19th Oct 2010, 15:50

And of course many traffic officers have something of a chip on their shoulder against new BMW's... given that many of said traffic officers are stuck in Skoda Octavia's!!

8th Nov 2010, 07:26

Comparing a 3-Series to a Mondeo is ridiculous... etc...

The sad fact is that so many drivers pay above their budget to be seen driving their entry level BMWs, that they sacrifice on the more important things in life... food, heating their homes, education and lifestyle for their kids... etc.

I am proud of the fact that I bought a 3 year old Ford for 7.5K Euro, and can divert the bulk of my income to the important things in life, rather than pay 40K for a new BMW and be left with little or no disposable income after paying off the ludicrous car repayments.

My car is large, comfortable, reliable and economical. I am not BMW-bashing. I am just saying this.

You can spend 7.5k on a large comfortable reliable car... or... You can spend 40K on a large comfortable reliable car with a fancy badge.

I personally would prefer to hold onto the 32.5k difference for a rainy day.

18th Dec 2010, 10:58

Other car manufacturers don't need this; especially in the first three years.

If you value the people in your car, you might consider a Volvo. More people walk out of them after being hit on a motorway than any other car. They are comfortable, safe and nowadays far more stylish than much of the competition.

Personally I cannot tell the difference between a modern BMW and a Rover for looks. I would rather not be see in one either.

How embarrassing.

27th Dec 2010, 19:04

Errrr isn't Volvo owned by the Ford corporation?? It's strange that you're embarrassed by BMW cars; is this in comparison to your car as a Volvo??!

It's probably best for you to stick with your Volvo or Ford, and let BMW drivers keep with their cars.

28th Dec 2010, 18:35

Why is everyone, well people born since the fifties caught up in badge snobbery more so now than ever before?

If you like your BMWs or Fords so much, you should listen to Johnny Cash singing a satisfied mind; remember, he even said himself, with all that he could afford, he was still happier with his trusty old Timex than his fancier Cartier timekeeper, or as Elvis Presley once said, "an image is one thing, a human being is another".

31st Dec 2010, 18:25

I second that.

1st Jan 2011, 12:38

This whole argument is pointless. I own a 09 3 Series and a 08 Mondeo Ti-x., and to be honest, each car is better in its own way. Well that was until Christmas this year. 99 percent of cars stuck at the side of the road were BMWs. I couldn't even get mine out the drive way, but the Mondeo drove out and up the drive no problem.

You could argue all day long, and the good points will weigh up the bad and vice versa, but each person is different as to what they want in car. The 3 Series does not have anywhere near as many gadgets in it as the Mondeo, and despite what hard core fans of other car makes will say, the new lines of Fords are for definite a hell of a car compared to that of later years; more reliable, more serviceability, and frankly better looking than they have been.

Now the 3 series, RWD stinks unless it's a dry road, the interior is very toy like now compared to the older BMW's. They cost more than they are worth for parts, and yes you get just as many breaking down as most other cars, but now if the engines are maintained correctly, they will drive forever, the drive is very comfortable and quiet and that's even just the non M Sport suspension.

All in all, both cars are second to none, but in their own ways. And as I did say, I own both. The Mondeo is great, and so is my e90, but both have their own bad points, which the other car overcomes. That's why I say neither can be compared correctly.

2nd Jan 2011, 05:11

BMW has got the brand equity that Ford can never hope to match, and this accounts for a major reason as to why people aspire to own a BMW rather than a Ford.

BMW (rightly or wrongly) connotes somebody who may be financially succeeding in life, Ford connotes somebody who is financially getting by in life.

This is the image brought about by the auto industry, car reviewers and media.

20th Feb 2011, 13:29

Firstly, Volvo is now Chinese owned, since Ford sold it off, and secondly, my son in law had to leave his BMW 3 series 3 litre coupe on the drive during the snowy weather and go off to work in my daughter's Mini Cooper, both from same company, one RWD, the other FWD. BTW, our 11 year old (with us from new) Nissan Primera SE+ CVT 6 has never broken down, never failed to get us everywhere, no matter what the weather, and towed our caravan effortlessly for thousands of miles, it is now off to a new home (probably as a taxi) and we are awaiting delivery of our Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Auto Titanium X Sport, chosen after exhaustive test drives and research, including Mercs, Lexus and BMW as best suited for our needs.

10th Mar 2011, 12:14

You chose a Ford Mondeo over a BMW or Merc?!? Must have been purely on a cost basis, since a Ford Mondeo is around 60-65% of the price of equivalent BMW 3 series or Merc C class.

2nd Apr 2011, 06:10

What's so special about the 3-series BMW? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great car, but it's heavily hyped. If you buy this car because it's a drivers car, it's OK, but if you buy this because it's you think people think you look successful, you're mistaken. Basically anybody with a full time job can afford one. And if not, just wait 1-2 years and buy a second hand one 30% off. I've seen unemployed people driving 3-4 year old 3-series. So what's the fuss?

However, I think comparing a Mondeo to a 3-series is strange, since they are completely different cars. For example, the Mondeo is a proper family car with a lot of space available.

2nd Apr 2011, 12:55

Somehow I doubt many unemployed people are driving around in 3 year old BMW 3 series that are worth around 12-14k! (unless it's hire purchase)

Unemployed people driving around in a 5 year old Mondeo worth 2-3k... now that sounds more realistic...

5th Apr 2011, 03:06

How can you say that I'm mistaken, when I know a couple of examples from my neighbourhood alone? They are not 12-14K cars, a decent 2007 can be bought for as low as 8K, since these cars deprecate like mad. I know this for a fact. There's a couple of dead beats in our street, being in their low twenties, driving around in these cars, including one a couple of houses down the street. Twentysomething, still living at home, unemployed, being drunk half the time... and driving a 2007 3-series he just bought.

Driving a 3-series to me is in no way a sign of success to put it lightly.

5th Apr 2011, 12:57

Find a decent low mileage 3 year old 320D with efficient dynamics for 8k... sorry, just isn't going to happen. You're saying that a 24k BMW becomes 8k after 3 years.. retaining 33% of value?!

Sorry, you're simply wrong, have a look at Whatcar or Parkers guide for retained value of 3 series after 3 years. Not only will you note that Whatcar awards ALL 3 series variants 5 stars (outstanding), but you may also find retained values for 3 series around 55%.

I'm sure somebody could find a 4 year old bare-bones 318i with 90k motorway miles for 8k, but that's at the far end of the spectrum, and not representative.

Actually you may be getting mixed up with Mondeo's for retained values, which are around 38% at 3 years.