4th Feb 2003, 01:47

I have that suspension noise also. Try to wash very well the car's under-body.

THe other one -the clonk also I experienced that. It is a major problem and I do not know where it comes from. From the front shaft joint? I have only 48,000 km. Strange.

4th Apr 2003, 03:12

I have a 2000 (x) Mondeo Zetec estate with a noticeable creaking noise from the offside front suspension, but cannot locate the source.

16th Sep 2003, 06:49

Mondeo Verona (X reg) - CV joint failed after 37,500 miles. Car is 2.5 years old. Ford repaired under warranty, but judging from quick Web search, this appears to be a common fault. Heated windscreen also failed 6 months from new. Apart from these 2 faults, the car is generally reliable and a comfortable ride.

19th Dec 2003, 15:31

I am now on my third Mondeo, last one bought year 2000

I am amazed at the similarity of faults especially re Faulty CV joints, and suspension.

I am now on my third set of CV joints, mileage 50,000 and I am now informed that both my front shock asorbers need replacing. Ford will simply say it is outside warranty even though my local dealer replaced CV joints last time at 44,000 miles.

Is Ford acknowldeging any of these faults and what recourse have we reimbursement or replacement FOC by FORD.

Would appreciate replies.

PS I am also reliably informed that CV joints plus suspension is a problem with Mondeo.

8th Oct 2004, 02:12

I Don't Believe it! I have a 2000 Ford Mondeo Verona and guess what - the suspension creaks all over, tried lubricating shock absorbers and the joints, but to no avail - CV Boot looks fine - I've only done 40,000 miles so it should be good for a while yet. Ford should get their finger out on this one.

2nd Oct 2005, 15:59

I have a 1995 1.8 Mondeo Verona with the same front suspension clunk. Doesn't happen all the time. It can go weeks without a sound, then starts again. Car steers in a straight line, no undue vibration.I've had the front o/s wheel off and all looks OK, everything nice and tight.I'm not keen to ask a garage 'I've got this problem, can you find it please?', for obvious financial reasons. Anyone got any ideas?