1st Dec 2010, 05:39

On most cars the heated mirrors are usually activated by the heated rear screen switch and a not separate switch.

Hope this helps.

3rd Dec 2010, 09:54

Well done that man; tried it and BINGO".

I've had the car two years, so you learn something new every day.

15th Dec 2010, 09:32

I've got an ST220 on an 52 plate. It has never gone past 100 MPH. Has anyone gone flat out in theirs and if so do they do 151 MPH or more? With mine being 8 years old but still in mint working order, it drives like new.

All comments welcome.

Many thanks.

26th Apr 2016, 18:15

Hi all you ST enthusiasts, I'm one too... though I've had 2 Focuses, ST1 and ST2 and loved every minute of driving them, now I own a Mondeo ST220. Driving this ST220 brought me right back to the Focus ST - comfort, ability speed/power and torque. The drive especially comparing it to the mk2 Focus ST is more or less the same. What's the most you can power your ST220 to, on a cheap budget lads? Any ideas would be a great help and a start.

Thanks, Tony.

26th Apr 2016, 18:43

Hi there to the lad asking about fuel consumption between the ST220 and the BMW 330ci etc; as I own one of each, I can honestly say they really isn't much difference in the fuel consumption between the two of them. My 2003 53 reg 330Ci SMG M-Sport convertible is my pride and joy, though I always go back to Ford.

I've had the 1 Series BMW as well as the 3 Series, which I still currently own, and have had no end of Fords.... Escorts/Orions/Sierras/Fiestas, now the Mondeo ST, and to no surprise, it's just what I expected having drove various Fords throughout, and I don't plan to get rid of the ST220 or my BMW 330ci anytime soon.

Hope to hear some good ideas from you die hard Ford enthusiasts.

Regards, Tony.