17th Jun 2009, 01:40

I haven't seen a single comment stating that the V-6 is "better". Getting better mileage is more sensible and economical, as well as paying $10,000+ less (based on the 2010's I've just looked at) and getting lower insurance rates adds to available discretionary income. If paying $10,000 more for 1 second quicker 0-60 times is what someone wants, then have at it. It's your money. Seems like a lot of money for 1 second. Gee, that comes to $600,000 a MINUTE!!! Lot of money just to be able to say "I own a V-8!!

17th Jun 2009, 15:39

Gee, you must be from the other thread! I also would buy something that was more refined in the V-6 category well before wasting any money on a base Mustang. The 4.0 was designed for an Explorer, NOT a sports car PERIOD.

18th Jun 2009, 07:18

When someone pictures a Mustang, they envision the performance of a Mustang GT, NOT the putt putting of a 6 cylinder Mustang! And FYI, there is a more than 3 second difference in 0-60 MPH between the Mustang GT and Mustang V6!

Mustang GT 0-60 is 5.5 seconds, while the V6 0-60 is 8.5 seconds!

18th Jun 2009, 10:37

Okay, I am for the GT too but the 0-60 time on the V-6 is actually pretty respectable at 6.5 seconds. It's just listening to that horrendous growl getting there that kills it for me!

18th Jun 2009, 11:44

"Mustang GT 0-60 is 5.5 seconds, while the V6 0-60 is 8.5 seconds!"

I have no idea where this figure came from. The 4.0 V-6 Mustang does 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. Mine is mildly modified and does it in 6.2-6.3 seconds consistently. Virtually every source reviewing the 4.0 gives it a 0-60 time ranging from 6.5 to 6.9.

There seems to be a lot of hostility on this site toward the people (a huge majority) who own V-6 Mustangs. This attitude is not only baffling, but is not rational. People have very different tastes in many things, especially cars. Savagely attacking people who choose a different ENGINE in the very same car doesn't make any sense at all.

18th Jun 2009, 17:08

"It's just listening to that horrendous growl getting there that kills it for me!"

For less than $500 you can add duals to the V-6 and get almost exactly the same exhaust note as the GT. That's still saving you a hunk of insurance and about 10 grand. Check out the audio on some of the V-6 dual systems offered on the net. Downright cool.

19th Jun 2009, 12:00

First of all you can buy the exhaust for less than $500 but who is installing it? Most people don't have a lift so it'll be more like $750 installed. Secondly, I'd have to hear it to believe it.. so I am not saying you are BS'ing me, but I really would have to hear it. I'll check it out though.

My insurance wouldn't be a heck of a lot more on a GT as I have a really great company and an impeccable driving record. Right now I am about $500 per year... Most of my performance cars have been maybe 10% higher or so, and not the 40% to 60% that I see claimed on here, but even if mine was $750 it would be worth it.

If you order a base GT, you should only be about $6K above the cost of a V-6 car, but don't forget there is a lot more to the car than just the V-6. It is worth the difference to me, and I would probably opt for a different brand or type of car before settling with the V-6 in the Mustang. I wish they'd get smart at Ford and drop the 3.5 mill from the 2010 Fusion that puts out 263 hp and is a lot smoother. If they did that and added a bit of an upgrade to the suspension somewhere between the base and the GT, it would be a more competent car to me.

19th Jun 2009, 14:11

"First of all you can buy the exhaust for less than $500 but who is installing it? Most people don't have a lift so it'll be more like $750 installed."

I got a quote of $529 for a complete system installed by a local Mustang specialty shop. That included 2 new high-performance mufflers. I heard one with that system. They DO sound awesome.

1st Dec 2009, 08:01

Finally a new V-6 is due in the 2011 Mustang and it is a 3.5 litre putting out 305 hp. I may just end up with a V-6 powered Mustang after all!! It also will have 6 speed AT and manual trannys. Should be a much improved model for sure over the current car and word is even the sound is much improved. One other huge bonus is the 30 mpg highway rating which is awesome for a 305 hp car!! Way to go Ford!!

Of course, there will also be a new 5.0 V-8 offered at close to 400 HP for the GT, so I better drive the V-6 first!!

2nd Dec 2009, 07:54

Correction, it is a 3.7 litre engine.

28th Apr 2010, 10:30

2011 Mustang, 305 hp V-6, 30 mpg, 0-60 in 5.4 seconds and it sounds awesome right out of the box. I won't even risk voiding my warranty with add-on performance upgrades. It also starts at just over $22K. I'm glad I waited!!

13th May 2010, 22:19

Lots of luck finding a 22K 2011 Mustang. We just went shopping and the cheapest 2011 V-6 we saw was $25,658. The average ones we looked at was over $28,000.

13th May 2010, 22:37

"Mustang GT 0-60 is 5.5 seconds, while the V6 0-60 is 8.5 seconds!'

We LOVE getting on these Mustang threads for the laughs!! This "Mine's bigger than yours" argument has us all rolling in the floor. It's better than watching a good comedy.

For starters, there's only one second's difference in the 0-60 time of the 4.0 and the GT, not THREE (I have no idea where people get these ludicrous figures). Our current 4.0 is actually faster 0-60 than our old 5.0 was. A 4-cylinder FUSION does 0-60 in 8.5 seconds for crying out loud!!

As for people arguing that the 3.8 or 4.0 V-6 is "better" than a GT, I have never, NOT ONCE, seen such a statement on ANY of these threads!! They are certainly more economical, cheaper to insure and more popular with Mustang buyers (fully two-thirds of whom buy the 6). We always buy the smallest available engine in ALL of our vehicles because it gets us to our destination just as quickly as a V-10 Viper in typical traffic. No car sold in the U.S. is "underpowered". All of them, even the lowly Chevy Aveo, will attain ample speed for merging and passing. Paying thousands more for power just so you can say you have it not very rational.

26th May 2010, 22:33

It is just a matter of what you're happy with and can afford easily. I have a 2005 4.0 and I started doing some mods to it. I have dual exhaust, CAI, Predator tune, GT rotors and brakes, GT 8.8 rear end with 3.73 gears. My car is definitely quicker, and is fun to drive.

I was planning on adding a power adder in the future, but also considering selling mine and getting a new 2011.

Our 4.0's make 240lbs of torque stock at 3500 RPM. The new 2011 3.7 doesn't make its 280lbs of torque until 4,250 RPM. That is good, but at the higher end of the RPM band; still quick, but you will have to push it to feel it.

Also I have rear sway bar and front GT stabilizer bar. Most of this stuff I bought at newtakeoff.com, and it was reasonable. So whatever you decide on, just be happy.