16th Jun 2008, 08:22

The previous generation Mondeo is probably the best second hand purchase around, since resale price dropped a lot when the new model 2007 came around. This means that you can pick up low mileage 2-3 years old cars for very little money.

The previous generation is also tried and tested and has a very sturdy construction. I don't understand why resale value are so bad, but for some reason many think they are dull cars. The fact of the matter is that the 145hp 2L with manual trans is very fast, and especially the ones equipped with the sport suspension (like mine) can outperform many sports cars. I've flogged low end sports cars like MX-5, MR2 and the like.

So if you pick one up, I can guarantee you a lot of car for your money.

16th Jul 2008, 17:33

Heyy..wot shocks does ur car hav and where did you put it from?? have you done any other mods other than the sports suspension?

28th Jul 2008, 13:09

Hi, I live in Sharjah. My Mondeo is very good.

One thing, my friends those who are traveling with me in the car says, while accelerating the car, there is sound. Please tell me is the sound is for all Mondeo cars. Or is there any problem with my car. Let me know please. Otherwise the car is very good.


29th Oct 2008, 13:50


I am planning to buy the new 2009 Mondeo, can any one tell me how reliable it is...

Any one with a 2008 model, please let me know how it's performing...

Thank You.

4th Nov 2008, 21:17

Please comment on the New 2008 model Ford Mondeo.

I am planning to buy soon. Any problems and maintenance issues..

12th May 2009, 02:37

So far, no such complaints from owners of the new car... the new Mondeo is a nice car overall.. My old Mondeo has not given any serious maintenance related issues so far, with 96k+ kms on the clock..

7th Jun 2009, 22:54

Hello friends.

I am going to buy a used MONDEO 2004 MODEL CAR, which runs 56,000 KM as of now... Please tell me is the Mondeo 2004 is reliable to buy... and how about the spare parts, are they expensive and are they available in UAE market. Please consider this urgent and reply to me... if there are any defects which can be checked before buying, please guide me...

Thanks for all your comments..

9th Jun 2009, 07:35

I have just bought a 2006 Mondeo and I pick it up in two days time! I am very excited! I test drove one a while back and loved it, it felt solid and gripped the road well, it's very smart to look at inside and outside. I like all the safety features as I have teens who will also be driving it.

I have been checking out the Mondeo model for the last 6 weeks and feel happy with my choice! The comments in here have been great, it's good to hear so many people are happy with their Mondeo.

2nd Mar 2010, 12:54

It's the 8th month now since I have been using a 2006 Ford Mondeo, which had done 62000 kms when I bought it, and now is 71000. The only problem I faced is to fill the gas for AC once.

Great car at an affordable price.

17th May 2010, 02:46

Hey guys.. I'm using a Mondeo 2006.. just to let all of you know, my car will be completing almost 4 years in 2 months.. it has covered 90,000 kms in under 4 years!

The problem that I always faced so far is a dead battery and defective alternator; both of which were replaced thrice (which is pathetic).

Sometimes the engine takes time to start without a clear reason. Engine noise under acceleration.

Azhar Raza


28th Aug 2010, 02:13

Hi all.

I have just bought a 2006 Mondeo estate (or wagon as the New Zealandes call them) today, and after reading all the comments on this page, I am fairly optimistic about my purchase. The mileage is a little high at 120000km, but not too worried.

I will keep you all updated as time goes on about the performance of my Mondeo.

Thanks, Andy in Auckland NZ.

29th Dec 2010, 06:56

Just purchased a 2007 model Mondeo Ghia with 80000km. The car feels solid with a quality interior. The steering feels a bit tight, but it is good for highway cruises. Hope to keep it for at least 2 years if things go well.

The original warranty on the car was 3 years / 60000 kms, which got expired. Does anybody know if I could go back and extend the warranty to make it 5 years / 100000 kms..?

2nd Feb 2011, 21:59

Spare parts are very expensive.

22nd Feb 2011, 03:27

Hi guys.

I bought a Ford Mondeo 2006 a few days ago.

I have a problem in my car. It will start, but when I try to accelerate it's not picking up.

14th Mar 2011, 08:58

Spare parts are expensive?? Check the same spares for Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota with their respective dealers.. then come back..

