27th Oct 2007, 15:54

I am sorry, but you must be confusing something, ride with handling, steering feedback or something because the 2nd comment IS correct.

The modern vectra was a massive leap from the 1st one, but they have NEVER been as good as a mondeo to drive. And they still aren't. Sorry.

Whist magazine reviews do not give you any idea of the ownership experience, they are pro drivers, and nearly all reviews will back me up here.

As I said, the New shape vectra is said to be pretty decent, but the Mondeo has always been top of its class today, whereas the best that can be said of the Vectra, is that at least it is now in line with the class norm.

13th Feb 2008, 09:22

As the writer of the original review, all I can say is that I enjoyed driving the Vectra more than the Mondeo. I don't care what Top Gear or any magazines say; I felt more confident chucking the Vectra around corners than the Mondeo. It had more grip and better feedback to me as the driver.


13th Mar 2008, 15:45

I would say that £700 or £800 pounds worth of work over 70,000 miles isn't too bad. It works out at about £100 per year if you do 10,000 a year. Not a lot compared to the depreciation.

22nd Nov 2008, 09:25

I own a taxi company. I have Mondeos and I currently own one, and I have had Vectras. The handling is way better than the Vectra, the build quality is better, and reliability wise they are equal, but at everything else the Mondeo is better. It's comfier and just a better car altogether.

I know as I have had both of them at the same time to compare, but it's not on par with the Mondeo, the Mondeo is a class leader, the Vectra is not.

The mondeo has a better quality feel. Go on some review sites; they will tell you what I have just said OK.

13th Feb 2009, 16:50

This is Daveascibbe. The Vectra is way better than the Fix Or Repair Daily.

6th Mar 2009, 15:28

Yeah, Ford are crap, my mate has had one and it has had an EGR valve, a turbo pipe, a wheel bearing, the electrics are crap, the build quality is shocking.

To say they are better built, not as good as Volkswagens, even though Mondeos are built in Germany, they depreciate a lot, and the TDCi engines are the most unrefined engines in the class.

To say it's a modern car, yeah they have the looks, but everything else is awful. Fix Or Repair Daily (Ford).

6th Feb 2010, 12:46

Once again: AS THE CONTRIBUTOR OF THE ORIGINAL REVIEW, I enjoyed driving the Vectra more than the Mondeo.

It was more refined, smoother, quieter, and instilled more confidence when cornering.

It's a matter of opinion I suppose :)

19th Mar 2010, 16:40

I own an 05 Mondeo Zetec S 130. My dad has an 05 Vectra CDTi 150. The Vectra is slightly faster obviously, but handles like a jelly. The Vectra has also broken down twice; EGR valve and alternator. The Mondeo has done 126000 and the Vectra only 91000.

10th Apr 2010, 10:29

Just bought a 2004 Mondeo Ghia TDCi. Way better than the Vectra; used to have a Vectra (turbo problems (yes, it went twice) and electrics). The Mondeo is just far superior in every way!!!

26th Nov 2010, 03:15

I have had 5 Fords (Focus, Mondeo), and two Vectras. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Vectra is more reliable, I find it better at cornering than my current wobbly, crashy 130 TDCI as well, which is going in the bin.

Focus is the best for handling, but to be honest with you, they are all sub par cars; the Mondeo being the overall worst. I won't buy any of them again, and will get a BMW or Audi, or even a Nissan.