6th Feb 2007, 09:03

Well..I'm the same person who wrote the above review.. just wanted to add an update!!..my car is now 9 months old and has covered exactly 41,439 kms!!!...the car has given absolutely no problems, fuel efficiency is excellent and the spare parts are cheaper than most of its Japanese rivals including HONDA, Nissan and Mitsubishi (I'm talking about this from experience)..spare parts, incl the brakes are really very long lasting and the car still runs absolutely smoothly!!..trust me guys, its a really great buy :)..

2nd Jun 2007, 05:07

I read the above comments and it really seems to be a reliable car, but I'm actually concerned with Ford Mondeo Ghia1997, can anybody tell me more about this car!

17th Sep 2007, 23:25

I purchased Mondeo last year. There has been absolutely no problems. No doubt it's a great car. Now I am leaving out of the country and to my horrors, I am unable to find a buyer. Nobody wants to take it and everybody says that though they like the car very much, but since it does not have a resale value, they will not touch it. Even ford says that they just have trade in facility and so are helpless. This makes me feel too betrayed by ford.

1st Oct 2007, 13:53

Well I am also in UAE. I am very much interested in getting your car if I find it fit. Well you can always send me your car pics along with your demand I mean your last price on my Hotmail address: qghauri@hotmail.com

Will be waiting for your call.

14th Apr 2008, 10:26

Hey guys.. I'm the guy who wrote the above review some months back!!

To let all of you know, I still drive the car. It will be completing 2 years this month end. It has covered 80,000 kms in under 2 years!

Only problem that I ever faced so far is a dead battery and a defective alternator, both of which were replaced under warranty by Al Tayer with no hassles.. Never had any problems with Al Tayer workshop too, so far (the Sheikh road one!).

I had an accident in it BTW, which was definitely not a minor one, but was close to major. My car was repaired with no delay, and within 25 days time (considering the damage was too bad, and compared to other major dealers, that time-frame is good enough)... And talking about comparisons, I'm not talking from what I know from others, but from personal experience..

Just one thing guys... I know a lot many people who talk only crap about Ford and other similar brands, but do not know any crap about cars. I'm talking from experience... I'm not saying Ford is the best; but just be sure that Toyota, Honda & Nissan are not the best. The reliability of a car is dependent on how well the owner treats it... and the resale value; I'm dead sure there are buyers for the Mondeo.. people who know the car, and people who know about cars, who will be there to buy a Mondeo.

And if you intend to keep the car for 4 years or above, tell me how much you lose compared to the Japanese cars; especially considering the fact that you've to pay about 10 - 15K more for a Japanese car in the similar trim, which will still be having lesser features than what the Mondeo has!

OK, I'm sounding like a hardcore Ford fan now :P. Believe me, my favourite cars are the Honda Accord 3.5 V6 and the BMW 5 Series... but those are not practical for me, due to higher expenses and maintenance charges (yeah, the Accord is costlier to maintain than the Mondeo; check it out yourself personally)...

Nywayz, I'm not saying anything more, since I really don't want anyone to consider me as a Ford representative or something... hehe :P.. I'm not biased to any brands or agencies..

Anyway, if anyone of you would like to know anything about any brand or make of cars, do let me know, and I shall help you to my best possible!

Vivz990@hotmail.com.. That's my address!

Good day!

28th Apr 2008, 12:37

I have recently purchased a used Ford Mondeo 2L model 2006. The Car has done only 15000 KM and is in excellent condition. It is still under warranty until April 2009. Have driven it for about 4000 Km. My personal view is that it is one of the best rides I ever had considering the money which I have paid for this car. Mine is a basic model; it is not equipped with alloy wheels and cruise control, but it really drives very well on the road.

I have driven Merc E320 model 2000, BMW 325i and many makes of Japanese cars, but believe me Ford Mondeo is very different from them. The ride is extremely comfortable. The road grip is fantastic. The brakes are just like Mercedes Benz. Air conditioner is very effective in this merciless heat in United Arab Emirates.

The only thing I have observed is that with an engine of 2L the car is not that very fast as compared to its rivals in the market. It is not aggressive like a BMW but overall still it covers up in the long run.

Hope this review will be of use for the one who is willing to buy this make and model. I fully recommend it to the guys whom care for themselves and their families, as I found this car to be quite strong in terms of safety.

4th Jun 2008, 12:26

And will anyone believe me if I say that I tried to zig-zag on the road (only to test the car's handling limits; on an empty road), and the car never gave up its grip.. all that at a speed of about 195 kph!!

I had personally tried to do tis in many other makes including the Accord, Camry and Altima.. The only two cars tat came close (really close) to the Mondeo were the Mazda 6 (which shares its chassis with the Mondeo) and the Honda Civic (base model).. But as the above gentleman said, the 2.0L isn't really fast; and that is due to the average torque and partially due to the car's weight! Still, the car manages 0-100 in about 9 seconds with aircon turned off.

Anyway, the car is one heck of a highway cruiser, with a fairly quiet engine and limited wind & road noise, and an absolutely comfortable ride, along with a wonderfully precise steering and extremely good handling, matching the handling likes of even some of the premium level cars such as the BMW 3-series and the Audi A-4 (tested).

The current model that is out is way better in looks. The 2008 Mondeo is bigger than its predecessor, and also sports a bigger 2.3L engine mated to a 6-speed auto transmission with manual mode! As for it's performance part, other than the reviews I've read from other websites, I've no idea about it since I've never got a chance to try it. But since all sites mention about its above-average handling, and the fact that it already won many Car of the Year awards, and also became the first runner up in the WCOTY (World Car Of The Year) contest, beating even some of the other premium brands including VW, Mercs and BMWs, I assume that the new Mondeo still remains a true driver's car.

Good day everyone!