29th Feb 2008, 10:28

Your 19 years old and have an ST 220? And your mates have R32's and Clio V6's? Car insurance must be getting cheaper!

4th Mar 2008, 09:33

Can't quite agree. Driving fast away from the lights requires very little skill. Driving fast where lights are likely to be - i.e. towns / suburbs / areas with lots of other cars - is not really permitted, nor safe.

Driving fast around twisting country roads, when there is no other traffic (or very little) is far more rewarding. The speed limits are higher; and no, it does not require you to be on the wrong side of a blind corner for it to be fun, that is just dangerous. This type of terrain is where skill comes to the fore.

18th Apr 2008, 09:22

Just got an 05' ST220 Saloon and loving it and to all the 0-60 fanboys - try catching me and my torque going up a hill ;) A question for you other 220 owners: under 4krpm the clutch is smooth as but over 4krpm it feels different. It all works OK mind and it's difficult to describe exactly how it feels different, but it does. All I can relate it to is two metal wires rubbing over each other - that's kind of the feeling you get from half to full depression of the clutch. Is this normal, wear and tear or the sign of a fault? Cheers.

8th Jan 2009, 15:33

I must say I found all these comments very interesting, and find agreement in a lot of which has been said.

Having graduated through all the blue ovals V6 cars from a 3 x Capri 2.8, 2 x Sierra xr4x4, ST24, ST200 and of course the ST220, I found all these cars exciting at the time and saw each one as a technical progression from the last.

I am about to take delivery of a 06 fully loaded 5 door, which is my second ST220. I find both the handling and refinement excellent for the money that these cars can be bought for! The 06 was £29K list fully loaded, and I am able to purchase under £9k in less than 3 years.

Yes I agree fuel can be an issue, but my mother's 1600 Focus Ghia auto returns a similar mpg around town.

A problem not mentioned here is residual value when you go to sell these cars. The 03 plate cost me £18k3, and only after a fight was the trade in raised to £4k1 for a 6 speed fully loaded example.

To sum up this car has proved to be a great all rounder to me, providing speed, comfort and refinement. Sure there are faster more well equipped cars around, but not for that sort of money.

To sum up, this car can be all things to all people! Fast when required and practical when you need it. It was good reading all your views, good and bad, as no car will ever be universally accepted by every one, or else the streets would be awash with them and it would be very boring place.

P.S. I am like a big kid and can't wait to do the swap on Saturday. Happy and safe motoring!

12th Jan 2009, 16:16

My Accord Type-R is about to go on sale, and the wife has agreed the Mondeo will cover all our needs. Stuff Audi's and BMW's, IMHO they are such inconsistently unreliable cars. God only knows why all my family own BMW's when they have to put up with the expensive servicing and issues they have had! I've had 2 VW's in the last 2 years, and both suffered breakdowns. My S2000 was the most reliable of the lot, followed by the Accord Type-R. It will be a sad day when it leaves my hands, and unfortunately they are now cheap enough to fall into the hands of the chavs, I hope my example gets as well kept as I kept her.

But looking forward, the Mondeo hits all the right notes for me. Comfort, those beautiful seats and equipment... I just hope it isn't as bad on fuel as my focus ST-2 was, where Ford got that 30.4 mpg from is unbelievable, more like 22!

8th Jul 2009, 16:10

Just thought I'd put a review up of my 02 registered ST220.

I bought it last year (Nov 2008) with just 20k on the clock, 1 owner, immaculate condition. This car was 6.5 years old and looked like new.

I traded my Fiesta ST for it after having our first child, and the 5 doors are a god send.

Heated seats in winter are pleasant, and the aircon is way better than past aircon systems I've used.

OK, performance wise! Will outrun far more superior motors, BMWs are my favs. LOL.

Mechanically it has been fine for the age, although I think the bushes could be corroded due to age rather than mileage. Now at 32k.

The seats are really comfy and the engine noise is great. Tyre noise is high and sometimes quite an annoying whistle while traveling at speed.

One major downside to the Mondeo ST, is that it's never been approved for towing, so I'm having to sell up in order to tow my track car around.

All in all a great car. My partner loves driving it, except parking which can be hard to judge the rear bumper.

9th Jul 2009, 11:13

What sort of mpg were/are you getting?

25th Jul 2009, 13:20

Mines an 04 with 42000 miles. on motorway it can give 34 mpg. at 85-90mph it returns 30mpg.

I've found the combined cycle 27.2mpg spot on. driven "extended urban aggressive" mid to low twenties.

In urban areas or queuing traffic it can be a horror petrol wise so the answer is it depends. take your pick.

21st Sep 2009, 15:44

I have a 03 ST220 with 250 bhp and I can definitely say that is does 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, because mine has been chipped the rev limit in each gear has got longer so it hits 65 mph in second gear and it's a 6 speed. Also has a Blueflame exhaust and Viper Cold Air Induction kit which makes a lot of difference. Needs much better brakes though! Awesome car for the family man who has got bored with Type R's and Cupra's.

23rd Sep 2009, 19:44

I am picking up my 56 plate ST220 in the morning, only 10k on the clock, immaculate car, one "very fussy" previous owner according to my dealer! £9.5k, seems like a good price considering the low mileage and it's from a franchised Ford dealership... I can't wait! Reminds me of how I used to feel going to bed on Christmas Eve!

14th May 2010, 07:15

I own a 53 plate 6 Speed ST220. It is immense! Rip up all your mates with VTS's who THINK they are QUICK! Get one!

5th Nov 2010, 13:16

To the fella with the M3, the only reason you don't like racing off from the lights is not because it's chavvy or dangerous, it's because your car's rubbish at it! Evo/Scooby is definitely the way forward, far quicker off the line... and also round some twisty's, BMW's are bought purely on badge snobbery.

1st Dec 2010, 02:47

Can anyone tell me, does the 52 plate have heated mirrors, and if so, where is the switch? How are they operated?

Strange that a car with all the goodies it has, does not have this. The reason I ask is I own a ST220 and can't find it???