26th Sep 2009, 12:07

You should have added -

Secondly, there were no V6 Mustangs in 1968.

(The sixes were inlines)

26th Sep 2009, 20:22

A V6 Mustang has MORE than enough power. Is it as quick as the V8? No, of course not. But really, the V8 is just excess when you think about it. It's nice to have, but not at all necessary.

27th Sep 2009, 10:35

I also disagree strongly with 21:01 because I do watch movies specifically to see certain cars.

* The Fast and Furious movies are stupid crap that I would never have otherwise wasted my money on, except for the presence in the first of the Charger and in the second, the Challenger R/T.

* The 'Cuda in Phantasm.

* The famous Bullitt chase scene with the Charger and Mustang. The sound of that Charger is just awesome, even being driven by dowdy looking hit-men.

* Dirty Harry movies for the background cars like the Plymouth Satellite that he drives through the store front in The Enforcer.

* Watching '70s shows on TV Land for the old cars (Hawaii Five O -- lots of Mercuries and Ford LTD's).

* That stupid David Spade movie in which he drives the '67 Plymouth Satellite.

* Thunderbolt and Lightfoot -- "I been drivin' all over this country...!" Can anybody name the Plymouth with the trunk full of rabbits?

* Remington Steele episode in which a washed-up detective is driving a '70 Charger R/T.

* Yes, the plethora of Mopars on Dukes of Hazzard -- the Charger, Daisy's Satellite, and all of Roscoe's police cruisers.

* Blues Brothers ---'74 Dodge Monaco.

* Vanishing Point -- the Challenger R/T (which was on display at the Musclecar Museum outside of Knoxville, TN)

* And what was that movie where the two friends drive that blue and white Chrysler Newport across country, and get in trouble by antagonizing a psycho on the CB??

27th Sep 2009, 19:50

Yeah, and so is that 50" plasma TV you have, so you might as well buy the 32", or better yet stick with that old 19" CTR. You can still see the picture right?

Please!! America is all about excess. This is why there are cars with 600+ hp, out of the factory, that do close to 200 mph... for use on streets with top speeds of 65. Even many family sedans are around 300 hp and top out in the 140's or higher.

So yeah it is excess, along with every other part of the American Dream!! These are the things that make car buying fun and exciting... not putting a truck based V-6 in a sleek Mustang body just so you look cool. Get with the times man!

27th Sep 2009, 19:57

So you are telling me he never knew what he was buying until he signed the paperwork? These are the people that buy cars at sticker and don't even know any better... How can you look at two cars that are about $6,000 different due to the options on them and not know what you are looking at. Computer geek or not.

I am way more into cars than computers, and I still know what the heck is in the box when I buy my computer. I would never even make a purchase as minute as a computer without knowing all the details of what I am getting never mind a car! It is hard to believe the car companies are in so much trouble if there are still people like that out buying cars without taking the time to at least research what they are buying. He could have really gotten taken and not even realized it. Actually, he probably did, even on the V-6 car.

28th Sep 2009, 16:11

Mopar fan eh??

I can see some of these films and TV shows attracting attention but Hawaii 5-0 for its LTDs?? Rockford Files, with his Firebird was much more fun to watch (even though they always substituted an older car when it got wrecked...). And Joyride, the film you couldn't remember, has two guys in a beater Chrysler that can't even outrun a semi... hardly exciting car chase footage... except when it gets totaled by the bad guy. Also, Tommy Boy, where they trash that nice Plymouth convertible is more a shame than a thrill to watch.

I consider a film like Smokey and the Bandit to be exciting car chase film. It's a really cool car that never seems to get damaged no matter what you do to it. Unrealistic but fun! Dukes of Hazzard was great fun as well for TV shows.

29th Sep 2009, 09:05

Doesn't have to be a thrilling chase scene. It's just fun to see old cars in movies and old TV shows. Seems like there was an episode of the Brady Bunch in which Mr. Brady was driving a 'Cuda convertible...?

29th Sep 2009, 11:18

That there are people who have this kind of mentality is downright scary. Yes we do have those things, but for what reason? To think that we're the best because we have enormous wasteful things? I see soccer moms driving around with their (usually) one kid in their enormous SUV's. What happened to the days where a station wagon would suffice? The SUV keeps you safe? From what? Other SUV's? Yeah that's really all the danger there is when you have SUV's roaming the streets. Times are changing, we won't be able to have these kinds of things for much longer. So my suggestion is that you get with the times.

29th Sep 2009, 11:19

You wanna see a really good car chase movie, watch Death Proof. It is a shame they completely wreck two nice Mopars, but what a ride!

30th Sep 2009, 11:33

Ha ha ha... I thought my sarcasm would come across better. Of course I believe as you do that our time is just about over for excess. Sadly though, we are programmed to believe that we need so much more than we actually do. Would I be happy with a V-6 Mustang? No. I don't own any Mustang anymore, though, because I really can't see the point nowadays. If I am ever to buy one again I would buy only the GT packed with power and fun. That will be a dream until things get better, if they ever do. Funny, it would only be an extra and not a car I would commute in, as nowadays I am all for getting in the 30's for mileage on a daily basis.

I actually get annoyed nowadays when I see those big SUV's and even the overpowered cars like the SRT8's and such, stuck in traffic commuting the same routes I do, using twice or three times the gas I do for what.... just to get to work in the morning? The excess and blatant waste is astounding in the US just because you can afford it. I wonder how our kids and grandkids will afford it someday when it is all used up.

30th Sep 2009, 21:07

Believe it or not, MANY people have not the slightest idea what engine is in the car they buy. I used to work for Ford and had many customers ask me later if their car was a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder. Most didn't know what a "cylinder" was.

It's very easy for many people to mistake the 2000-2010 V-6 Mustangs for the V-8 because the V-6 is so fast and powerful. A number of people test driving the 3.8 V-6's confused them with the V-8 because of the quick acceleration. The 3.8 and 4.0 V-6 Mustangs are not slow cars by any stretch of the imagination.