2001 Ford Mustang Cobra V8 from North America


Hot and sexy on the outside, old and halfway dead on the inside


Loud Ticking noise coming from the engine.

Loose drivers seat.

Wind noise, my car is a coupe!

Molding is warped in several locations.

General Comments:

This is my 5th mustang, 2nd Cobra, up until now, they have all been great!

My car has been in the dealer now for the engine ticking noise for almost two weeks, their first attempt was one week, they said nothing is wrong.

The Service Advisor told me they are going to replace the lifters, as far as I can find out, this engine does not have lifters!

I feel Ford does not know what is wrong with my car, and because I am a woman, they are trying to tell me anything to shut me up.

Other Cobra owners I have spoke with have also had engine problems, on their 99's and 2001's.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

2nd Aug 2002, 10:05

I have an '02 GT and also have this loud ticking noise from my engine. This is due to the loud AC compressor clutch put on by Ford. (according to my mechanic). He's not a Ford engineer, but you'll notice this ticking noise isn't there when you have your AC off. I agree this is annoying and kind of embarassing. I hope Ford plans to do something about this.

19th Sep 2003, 08:55

On the 4.6 Liter engines the ticking sound is usually coming from the fuel injectors... Just something you have to get use to on those engines, but it won't hurt anything.

If you'll notice you probably hear it more when your next to a wall or building as this causes more of an echo effect. It's also more noticeable in the Utility vehicles more than in the mustangs because those vehicles have a larger engine compartment and causes the echo effect inside itself.


8th Jul 2004, 23:23

I just purchased my 2001 Cobra Convertible four months ago and have NOT experience any problems. I would suggest getting a second opinion from another Ford dealership that especialize in Cobras. Some Ford dealership does NOT have the expertise on Cobra engines.

31st Aug 2004, 23:18

I have a 01 gt, though its not a cobra, I also have the same ticking noise. The Technical Report given to me by Ford is that the ticking is coming from the valve guides in the heads. They said that to fix the problem would mean pulling the heads and replacing the guides. I think Ford needs to find a answer to this problem, even though they told me it doesn't effect performance and or damage anything within the engine.

1st Dec 2004, 17:48

I have a 99 Mustang Coupe with a V-6. I also had that ticking noise for a while, but the other night my car began to run extremely rough and I had to have it towed the rest of the way. They say replacing the valve guides will fix the problem. Can't wait to see the estimate.

2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 4.6 V8 from North America


A bit pricey for the car, but a definite winner


The clutch does seem to be a little weak. It certainly does not feel like it should for a powerful rear wheel drive automobile.

The five speed manual shifter is definitely on the weak side. The car shifts sloppy and seems to be set up for comfort of shifting rather than quality.

General Comments:

My overall experience with this car is nothing short of excellent. I would not trade this car for anything. It is fun, powerful and grabs the attention of other drivers.

Only the clutch and shift feel I am willing to complain about. The feel is soft for both.

I spent about $150.00 to upgrade the shift mechanism at a performance shop and that has brought a whole new dimension to the shifting and drivability. I would heartily recommend this upgrade. No more missing 3rd gear after that!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

2001 Ford Mustang Premium GT Coupe 4.6 V8 from North America


My mechanic drives the car more than I do


Within the first week of ownership, the temperature knob failed. The dash was torn apart to find an ink pen wrapped around the temperature knob's cable.

A missing spot weld was found in the rear-right seat area.

The rear seat was loose.

The driver's window would not seal when closed.

I had an oil leak for 5 months.

All seals and gaskets (including both head gaskets) in the engine were replaced with the exception of the rear-main seal.

Master cylinder and hydro-boost unit leaked; both replaced.

Rattle in the dash the dealer can't find.

The list goes on and on. The sad fact is that the only dealership that could seeming diagnose and fix problems correctly the first time is over 300 miles from my home.

The car has been serviced 15 times for a total of 36 days within the first year.

After months of arguing, Ford has agreed that the car is a lemon.

General Comments:

The car is hard to beat performance wise for the cost. But the fact that it is in the shop every two weeks is ridiculous. After dealing with the car, Ford service people, and Ford customer service, I would never get another Mustang, let alone a Ford.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2001