8th Dec 2009, 14:35

Better riding Camaro? uh okay. Anyway, MOST people buy Camrys or Fusions if they only care about a good ride. You must be older if you think the Mustang ride is bone jarring. They are actually better than they ever have been for ride quality and handling. It is amazing that they are still using the live axle rear end as the drive of the new GT is remarkable! It is the smoothest quietest riding Mustang to date. Don't look for any suspension softening in 2011 as the Mustang is a sports car and made how it is SUPPOSED to be made. It will, however offer up a 305 hp V-6 because you know... most people aren't concerned with increased performance! Better tell Ford that so they can save money developing more powerful engines to satisfy the mainly disappointed current V-6 owners that have underpowered cars today. Just because YOU don't care about performance, doesn't mean the majority doesn't.

Let me tell you, if the majority of buyers cared nothing about performance, they'd be putting a 4 cylinder gas miser under the hood of the Mustang and not increasing the V-6 to 305 hp. Let alone bumping the new GT to close to 400 hp with a new 5.0 litre engine.

The 66% figures come mostly from rental sales and peoples inability to afford insurance on a V-8 car. If they could swing the insurance, and the price of the car for that matter, the percentage would be much in favor of the GT. Your 66% are mostly settling for what they can afford, not really what they dreamed about sitting in their garage. This is based on the dynamics of the age group targeted by the Mustang, and the times we are in economically where cars are so much more expensive then they used to be.

My first brand new 5.0 Mustang was just over $12K; now they start in the upper $20K's range. Big difference even when you factor in inflation and such. Just because you have different agendas as to why you buy certain cars, doesn't make it the norm.

It is an obvious fact that performance dominates the auto industry as every car including the Prius has been given a larger engine and more power in every newer version that comes out. Even the average sedan is pushing 300 hp and does 0-60 in under 6 seconds. And here you are claiming this isn't important. Alrighty then...

8th Dec 2009, 15:25

"Why can't people get it that MOST people buy cars for the styling, NOT the ride or power."

"Some of us prefer a sporty car that has a DECENT ride."

Is it me or did you just completely contradict yourself? You buy for styling not ride, but you want a car that has a DECENT ride.

Mustangs and cushy rides have NEVER gone together. Why do you expect that to change?

10th Dec 2009, 11:06

I'd buy a Mustang with the 175 horsepower Fusion 4 in a heartbeat. That's still 18 horsepower more than the first GT. Silly horsepower wars and "my engine's bigger than yours" thinking is a mark of the immaturity of Americans in general. No regard for economy, no regard for the environment and no regard for sanity. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

10th Dec 2009, 14:23

Why is there no regard for the economy? People aren't forced into buying new cars. As far as environment, the new 305 hp V6 is rated at 30 mpg.

Ahhhh yes the "silly" horsepower wars. It is funny that people just want to go faster and faster isn't it? Just this morning there was a G35 weaving in and out of heavy traffic with his 306 hp looking like a total fool, putting everyone else's lives on the line. Funny how I still passed him 10 miles down the road as he was cutting over through two lanes of traffic to get off his exit. He got NO WHERE after all of that cutting off and switching lanes. I stayed in my lane for the entire trip... safely.

You are right. It is foolish, and maybe even immature and 90% of the people out there shouldn't have more than 100 hp to do damage with but that is the marketing plan of the auto companies. It isn't just the U.S. though. Every other country continues to look for more power with less fuel. It is the cold hard fact of it. I too am happy with a little less power in my daily driver cars and have no need to race around the streets like a 20 something fool. I do, however, like the fact that the Mustang keeps going up. If I am to buy one again I would surely be looking for that rush again. It isn't always about the foolishness and street racing and stuff like that though. I would want the GT for the sound and the overall feel. I am passed my racing at every light days too but still enjoy a full blown muscle car none-the-less.

I will admit, I would definitely be looking at that new V-6 first though. It will surely be the best bang for the buck Mustang ever. A four cylinder Mustang never really did anything for me. They have done it and it has failed more than once. The 4 cylinder Fox Mustang was the sloppiest poorest handling car ever. It rode okay though... kinda like a Tempo only the Tempo actually handled better with its front drive. Also, don't base performance on HP figures. The torque of that old 302 even when it was 150 hp was still around 250 lb. ft. Torque wins races off the line HP gets you top speed.

11th Dec 2009, 16:45

"Just this morning there was a G35 weaving in and out of heavy traffic with his 306 hp looking like a total fool, putting everyone else's lives on the line."

Good point. No doubt that G35 driver will be whining about how quickly he has to replace brake linings. I love to drive fast. I like fast cars. I DON'T like endangering the lives of those around me, and I DO like respecting the vehicle I drive enough to not drive in such a manner as to wear it out unnecessarily. I generally get between 70,000 to 110,000 miles out of brake pads. That's on cars ranging from a 4-cylinder compact to a V-8 Mustang.

Real performance drivers can drive smoothly and rapidly in most traffic without endangering others or engaging in wild lane-changes and panic braking.

26th Mar 2010, 16:04

Thought I'd add a 3-year update. Not a single problem (which has been true of every Ford we've ever owned). Other than the harsh ride and impossible-to-read marking on the gear selector the car is great. Ford fixed the idiotic low tire warning thing (which I tried to get them to just remove, since it serves no real purpose). If a person can't tell they have a low tire, they have no business driving a car. With the economy improving, I test-drove a new 2010 yesterday, but due to the uglier, less retro styling and a total lack of any sporty colors beyond basic red I'll most likely opt for a Dodge Challenger if I decide to trade. Ford shot itself in the foot by changing the beautiful retro look and making only "old lady" exterior colors.