5th Aug 2010, 10:58

With all that CAPITAL text, I think you are getting too worked up over this whole V6 to V8 argument. Why do you care so much about this? You have a V6, then so be it. Have fun with it. The fact that you constantly have to defend your purchase of it leads me to believe you are envious of the GT more than you let on. I don't continually comment on the GT's superior performance in capital letters to get some point across. The GT was created as a superior Mustang to the base and it is for specific buyers who want the best performance... all around performance. Is the 2011 V6 enough? Yeah, it is. But they made the 5.0 even better so why not?

I won't list the reasons why I'd choose the GT over your car because I don't care enough about it. Just enjoy what you drive and let it go. You are right in that you'll never change an enthusiasts mind no matter what they prefer, so why bother?

5th Aug 2010, 14:59

"6) Only GT's are REAL MUSTANGS. Sure. And the 66% of the public who actually choose the V-6 are actually driving well-disguised Chevy Aveos?? I think not. All Mustangs are virtually identical and 99.99% of the general public can't tell a GT from a 6 (or from a Toyota Camry for that matter). Let's face it, no one CARES what ENGINE is in your car. It's hardly a life-changing concern for the average person."

No, only GT's are top of the line Mustangs. That 66% is surely padded by rental fleets, so I would say it is a bit lower than that. All Mustangs are virtually identical? Yeah, okay. And I don't care about 99.99% of the public knowing the difference between a base and a GT because I DO. Funny how you say no one cares what engine is in their car, but how many times did I see old four banger Mustangs with a "5.0" glued to the fenders so they looked cool. You can bet the new "5.0" will start showing up on base Mustangs again... but no one cares. Keep telling yourself that.

5th Aug 2010, 21:37

"I don't miss my GT's small edge in performance because I COULDN'T LEGALLY USE IT. So why pay 7 grand for it??"

So you couldn't legally use the power of a GT, but you'll happily go 120 in your V6? And, unless you own a 2011 V6, the GT has much more than a small edge in performance. The 4.0 was horrendous in the performance area compared to any GT of the same year.

Also, where is the $7 grand difference? To get a V6 with any options that come on the standard GT, you'd have to opt for the premium package, which is $25K and change... the GT starts at around $28K or so. If you want a stripper V6 with no options first of all, good luck finding one, and second, you won't have even close to the car the base GT is.

Oh, and the awesome handling of the V6 only comes with the 19 inch wheels and tires, so add another what $1,000 or more for that.

All in all, it comes out to much less than the quoted $7K difference. Most of the V6's I have seen are in the $28K to $30K range, as that is how they are ordered.

6th Aug 2010, 19:37

Everybody I know turns their noses up at sixes. You never have to defend a GT, or better yet a Mach 1 or Boss 302 or Shelby KR. Go sell the six and see how well you do. You can throw a turbo on a little fast and furious rocket with the single fa pipe or make your six sound like a boat. No thanks. I will take better handling tires, wheels, bigger brakes, suspension upgrades, better instrumentation and better power throughout the power band. If I am worried about gas or insurance, a cheap import econobox works well.

7th Aug 2010, 12:05

"Everybody I know turns their noses up at sixes."

I'm a member of two highly respected and well-known Mustang clubs, and we would ask any member who "turned up his nose" at fellow members to resign. Fully 30% of our membership consists of owners of Fox 4's, pre-1967 6's and late-model 6's. None of our members would ridicule or insult any Mustang owner. That is just not a part of most organizations that welcome the membership of all Mustang enthusiasts and owners. If we showed such prejudice to our prospective members, we'd lose a lot of respect in our community.