1986 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 from North America


Very fast, very reliable, very versatile


The drivers side step plate is cracked.

The dash is discolored from 19 years of sun. (expected)

A spot on the hood decal about one inch square has pealed off.

Some of the gray trim was weathered and re-painted.

The elastic on the map holder on the drivers door is stretched out.

I had to replace the rear hatch shocks.

General Comments:

I have had this car since it was new with 3 miles on it.

I have never owned a better car. I have never been easy on this car (understatement) and it will not break!

I have added racing suspension, tires and rims and a performance chip.

It has a very stiff suspension.

Other than that it is stock.

It has never seen a winter and is a beautiful car.

I have replaced the battery once, gave it a tune up a couple of times and replaced the tires…several times.

I have hauled water heaters and PA systems and lumber to the roof.

It has been a “utility sports car” that has never let me down.

I can not imagine ever selling it because I can not imagine getting out of it what it is worth to me.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

1986 Ford Mustang SVO 2.3L EFI turbo from North America


An eager willing to perform sporty car


Replaced head gasket when I got the car. Cost $300.

The boost gauge is very off. It said it was making 9 PSI boost when the gauge that I bought read 16 PSI.

Heater core started leaking soon after I purchased the car. I had to bypass it.

No air conditioning.

General Comments:

Definitely a sporty car. Not as fast as a 5.0 but definitely close.

Out handels my old 5.0 by far. This car comes with a sport tuned suspension with Koni adjustable gas shocks and four wheel disk breaks.

It is not a drag car.

Gets horrible gas mileage for a four cylinder. (I guess it could be the way I drive it)

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Review Date: 9th May, 2005

1986 Ford Mustang 3.8 V6 CFI from North America


A great, light rocket of a car!


Burned oil when I bought it.

Lost oil pressure when I was driving it home.

Leaky rocker cover gaskets made oil puddles on the intake manifold.

All around the motor leaks oil.

No rear brakes.

Quite rusty.

All around bad weather seals.

Catylitic converter was plugged.

Paint was very poor.

Dashboard wiring was a mess.

General Comments:

I bought this car a few years ago for $400. It was originally to be a daily driver until I realized its potential. Despite the rough and abused past of this car, it could still haul! Anywhere above 3,000 RPM the engine sounds like its coming apart (inherent V6 diesel sound) but it has the horsepower to burn the tires forever. A couple weeks after I bought it, I decided that it needed a restoration. After much investigation, I found the back part of a circuit breaker box screwed into the floor patching just about all of the passenger floorboard. It was also apparent that the rear-quarter panel had been replaced, though well done probably by a body shop. As of the present, I should be finishing the car within a couple months. I love this car and there is no amount of work that could make me think less of it.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

27th Apr 2005, 09:04

"...horsepower to burn the tires forever"?

No offense, but the 3.8 in your Mustang puts out 112 hp, which is much less than a late model Corolla, hardly a performance car...

3rd May 2005, 14:05

True.. and I must be getting all of them because it really will spin the tires on pavement for a while- effortless burnouts- just floor it and enjoy. Surely you must consider how light this car is?!?

28th Apr 2008, 22:52

Just in case someone ever bothers to read this the second post up is incorrect.

In '86 the 3.8 cfi v6 put out 120hp, not 112hp like the early carbed models.

While it won't "light up the tires forever" it does put out a decent amount of torque.