30th Apr 2013, 14:41

Thanks for the update. Glad to know all is well, please do keep us posted on how the car goes, or if there are any problems you encounter.

1st May 2013, 10:00

That economy is very poor. Are you sure it's the diesel model?!

7th May 2013, 10:42

Yes, but please bear in mind that it's the 6 speed torque converter auto, and I'm frequently pulling a 1326 kg caravan, which doesn't help.

On a solo run at 50-60 mph on quiet A and B roads, it can do over 50 MPG.

My brother-in-law has the same car, but with a manual gearbox, and he gets much better economy than I do. However, I find the auto box is brilliant for low speed manoeuvring of the caravan.

24th Mar 2014, 10:43

Original reviewer here again. Still got the Mondeo. It's up to 48,000 miles now, and nothing has gone wrong since the last update about 10 months ago.

It's pretty much business as usual, although I've had to replace the driver's door mirror after a coming together on a narrow country lane. This is where the massive width of the Mondeo can be an issue. Thankfully, it was easy enough to do a DIY replacement thanks to Ford selling the mirrors pre-sprayed to the correct colour.

All four tyres will be due replacement soon, but they are the same ones that the car was sold to me with nearly 30k miles ago.

I really can't fault it. As an added bonus, I'm still enjoying driving it too. I just wish that sometimes it wasn't so wide! Very stable when towing though, and the width must help with that.

10th Sep 2014, 11:33

Time for another update. I'm up to 56k miles now. The Mondeo failed its recent MOT first time around due to the level of the headlights. I assume this must be because I often change the level when I'm towing after dark, but even so, it's annoying. Thankfully, the test centre fixed it and retested the car for free!

They also noticed the rear brake pads are very worn and all the brake discs are noticeably lipped. So it looks like new brakes all round for when the car hits around 60k, I think.

I've had one fault recently, the central locking motor on the nearside rear door failed, so I replaced it with a unit from a scrapyard for £40. I was a bit surprised to see something like that fail, but at least it didn't cost the earth to fix it myself.

The alternator/battery light has come on again a few times after warm starting - only for a few seconds each time. Battery is OK, so I think a new alternator may be on the cards at some point. It's not actually failed yet though...

27th Apr 2015, 12:27

OR update time: I'm now up to 65k miles. Alternator is still working OK, despite the odd flash of the battery warning light - I'm fairly sure this is a software issue now. Nothing major to report really. No additional failures in the last 10k or so, but the car is starting to get more of a baggy, well loved kind of feel to it now.

I've also had to top the oil up a couple of times in the last 2-3 thousand miles; that could be because in the past I've done interim oil changes every 6k, but I've stopped bothering with that and reverted to the standard 12.5k interval. So maybe the oil just has longer to burn off? I'm keeping a close eye on it, so we'll see how it goes...