And regarding the engine not picking up... if you are experiencing hiccups after starting, take it to dealer and make them check the fuel pump and EGR valves (exhaust gas recirculation). Should be fine :)

31st Mar 2011, 06:46

Hi All,

I am on my way to buying a Ford Mondeo Ghia X, 01/2006 with 45000km, 2.0L/145HP. Do any of you have any experience with this model, for example what to pay attention to during the check ups etc?

Thanks in advance, Misha.

6th Jul 2011, 11:13

@misha: I know this is a late reply... Sorry for that.. guess you already bought the car..

For anyone buying the 2003-2007 Mondeo, make sure you get the car checked with the dealers. Ask them to specifically check the alternators, gear knocks, shocks and A/C system...

As for my car (the review is mine).. My Mondeo '06 still lives.. it still runs without showing any signs of age (well over 5 years), and has completed 142,000 kms..

The problems I have faced are with the A/C compressor, which failed and had to be replaced - got it replaced under warranty.. And then the alternator failed for the 2nd time in 5 years - that got replaced under warranty too.. Other than these, absolutely nothing has gone wrong, despite abuse and over 11 months of pathetic maintenance by my friend whom I trusted the car with..

Considering how much my friends bust on their equally old, well maintained Hondas and Toyotas, I'm sure my Ford is doing an excellent job!

This January, I bought a sparingly used 2008 Mondeo as well for a killer bargain.. 45k for a base 2008 Mondy, which ran for 22,100 kms and has an extended service, maintenance and warranty contract for 5 yrs or 120k kms... It's a totally different and out-of-this-planet car... Nothing short of awesomeness.. It has quieter interiors than Audi, and sports the quietest engine ever.. Has plenty of low-end power; enough to startle any other similar mid size sedan.. It is quick too, and one doesn't have to rev over 3.5k rpm to fly over 120 kph in no time.. Space is massive, and bigger than the current Accord.. Handling is still its biggest plus point.. And fuel efficiency is outstanding.. Shall be posting a review of it soon in carsurvey..

Cheers :)

11th Nov 2011, 15:52

Hi All.

I lived in Dubai, UAE and have just got myself a 2006 Mondeo. This is the 2nd Mondeo that I have ever owned.

Used to own a 2005 model, but sold it off in 2009 when I decided to upgrade to a SUV (Pajero) - a decision which I truly regretted.

It's a wonderful car for the money. As for the spare parts, I really don't understand those who claimed that it's expensive. Maybe not enough research has been done on their part.

The price of original spares for a Honda Accord (which my colleague is driving) is comparatively more expensive than the Mondeo. Let's compare apple to apple (agency prices) guys. Not original against OEMs. (OEMs could compromise the vehicle's integrity)

Anyway, if you need cheap spare parts, just drive along Sharjah's BMW road where you will find scrapyards with Mondeo parts. New parts can also be easily found there too.. (even cheaper than the agency).

Maintenance is generally basic. Normal servicing and weekly checks on the oil/ coolant fluids is suffice enough to keep the car in pristine condition.

Only problem I had on the previous Mondeo is the alternator and the ignition coil. And I am prepared for this on my current Mondeo.

Trust me. It's a great car for its money. Great cruiser, and the safety features exceed the basics, where surprisingly some Japanese makes offer them only as options e.g. ABS.

Don't understand why people are prejudiced against this car (for the resale).

Camrys and Accords breaks down too... as with all other cars, generally due to the lack and/ or compromised maintenance (e.g. cheap oil change).

But the general mindset here is still set on the Japanese makes... am really puzzled.

Maybe this mindset will set you back extra $$$$ just to get those already frail Camrys & Accords. And even more when they need repairs.


8th Dec 2011, 10:57

Hi, can you please tell me what is the price for getting a 2006 Mondeo, driven only 95,000 kms. I am getting an offer below 15k. Should I go for it, and what are the things to check in a Mondeo while taking a test drive? Thanks.

14th Dec 2011, 09:09


For less than 15k, it's a good deal for the money. You can't find a better car at that price. When test driving, just make sure to look out for any abnormal noise. Make sure that the car has got service records. The engine should be smooth and not whiny.

For the best peace of mind, have the car inspected at Tasjeel (go for the detailed inspection which cost about aed250). It happens with other cars too for signs of any oil / coolant leaks. Just as an insurance before you buy.

Nothing much really to maintain, as I have mentioned earlier. Be sure to check the coolant levels, and they performed best with synthetic engine oils.

See you on the highway then.