1st Oct 2010, 16:54

I'm not big with the new styling either, it looks good in that brighter blue color, but even then the tail lights are still ugly. I'm certain Ford decided on the new styling to better compete with the Camaro (which is more of a poor man's super car with its minimum practicality).

And me saying that the new styling looks bad is a pretty bad blow, since I owned an '84 V6 Fox (which had bad weight distribution).

2nd Oct 2010, 08:53

The Camaro is direct competition for the Mustang and not some supercar. They are both pretty much the same size inside. I actually like the Mustang better as it drives much better, feels quicker and sounds way better.

I love the new styling. For me it is the opposite. I think the older Mustang looks just that... old. The new one is more streamlined and looks fast just standing still. I liked the '05 when it came out, but I was never sold on the front end. It was too straight up and down for me. The new one has more of an angle to it, and captures the late 60's look much better, while keeping a modern design. The only thing I'd change on the rear end is lessen the angles a bit. It doesn't look bad to me. I love the sequential turn signals though.

2nd Oct 2010, 13:46

"How many of those 66% do you think are envious every time they see a V8 car? Probably more than half."

This is even more true when you see people with base Mustang V6's adding on two exhaust pipes and larger tires to makes their cars look like GT's.

3rd Oct 2010, 12:25

Having owned a lot of Mustangs, including GT's, Fox 4's and a 4.0, I like them all. My 4.0 is faster than any previous model I've owned, and although I could drive a Shelby GT 500 if I chose to, whose business is it if I don't care about frying my tires at every redlight?

22nd Oct 2010, 11:53

Why is the assumption made that people with high performance models want to fry their tires at every stoplight? Even the filthy rich would be dumb to burn up the tires on a Cobra or Shelby constantly.

I own a 2009 GT that gets anywhere from 24 to 28 MPG on the highway. I have never broken the tires loose or even come close.

I see more irresponsible driving from people in low performance Mustangs and "Fast and Furious" wannabees than I do in high performance versions, especially from kids. Seems to me me people who settle for a cheaper car are trying to make up for something that they think they're lacking.

23rd Oct 2010, 10:54

I made this point some time ago. It always is the V6 Mustang drivers flying by at 90 mph trying to prove their car is fast. Then posters go on about "why have the V8 if you never use it" like you have to smoke the tires off the rims and speed around all the time. It is about the complete package to me, and not any of the racing attributes that you can't legally use anyhow. V8's get such good mileage, why settle for a lame V6 for a few mpg? I was getting in the upper 20's with 5.0's 20 years ago, so I can only imagine the new 5.0 would get the same.

Having driven a 2011 GT, I have to say the feeling was so amazing. The sound alone was worth the premium over the V6. The new V6 is an amazing performer though, and at least worthy of the Mustang nameplate. This is the first V6 they ever put into a Mustang that has any bit of refinement to it, and it has plenty of power as well.

I'd still opt for a GT though, as the manual version of the V6 rates at about 29 mpg and the V8 is around 24 or so. It is about the entire package of performance, and not just a look for me. I have nothing to prove, and in fact with every high end fast car I've had, I actually drive slower. You'd think it was a waste, but I actually really just enjoy the package more than just going fast all the time. Yes, once in awhile I can be talked into smoking the tires and going fast, but not too often! It is enough to know I could beat most other cars on the road, so why waste time proving it?

23rd Oct 2010, 23:41

"It is enough to know I could beat most other cars on the road, so why waste time proving it?"

This thinking justifies paying 7 grand more for a car that has power you can never use??

24th Oct 2010, 08:57

Why are you trying to justify someone else's reason for buying a car? I bought my GT because I WANTED ONE and I like it. Why do I (or does anyone) need to justify to you anything that I spend my money on?

24th Oct 2010, 10:53

I paid 5k more for same car as a convertible Vette. Why not? As far as power you cannot use, consider the 0 to 70 rush I have legally rapidly achieved, with added 100 hp I gained over a stock car. Same applies to other cars; Ford, GM etc.

25th Oct 2010, 12:53

This is so true. It would seem that drivers with low V6 Mustangs have the need to drive fast to justify and show the public that their car is fast when we all know the truth. Mustang GT owners have nothing to prove so we take it easy.