2005 Ford Mustang V6 4.0L V6 from North America


If you want the old looks with new technology, this is the car for you


Uneven tread wear after 10,000 miles from following the rotations/oil changes maintenance. Ford replaced all 4 tires for free, and I didn't see the problem again for the next 40k miles before I changed them again.

Blown speaker passenger side around 35k miles, and Ford replaced it.

General Comments:

I love this car, I bought it December 14th, 2004 and it was delivered to my house January 3rd, 2005. I took two out for a test drive.. one was the thunderous GT with its 5-speed manual, the other was a V6 with the manual transmission as well. I completely fell in love with its looks from the moment I sat in it, both cars offered so much for a cheap price tag; after a 10 minute spin, I was sold.

I bought a 2005 Mustang with the V6, and opted for the automatic transmission so the wifey could have as a good time in it as I was. It was silver with the black Mustang side decals, I got the Pony package for the traction control (live in Minnesota) power seat, windows, locks, keyless entry, Shaker 500 sound system and more. What I do regret not opting for was the message center with the color changing gauge option display. Two days after I got it, I went back and had Ford install a factory remote start for the vehicle so it wouldn't void the warranty. It cost $475 with tax.

The Mustang has been extremely reliable. In the past 5000 miles, I have finished paying the car off, so I have decided to add some more extras to the car. I bought a C&L intake system with tuners, true dual X-Pipe exhaust from Magnaflow, custom black with chrome lip Shelby GT500 rims.. I also added on the interior chrome package that most GT's have for the automatic shifter. Adds a nicer look to the interior.

I just put on order a $3988 supercharger and fully functional Shaker hood system, and when all is said and done, I hope to be pushing 350+HP to this beast.

If you are in the market for a 2 door coupe, I'd definitely give the Mustang a look; the new 2011 V6 is absolutely amazing, and well worth the money. I just honestly couldn't have been more happy with my purchase... especially coming off of a 2002 BMW M3.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2010

29th Jul 2010, 18:03

You went from an M3 to a V6 Mustang and you were happy with it? Well, guess not too happy if you are putting $ thousands into it in order to get more power out of it. Not sure I would wring that much power out of that 4.0, but I don't have to pay for repairs so... To me if you want V8 power, buy a V8. That is, unless the V6 is designed to produce that much power like the 2011. The GT is a more complete package of power and handling, so it would be the better choice anyhow.

Where did you find a shaker package for a V6? I didn't know that existed.

2005 Ford Mustang Premium 4.0L V6 from North America


Fun car, but not a V8


Dealt with a frozen parking brake twice.

- First time, no damage

- Second time, had to have the brake cable replaced because it rusted out.

One warped wheel when I bought the car.

Cracked another wheel after hitting a curb driving on ice during a snowstorm.

Bubbling under the paint on the edge of the hood from the factory, fixed under warranty.

No major issues with the car yet.

General Comments:

It is the Mustang V6 with leather seats and the Shaker 500 stereo; both are nice. The interior has a retro touch, but a cheap plastic feel. Then again it is just a cheap car, so I was not expecting an Audi interior.

No ABS or Traction control, which is fine 98% of the time, but as my daily driver in New England, some snow storms can be a slight hassle. I drove it last winter with factory wheels and Pirelli all season tires (from a GT Mustang) and a semi-locking differential. For the most part it was not bad in the snow once it was going, but initial takeoff and going up hill it struggled to find traction. If you know how to drive in the snow/ice, then it should be no problem.

Suspension is stiff but not unbearable. The handling is nice, but far from a European sports car. Still just has a live rear axle, which people either love or hate. After owning two front wheel drive cars prior to this, I never want to go back to FWD. I just love the classic layout: engine in the front, transmission in the middle and power to the rear. The rear wheel drive is just right.

It has a very simple 4.0l SOHC V6 with 210 HP and 240 Ft-Lb of torque. While this is under powered compared to similar displacement motors, it is enough for this car. While it does not have the sound of or ego boosting two extra cylinders it holds its own. Daily driving (mixed highway and city) I average 18-20 MPG but I do not take it slowly either. I have got it up to about 28 with long distant cruise control driving. The engine woke up with a true dual custom exhaust and Air Raid cold air intake, not to mention now it sounds a lot better than factory.

Biggest fault with this car is the automatic transmission. I just do not like that is never is in the gear I want to be in, and takes too long to down-shift for merging.

As for styling it is the best looking Mustang since the original fastback. A way to have the style of a 1967 Mustang Fastback with the modern technology all for a reasonable price. Still turns a lot of heads, and many people still commit on the car, especially an all black Mustang.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2009