22nd Mar 2010, 13:58

Hmmmm, I guess you haven't owned any Mustangs or even driven one huh? I tested the 2010, and was going about 50 on a freeway on ramp without even pulling out of the seat. I then hit 80 before I was 1/4 mile down the road off the ramp without even getting close to redline. It was super smooth, and super tight and quiet, and I would put it against any Miata you want to race with, straight line or twisties included. Even if you have a slight edge on handling, the punch of the Mustang will overtake you in any straightaway and still leave you in the dust overall.

I have also owned 2 V-8 powered Fox Body Mustangs, and was getting in the upper 20's for mpg on the highway. What does your Miata get with its puny 4 banger? probably not enough more to justify the sacrifice in performance. People are quick to bash the Mustang as a poor handling gas hog without any real knowledge of the car's potential.

I never had problems going around corners over 30 in either of my Foxbody Mustangs. I also knew how to launch them without lighting the tires up. It does take more skill to drive a higher powered car though. And YES the Mustang is a muscle car more than a sports car. Thanks for clarifying that!!

23rd Mar 2010, 07:57

I would call the 69 Boss 302 a sports car, or at least the Cobra that averaged 150 mph at LeMans for 12 straight hours.

23rd Mar 2010, 15:09

I wouldn't consider any Mustang a "Sports Car".

I wouldn't consider a V6 Mustang a "Muscle Car"

The Ford Mustang is a "Pony Car" - the very first Pony Car.

Personally, I would take the Miata :) Except maybe if you were talking about a mint 1965 Mustang Convertible with a V8 - THAT would be a blast for Sunday drives in the summer (but then so would the Miata)!

26th Mar 2010, 08:13

Just curious why you'd only opt for a Mustang with a V-8 when you'd clearly choose the 4 cylinder Miata overall anyhow? Even a V-6 Mustang has more punch than the Miata, even though the handling isn't as sharp.

They really do need to add a little more oomph to the dated Miata powertrain. They should do a touring version with the 263 hp turbo from the Speed3. That would be an amazing car for sure. I am sure someone has one somewhere out there. I know they used to put 5.0 V-8's in them too, as a custom aftermarket job, which would make a really fun car.

26th Mar 2010, 15:57

To make this clear, I'm not the person who wrote the comment your responding too.

I think putting the engine from the MazdaSpeed 3 into the Miata would not be a wise decision. The Miata is a very light vehicle, and putting in that much power would completely ruin the handling aspect of the Miata. It would oversteer WAY too much. Power isn't everything.

The Miata may benefit from a few more horses, but not to much more. As I said before, it's a very light car (2447 pounds to be exact. Very light by today's standards) it doesn't need a lot of power to go fast (like a Mustang does).

The Miata could use a bit more torque I would say, 140 ft. lbs. is a little low. But 167 horses for a car that light is plenty. Bring the torque up to around 160 and I think the Miata would be just about perfect.

28th Mar 2010, 15:24

With a touring package, they would more than likely put a suspension under the car that would make the most out of that 263 hp though. Look at the S2000 with 240 hp. It works really well and is an amazing driver. There is always room for improvement on any car. Even a 200 hp/ 200 lb ft of torque engine would be amazing in the Miata. It just seems like it has dragged along for so long with an underpowered drivetrain. I know that they do sell well too though, so I am sure Mazda doesn't feel the need to produce a higher performance level car.