments:

Following my previous car (Primera GT) I was looking for a slightly more economical car and, following much research, decided a Mondeo TDCi was the one, specifically the Zetec model. Luckily the dealership my wife works at took one as a part-exchange so I joined the fleet of Mondeo drivers out there.

Compared to the Primera (unfair I know) the acceleration is not as good, but as a stand alone car (and a diesel) the pull through the gears (specifically 3rd and 4th) is phenomenal - plenty of torque for overtaking

1st gear seems to get "bogged down" somewhat and the torque doesn't really seem to kick until 2nd or 3rd gear so pulling away has to be judged carefully!

Usually get 400-450 miles from a tank, although I live near work so main mileage is down travelling to relatives elsewhere in the country at weekends etc

Loads of luggage and passenger space - proper family sized car - mine is the hatchback (Primera was a saloon and as such had limited boot access) - easily carried 4 adult passengers

Altogether I would highly recommend this car and would buy another Mondeo when the time comes.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2008

2002 Ford Mondeo ST220 3.0 litre V6 from UK and Ireland


I have had 27 cars; this is by far the best


Every now and then, I get a loss of power at mid revs; the second set of cylinders do not kick in. Does anyone have any idea what this is?

General Comments:

Absolutely stunning car. Very fast and comfortable, and looks the part.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2007

2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec TDCi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Never again



Rear doors leaking

Passenger side window broken

Front suspension replaced

Alarm never works

Set of tyres in 6k

New flywheel

New Clutch

Front brakes

Air com furred up.

General Comments:

All I can say is I am sorry I set eyes on this car. My Accord was written off whilst parked so I was desperate for a car. A trader friend of mine recommended the Mondeo as a brilliant car. I was slightly apprehensive through previous ownership of a Granada and Sierra, both were money pits. I took the plunge and went for a 2002 TDCi.

Really things just went from bad to worst. The car was unreliable from the start and I hated driving it. I always had that feeling, 'will it get me there?', 'what was that noise', 'quick avoid any bumps of the suspension will fall apart again'.

I had to park it in a certain direction on the driveway because the back doors leaked and flooded the compartment. The diesel engine was rubbish, kept stinking of fuel due to it popping injectors. Fuel economy was woeful, but probably down to faults. My family wouldn't ride in it as the smell of diesel coupled with a furred up air con made them feel sick. I had to ride round with the windows open to try and dry it out. It spent a month in the workshop having the flywheel rebuilt and injectors replaced.

It was a victim of a break in one night when the alarm decided to fail, unfortunately even the crooks wouldn't take it. It also depreciated like a stone so I had done my entire purchase price in repairs and loss of value in 12 months.

Couldn't bring myself to sell it on privately so I took the plunge and whacked it through an auction. Lost a fortune, but I have now purchased a beautiful Primera in exchange. Totally happy with this car some 3 months on.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

24th May 2007, 04:28

Sounds like you picked up an ex-taxi or it had been the subject of an insurance write-off. Never deal in a rush.

29th May 2007, 05:43

Sorry to hear about your problems, but one word for your car - lemon. I've had Mondeo's a lot older and with higher mileage and have never had to replace a clutch, etc. Also tyres at 6k??? I think your car also had suspension problems...again, problems it shouldn't have had at that age and mileage.