6th May 2008, 17:02

I drive the New Mondeo as my Company Car. The Refinement & roadholding/handling are astonishing and in a different league to the previous Mondeo & probably all other cars in this price bracket. It is worth taking one for a test drive if only to see how quiet & smooth they are. Downside is they are a bit gutless but I guess you can't have everything especially at this price.

4th Jun 2008, 12:34

Yea, agreed the car is not something with which you can scare an Accord Coupe V6 to death. But that wasn't the purpose anyway. Inspite of the rather slow acceleration, the car can reach high speeds. In simple terms, the car is not quick, but it is fast! And well, it can actually kill a beemer, forget the Accord Coupe V6, in terms of ride quality, stability and handling!

14th Nov 2008, 16:10

No, not better looking than the previous model, no way at all, and I seem to remember comments about being better than BMW, Audi etc before when the old model was new.

21st Dec 2008, 18:38

It looks like a slab of concrete to me. It is big, but then why name it the Mondeo at all since it is bigger than the Scorpio of ten years ago, and furthermore because it is so wide, why has it not got a bench seat?

16th Feb 2009, 16:44

The sexiest car on the road was the Aston Martin Vanquish. Then Ford brought out the latest Mondeo and the Vanquish looks like it's smaller ugly brother in comparison. I have only sat in the new Mondeo in the showroom and I was having palputations at the styling alone. I looked at about eight BMW's ranging from 2004 - 2008 and there was no difference with the interior apart from one having brushed steel trim. I can't wait to test drive the Mondeo, then wait five years 'til I can afford to buy one.

29th May 2009, 06:38

As the owner of a 2007 BMW 3 series, I take offence at my car being compared to a Ford Mondeo.

Keep your comparisons to the mainstream, the Mondeo is not even in the same class as the 3 series..

18th Jun 2009, 03:24

You're obviously a typical BMW driver who thinks they are the best thing on the road, and the fact of the matter is the Ford is just as good, and now you BMW drivers, and Mercs and Audis and so on, don't like it. You pay all that extra money for what, ooooh the badge, well I think I would have a spare 10 grand in my back pocket. BMWs have more problems than most Fords. Look it up on www.honestjohn.co.uk. It tells you there.

21st Jun 2009, 09:43

Why are you attempting to compare your forward wheel drive mainstream Mondeo to a premium executive saloon. Ford will always lose out to BMW. The 3 series is covered by 5 star reviews in the automotive press.

When you pay for BMW you pay for quality, design innovation and of course image.

When you pay for a Ford you pay substantially less for basic transport to get you from A to B.

I couldn't care less whether you think you have saved 10k by purchasing a Ford Mondeo; if that really is your concern maybe you should just bite the bullet and purchase a Kia, Hyundai or Proton.

I drive a BMW because I can afford to do so.

21st Jun 2009, 09:46

And incidentally I have no interest in what honestjohn thinks of cars - doesn't he write for the Daily Mirror or the Sun??!

I'll stick with Whatcar/Topgear/Parkers guide.

21st Jun 2009, 15:05

Fords are overrated, they are unreliable (constantly below the average) and they are pretty much $crewed nowadays.

It's only a matter of short time until Ford management feel the wrath of Barack Obama. Look what happened to Chrysler and GM... Ford you are next!

16th Jul 2009, 18:48

BMW's are driven by people who think they know everything about cars but actually have very limited knowledge. I'm not a huge fan of Fords and believe that Vauxhall may make a slightly better car. The most reliable cars come from Japan but when things do need replacement the bills are huge. French cars are junk and don't ever buy a Fiat.

21st Jul 2009, 16:44

"BMW's are driven by people who think they know everything about cars but actually have very limited knowledge."

A ridiculous generalisation. The green eyed monster may be coming into play here.

Vauxhall are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy alongside GM.

2nd Aug 2009, 08:25

BMW 3-Series is a better car.

End of Story.

7th Aug 2009, 18:39

When Jeremy Clarkson tested the Mondeo ST220 on Top Gear (can be viewed on youtube), he said the car was so good that he didn't know why people drove any other make/model of car. He heaped praise on the Mondeo and reckoned the ST220 was "more exclusive" than the BMW 3 series. Personally I think that many people who buy BMW do so for the badge & know little or nothing about cars or driving. They (BMW) make dull boring cars that are bland, (what do you expect from the germans?, I hear you ask) especially the interior finish. They also charge an arm and a leg for 'optional extras' that most other manufactures supply as standard kit. I'm on my fourth Ford car (second Mondeo) and can honestly say they are reliable, solidly built, economical to run and repair and great to drive. Stuff your BMW!!!

7th Aug 2009, 18:56

If I had a tenner for each time I've driven past broken down BMWs, Mercs, & Audis, in my '02 reg Ford Mondeo, I'd be a rich man by now. I often see people who are trying to keep up with the Jones's, stranded on the side of the road, waiting for the pick-up truck to tow away their expensive and exclusive car. You know what they say about fools and their money being easily parted... I'll stick with my Mondeo, thanks very much. At least I know it won't let me down anytime soon...

10th Aug 2009, 05:08

I had a Mondeo that had loads of problems. I now have a Vauxhall Zafira that has less problems but not so good to drive. I would like to know though, why drivers of shall we say 'rear wheel drive German saloon cars' in the UK have such an attitude problem towards other drivers - the worst experiences I have had recently have been when driving my Daughter's Fiat Punto. What is it about these cars that makes their drivers so unhappy?

11th Aug 2009, 11:03

We shouldn't even be comparing the Ford Mondeo to the new BMW 3 series, it is an insult to BMW.

12th Aug 2009, 10:10

Who cares what Jeremy Clarkson says anyway?

12th Aug 2009, 10:56

Who the hell cares?

No, really, Mondeo a driver's car? No way! I drove several of them and they are not much better to drive than a Vectra.

Speaking of which...

Ever noticed that in these customer satisfaction surveys the Mondeo is forever below average and just a few spots above the much maligned Vectra? So what's all the fuss about the Mondeo being reliable? Mine was a junk heap. So was my old Vectra for that matter as well.

"Clarkson says that...blah, blah, blah..." and I say, screw what he says. He doesn't like the Skoda Octavia? Screw him, I love mine. He doesn't care for BMWs? Screw him, my dad loves his 330d estate. He loves the Mondeo? Screw him, I hate it, piece of Ford rubbish.

Screw your crap Mondeos, I will stick with my 08 Octavia 2.0 TDI thank you very much.