27th Oct 2006, 15:55

"I have scratched it 3 times."

Be more careful then - your fault rather than the car, surely.

"I have had a rear wheel blowout."

Can (and does) happen to tens of thousands of people in all makes and models of car every year. Nothing to do with the car itself.

"The reverse lights have failed."

Probably a switch or something equally simple / cheap to put right.

"The engine makes a rattle noise when at low revs."

Any professional mechanic will tell you these engines are good for 200,000 miles if properly serviced. Bearing failure is almost unheard of unless the engine has been neglected or has done starship mileage. Most rattles of this type are something daft like a loose heatshield.

If you've "had enough" of a used car after this, you really need to realign your expectations, or stump up the cash and buy a new Mercedes.

31st Mar 2008, 07:56

Now at 71000 miles. Still as solid and sharp as it was at 29000. Funny thing, The engine sounds smoother now than it did when I got it. have had to replace all brake pads. Normal wear and tear. apart from the reverse light which failed soon after I got it, NOT ONE THING has gone wrong on this car. To date it has been incredible value for money.

Lacks serious acceleration though. but this is made up for by comfort and handling. And anyway, the 1.8 is good enough to overtake safely so long as you don't go for a stupidly short gap. (in other words, if you are over 30 years old).

Only bad point on this car, The cheap material used on the upholstery. Gets dirty easily, hard to clean.

1st Apr 2008, 04:49

Carry on saving for the Volvo - you won't regret it!

9th Dec 2008, 07:29

The binding pads sorted themselves out after about 8 or 9 THOUSAND miles. Meanwhile, the rear subframe bushings went and created a dreadful heavy knocking noise. I couldn't live with the sound of a car desperately trying to fall apart, so I got it fixed at a Ford dealership with a reputable service section. 400Euros.

The car is running like new again. It's a great car. Its comfort, ride quality, and size outweigh its negative quirks just enough to prevent me from wanting rid of it.

6th Jan 2009, 07:39

Clocked past 90000 miles on way to work yesterday. Touch wood, the brake pad problem which mysteriously fixed itself a few months ago has NOT come back yet. (I like a car that fixes itself)

Changed the oil for the first time myself last Sunday. Easy enough - but VERY messy (when you undo the filter, it dumps about a pint of black goo on you in one blob (it's not a self contained filter, but rather a replaceable element contained within a cylinder which opens from the bottom.) - fortunately I had anticipated this, and the only part of me anywhere near it was my hand. Had to buy a new socket spanner (15 mm) an unusual size in order to undo the sump plug. The engine 'feels' much freer now. Still sounds very rattly when not under load. I guess this is normal for 90000? I dread letting even the professionals take the top off the engine, because invariably they never manage to get it back on without a nasty top end oil leak, which ruins the whole engine bay eventually with a thick grit-laden black scum.

Anyway - I am stuck with it for another year anyway, or at least until I get a windfall of 10 - 15 thousand.

BTW For my next car, I plan to go into a dealership, spot something I like with a price tag of say 31000 euros, - offer 19000 Euros, and see if they let me leave the premises without the car I wanted, As my second bid I will say ".. OK I'll throw in a 7 year old Mondeo as well. " - (that will save me the disposal fees)

Ha... see what Mondeo ownership does to a guys mentality... It's great... It teaches you that 'truly - Cars are worth nothing.

17th Feb 2009, 14:24

Bought this Ford Mondeo on Sunday and the problems began...

I called the AA out to sort out the gear knob.. minor you'd say.. Next drove only 3 miles to work and on me way back the engine lights were on... I put some engine oil just in case but NAAAAA!!! The lights won't go off... I hate using the word hate.. but now am so scared to get in the car tomorrow morning for work... What should I do?

1st Aug 2009, 11:44

103K miles. Time to replace. Rear brakes badly worn. Clutch has maybe an other 5 / 10 K in it. Front left suspension beginning to knock.

I have driven a couple of SAAB 9-5s to test. Lovely car, but absolutely NO road feedback through the steering wheel. Disconcerting if you can't tell if you have a soft tyre, you can't feel if the oas surface is greasy (till it's too late)... you just can't FEEL the road.

Mondeo V SAAB 95... is like... slow SPORTS car V fast BOAT.

I will be testing some slow sports cars next week. I don't fancy the idea of doing 100 miles a day in a BOAT no matter how fast it is.

Note: Even with 100000 miles of heavy wear (I am hard enough on cars) it still drives drives surefooted and tight. I am very strongly considering an other Mondeo. The SAAB is extremely good looking comfortable and fast, but the driving experience is somewhat 'soft' I complained to the saab sales-guy about the loose steering, and he looked at me like I had 3 heads. I told him - maybe I'm not old enough yet for the SAAB. (a lot more expensive too for the equivalent year / mileage.


26th Aug 2009, 08:10

Just bought an 06 Mondeo 1.8 Platinum... Cruise control, climate control, alloys, fancy grill and front fogs. 25000 miles 7.5K Euro. (With a standard enough compliment of scratches and scuffs for a 3 year old car)... Also 40 MPG on open road, 34 around town. Not bad for a smooth quiet 1.8 petrol. (I like to drive in a relaxed frame of mind, so 125 HP is plenty for me.)

I am well happy with my choice. Will never look at an other Saab. Way too over-rated.

My old Mondeo sold for just over 2K Euro.

25th Jun 2010, 10:20

I have spent a great deal on my 2004 Mondeo since buying it two years ago. I think like ALL cars, how they are looked after in the first year is an important factor as to whether or not you have virtually trouble free motoring. I have had a SAAB too, and believe me, they can be an expensive pain in the neck if you get a bad one.

21st Jun 2012, 15:06

Still driving the Mondeo as my 'work car', but just bought a Hyundai I30 CW as family car. Can't wait to collect it tomorrow - 1.6 CRdI. Only problem is, I have to hand it over to the wife as soon as I get it.

22nd Jun 2012, 23:29

I live in the USA, and I would love to drive this car. Unfortunately we were stuck with the very tacky and stodgy Ford Contour (they share the same platform). Why the domestic manufacturers won't give us their good cars is a mystery...

11th Jun 2015, 15:49

June 2015... In the last year I have had to replace the piston rings in order to get the car to stop burning oil and pass the emissions test. My Ford dealer wouldn't even sell me the rings. They say you must recondition the whole engine. I didn't even ask the price.

I got the rings from the Internet for £80 stg. When fitting the rings, my mechanic recommended that I get a new chain for the engine ASAP. Got that from the Internet too for £100.

In total the rings and chain set me back about E500 parts and labour. The engine is now running like new, and with noticeably more horsepower than before. I am now on 250000km (just over 150000 miles).

There is a bit of a knocking noise coming from the rear suspension - I have already bought new bushings and anti-roll-bar linkages. Will get around to installing them in due course.

This is a rock-solid car.