30th May 2016, 15:13

I have a 2003 Mondeo Sport pack 130bhp. I'm the 2nd owner. It drives well, BUT, I'm on the second starter at 95000 miles, the EGR was blocked up, I've cleaned it, plus the induction manifold, which made the continual cutting out under load better to a degree.

It runs lumpy, unless under load, if it pulls 6th gear for long, & I'm talking motorway, level, 70+mph, the heater light comes on, & the engine cuts out, as above. This is particularly disconcerting on the fast lane!!

I've replaced silencer/exhaust/wheel bearings/all rear brake pipes/alloy wheels etc. etc.

Some background... I am a Licenced Aircraft Engineer, with many years also in the motor trade, I can do most repair/replacement jobs. Also, I'm not a boy racer (at 70 years of age!!)

The DMF is rattling badly, & clearly demolished the previous starter. I'm very aware that the DMF is on its last legs, but at £300+ for parts + the awful job doing it... must be worth £300 of anybody's money, the thing is being driven to the scrap yard this week.

A truly awful car! I've owned many vehicles, from a 1932 Austin thru Jags, VWs, Hondas, Nissans, BMWs etc, etc.

My advice... Don't touch one with a barge pole... even if it's FREE!

I used a 78 Skoda Estelle many years ago... a better car by far! And that was before VW took the helm.

21st May 2017, 22:31

I have owned 3 Mondeos of different Mks... and can honestly state, that I personally have had no problems that are worth mentioning. Fair wear and tear mostly. Sails through every MoT without any advisories... except tyre wear... usual use.

22nd May 2017, 21:24

Mate I'm the same, I've had a few Mondeos and don't understand all the negativity. I had three 90s models (couple of mk1 and a mk2 93-00 models); no problems other than general wear and tear. Petrol, 1.8 and 2.0 Zetec engines. Most underrated engines ever the 90s Zetec - timing belts at 10 years, 100K intervals and coolant filled for life - just make sure you do oil changes and you won't have a problem on those cars.

I think the trouble came for this car after the 2001 newer shape, especially the diesel models. Not just the Mondeo, but any modern diesel for that matter is a liability when they get older; far too much to repair things as someone commented above and in other reviews; stuff like DMFs, DPFs and injectors. Stick to a well serviced petrol and you'll save in the long run by avoiding costly repairs.