2001 Ford Mustang Delux 3.8L from North America


My ex said choose the Mustang or me, and I have been happily married to my Mustang for 7 years now


There are certain things men have to do in their life, and one of the is to own a Mustang.

The 3.8L V6 is the baby in the Mustang family, but does not disappoint. If you do a price vs. value analysis I do not think there is a car on the market that measures up, but that doesn't mean that the Mustang is without faults.

The seats are very uncomfortable, but IT'S A SPORTS CAR. Secondly, the seat belts always seemed to become tangled and unattached and there is a plastic part that always become unattached; very annoying to say the least.

The problem with the Mustang is not the car, the problem comes when you take your car to Ford. The Ford dealers have to be the worst dealers in the world. All the problems I have had with my Mustang came about due to dealer error.

For example, my dealer was doing routine maintenance to change serpentine belt, but somehow puts the wrong belt on. I end up stuck on I-95 with a unattached serpentine belt the day before Christmas.

General Comments:

This is a car that screams, "drivers wanted". This is not your mother's Acura where the car basically drives for you; if you can't drive, do not buy this car. Even in the V6 on a nice dry summer day, this car is very quick, and has most of its power in the 0-60 range.

I found the brakes to be adequate, but I ended up upgrading to a Saleen braking system, and my braking performance is unbelievable.

My only knock on this car is the weight distribution is not 50/50; it is more like 45/55, which causes severe problems if you try to take turns fast. It is also probably one of the most dangerous cars in the rain, and snow (forget about it).

Overall, it is a must buy for anyone that feels young at heart and wants to feel the American dream everyday!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2008

14th Mar 2008, 12:31

The Mustang GT is a High Performance Muscle car, the Mustang with the V6 is a wanna be sporty car.

21st Mar 2010, 15:50

How is a Miata or Sky or S2K a sports car, and not a Mustang? Those have little baby 4 bangers.

21st Mar 2010, 18:45

"How is a Miata or Sky or S2K a sports car, and not a Mustang? Those have little baby 4 bangers."

A sports car is lightweight and fun to drive. It can handle corners with ease and has just the right amount of power. The Mazda Miata is arguably the best sports car ever made. Fun to drive, ample power and MPG in the 30's.

The Mustang is a heavy, wasteful, overpowered, poor handling vehicle. They are excellent in a straight line once they stop spinning their tires. Don't try to take a real corner at more than 30 because you will end up slamming into a tree. But I'm sure it's fun to waste a few gallons of gas revving the engine trying to intimidate the guy in the SPORTS CAR next to you at the light.

The Mustang is not a sports car. It is a muscle car.

2001 Ford Mustang Deluxe Coupe 6 cylinder from North America


A waste of space and money!!!


When I first bought the car, it seemed to be fine, it ran great for about 2 weeks, after that the clutch started making a horrible screeching sound, I took the car back to the place that I purchased it from, the clutch had went out, and needed replaced, luckily the dealership offered a 30 day Warranty on all vehicles, so I was able to get that replaced.

The stereo went out and had to be replaced with an aftermarket stereo that did not work well with the Mach460 Sound system in the car.

At 89,000 miles the power windows both quit working, they would roll down, but not up... so they were stuck up.

The exhaust manifold cracked and broke causing me to have to replace the exhaust manifold.

General Comments:

I always wanted a Mustang, once I got one I felt ripped off, I like the car, however it was not all it seemed.. it was uncomfortable to drive, and sit it.. not just for me, but anyone who sat in the piece of junk... The shifter was in a stupid spot, so if anyone every put a drink in the cup holder you would just about knock it over shifting gears... the power seats were so slow... I think this year of car was horrible, and would not recommend this to anyone, maybe a new Mustang... but I have my doubts.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2008