25th Nov 2002, 11:14

I have a 1997 Mondeo 2.5 Ghia X.

I am getting excessive wear on the inside tyre edges (all 4 wheels) despite keeping tyre pressures at the correct levels and a number of visits to Ford garages.

Tyres fitted are P700 205 low profiles.

Is this a known or common problem?

6th Feb 2003, 17:26

I'd have to agree with some of the previous comments, I own a 97 Ghia X, and whilst its not the quickest V6 I've ever owned, its never had a problem blitzing lightweight opposition like the Renault - and that's without any mods.

1st Jul 2003, 09:32

I have a v6 also, and is good for about 140mph + it can also blow most hot hatches of the lights! A wolf in sheeps clothing!

9th Mar 2005, 14:16

I'm picking mine up tommorow it had better blow Renaults away because I have just sold my 1.8 16v Clio to buy one of these babies.

14th Mar 2005, 12:29

Renault 19 16v - 8.2 Seconds 0-60.

Mondeo V6 - 7.6 Seconds 0-60.

Make up your own mind!

You will not be disappointed, my father has a 2.0L Clio Williams and says that my V6 Mondy is easily as quick. Not bad press really, and yes his Williams is in perfect working condition!!!

19 16v's watch out!

6th Jun 2005, 03:53

Why were you breaking the speed limit of 70mph max in the UK?

21st Jun 2005, 08:23

Agreed - can someone please prevent comments which openly promote speeding at such an unsafe and illegal level being displayed please?

To those who drive at these speeds:

It's not clever, it's not cool, and hopefully the only casualty will be yourself.

6th Sep 2005, 15:53

Sounds like your secondaries aren't opening, causing a loss in performance.

I've had a 19 16v, and yes it is quick, but it shouldn't have been able to overtake you like that. You have to remember that yours is a Ghia X, so it's quite heavy compared to other Mondeos, due to the heavy leather seats and other gadgets.

19th Nov 2005, 05:55

I have owned a 1997 Mondeo 2.0 Ghia. which was very comfortable took me to the costa brava and back with no problems. It cost £1950 less pX on a 1.8 of £600.00 did 25K miles in it it passed its MOt no problems!!

You must have bought a shed or made it into one!

I'm getting a Mondeo 2.5 Si tomorrow metallic black one owner 56Kmiles. Can't wait!

By the way slow down or you'll kill some poor bugger!



22nd Jan 2007, 11:38

Hang on a minute guys and girls, there are times when its perfectly safe to do 140mph. If you know your car is in tip top condition, you've got suitably rated tyres, weather conditions are good and you're on an empty and smooth stretch of tarmac then which bit is dangerous?

Equally there are situations when 70mph isn't safe on a dual carriageway.

None of the replies mention this speed on public roads anyway.

15th Sep 2008, 14:04

The owners of this car were responding to the fact that one owner said his car was underpowered and slow for the spec' of this vehicle, other owners have corrected this fact by giving examples of what the vehicle is capable of. Surely this will help potential buyers in making a better decision to buy or not based on performance etc.

I doubt that a Porsche 911 Turbo owner bought their car because it was capable of 30,40,50 & 70mph, we all drive at the legal limits (to save our licenses) But I for one would like to know as much about the car I drive as everyone else who maybe reading this? (I own a Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X...and love it) I think the original chap's car had an engine fault.

17th Aug 2009, 21:07

Hi there, I have a Renault 19 16v and yes you have got something wrong with your car. My car is only a 1.8 16v and I would not dream of racing a 2.5.

Or that Renault 19 must have mods like a bigger engine or turbo or something.