2nd Feb 2007, 05:23

I own a FORD MONDEO 1.8, STATION WAGON since May 2001 in the Sport Pack edition. Apart from minor quality problems (we should never forget that Ford is not Audi or BMW yet) I have not faced any other problems. In addition to that, driving was excellent, engine was very economical and interior was comfortable and very spacious. If I don't buy an SUV next time, I would buy a Ford again (either Mondeo or S-Max). Whenever the need for change may occur and definitely not due to the overall quality and durability of the car.

14th Mar 2008, 11:52

Bought a 2002 2.0 Ghia X Mondeo Estate from a car supermarket and serviced it at independent facilities ever since. Apart from 2 sets of front tyres and 1 set for the rear and normal servicing consumables not had a problem until this winter when the battery had to replaced. As it sits on our drive in all weathers and does only short trips on the school run and to the shops I consider that to be acceptable. The only issue I do have a slight problem with is the paint. Ours is the pearlescent black and it seems to be very soft and prone to scuffs and knocks.

All in all, its comfortable, fairly economical for what is a large car, and cheap to insure.

31st Aug 2009, 13:24

I have owned my Mondeo for a few weeks and over all I am thoroughly impressed with the levels of finish in the Ghia X. She drives smooth and accelerates effectively.

Watch out for the butterflies in the inlet manifold as they are prone to rattling in the 2002 model. If this starts there is a Ford kit which has been designed to update the components. After all you wouldn't want them disintegrating in there.

If you are handy this will not cost much more than a full tank of petrol, but if not then get ready for some unavoidable expense. Ford have recognised the fault, but never recalled the vehicle, so I am lead to believe. No wonder some forums refer to the as Frauds.

23rd Jun 2015, 21:55

Why can't my car run? I checked the gearbox oil, it's still OK, but sometimes it can run, but the engine races.