2001 Ford Mustang V6 Sport package 3.8 V6 from North America


Reliable, ample power, chick grabber


Only a few things have gone wrong with this car.

One, the driver side window is messed up, and it has been to the repair shop at least 3 times to fix. Basically, it is off its track, and goes up at a queer angle, the result being that the window is loose when it is down, and you can hear it rattling around in the door, and a small space between the window and weather stripping, creating wind noise and water can trickle in, sometimes when I wash the car, etc.

Also, the seat belts keep twisting on me, it's a bit annoying.

Also, the paint seems a little cheap, I am beginning to see rust spots. This never happened on my older cars. (VW jetta, 1987 nissan maxima)

General Comments:

This car has been great to me. Ample power in the 200 HP V6 to pass, merge, go up the big hills, etc. Attractive looking with the stock spoiler and bigger 16 in wheels, due to the sport package. The cockpit is aesthetically pleasing, and wraps around you. Great for two medium sized people to go on road trips on, as my girlfriend and I have done many times.

Handles fairly well, but the ride is VERY bumpy, but I'm driving a sports car, I can't complain.

You will get chicks with this car.

My last road trip, I went mostly the speed limit, and all highway driving, and I got 30 MPG, ridiculous!

Not very much room in the trunk, if you try to move with this car, you'll find almost nothing fits : (

The power seat lets me pick a good seating position, and my back NEVER hurt, not even after 6-12 hour road trips, unlike my jetta which would cramp my back after driving 30 minutes or so.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2007

2001 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 liter from North America


I got what I paid for


The idler went out at 15,000 miles, but no other problems with it since then. Dealer replaced it under warranty.

I have put over 58,000 miles on this car since I bought it new, and it continues to perform well and is dependable.

General Comments:

The 2001 Mustang GT is a blast to drive. I mainly bought the car because I wanted V8, rear wheel drive, manual transmission and dual exhaust in a American performance car. This car has not disappointed me.

It handles well and the exhaust sound is exceptional even when stock. Sure there are some occasional rattles and such, but after owning the car for over 6 years, everything in it still works.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

2001 Ford Mustang V6 3.8 from North America


Best car I've ever owned!


Seat belts don't retract. This is a very common problem, and it's quite annoying. I don't want to damage my door panel, by shutting the darn thing in the door.

The plastic door handles on the door panels scratch, and when they do, it's black underneath. Gotta love how Ford bases everything plastic with black. Luckily I have a dark interior.

General Comments:

Tires are expensive to replace.

The seat belts are quite uncomfortable, and don't retract.

Mechanically, I have not had a single problem with my stang.

Trunk opening is extremely small, and barely fits anything in it. While I'm on this point, you can only fit one tire in the trunk :-)

Extremely long antenna. Yes it does get great reception, but it looks stupid.

I've added true dual exhaust and it sounds awesome now, and has some more pep.

Backseat is obviously too small to fit an average sized adult comfortably.

After-market parts a fairly priced, and easy to install.

I've had the unfortunate experience of my car being vandalized. The person tried to rip the side emblem off of the fender. There's a bolt behind it, very expensive to fix!!

Kind of low quality fabric seats. Carpet and headliner are good quality though.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007