2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 4.6L 32V gas from North America


A low coat Porsche 928 by Ford!


One wheel stud was stripped from the factory (warranty).

The limited slip differential had an occasional loud knocking sound (common issue with these units and dealer technician added lubricant which fixed the problem).

Had some pinging on California's lame premium gasoline (I bought the car in Arizona) so I rebooted the ECU and the problem nearly disappeared.

General Comments:

I drove the car for the first time at an out of state dealership (zero financing) and had to buy it!

The engine is not like any other Mustang engine in that it revs like a Porsche or BMW.

The shifter is good, but not as good as the engine especially the 3-2 downshift.

The interior's charcoal plastics is so boring it could put you to sleep.

The SVT seats are awesome!

When I pop the hood to show guys the engine they almost wet their pants when they see the massive 32 valve heads.

I had two Pep Boys stainless exhaust flares welded on to accent the back of the car for a great look.

I added two Spiral Max intake devices on a cold air intake with K&N cone filter and the sound and power increase were phenomenal.

In its final condition, it was the best sounding and accelerating 0 to 100 car I have ever owned.

You'd look for hills to climb just to hear the engine, intake and exhaust sounds.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

26th Apr 2005, 09:06

Just to let you know, Cobra's don't come with a limited slip rear end. It's know as an IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) which makes it better handling than the regular GT's & V6's that have a solid axle. Also, the V6 has the limited slip which is also known as the "one wheel peel", you have a traction lock in yours so both wheels spin. Sounds like a great car though!

12th Aug 2006, 21:19

Just to let you know, the 8.8 IRS is equipped with traction lok, a clutch type LSD. I just rebuilt my own. The standard gear set is a 3.27:1 ratio.

2001 Ford Mustang Coupe V6 3.8 from North America


The complete American Dream car!


I have only had the car for a short while, and the only thing that was bothering me when I first got it was the automatic windows. One of the windows makes a small squeaking noise when it is rolled up, but very minor and I am sure it can get fixed.

Already had to have front alignment and my tires rotated because of left front wheel making funny noises. Sounds perfect now.

General Comments:

I have never enjoyed driving as much as now since I have had my Mustang.

The car handles perfect and the ride is so smooth.

The interior layout is very useful and it is very roomy for a sports car.

Awesome built in Mach 460 stereo system and very powerful sounds for a factory system.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2004

2001 Ford Mustang bullitt 4.6L from North America


An all around great handing tire burner


Clutch was loud since I've owned it. I told the dealer it was a bad to bearing. They replaced it, and the problem is fixed.

General Comments:

I love my bullitt, and would never sell it. I love the way that it looks like a GT, but it just doesn't look right... no spoiler or fog lamps, then fire it up, and watch them stare. I noticed hardly anyone knows what a bullitt is.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

9th Mar 2006, 20:42

Just curious of the reliability of a bullitt?

2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 4.6 from North America


True joy from American muscle


Nothing has gone wrong with this car!

It has been perfectly reliable.

I have not had any work done to the car other than performance enhancements.

General Comments:

Awesome vehicle. I have added 85 horses to an already peppy vehicle. A few "bolt-ons" and a microtuner have boosted the RWHP to 345. I have also put stickier tires than stock on it. I am running Potenza W rated tires and I could not be happier. I have also added a 3:73 rear end for added torque and quickness. This car is a dream. I have found it easy and inexpensive to "pump-up", and enjoy nothing more than cruising down the highway, passing slow-pokes with my top down and my favorite tunes blaring from the 2001 Mustangs 460 Mach 1 stereo.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

5th Sep 2004, 01:03

What mods did you put on, and how much did it run to hit those numbers?