30th Jul 2010, 17:34

"I just put on order a $3988 supercharger and fully functional Shaker hood system, and when all is said and done, I hope to be pushing 350+HP to this beast."

Four guys in our Mustang group have done the same thing, and are very happy with it. I'd advise against too much boost, however, as it can shorten engine life. Also, you will never get the money you put into the supercharger back, so I'd plan on keeping the car for a long time. This is a very popular mod in my area, as it allows you to keep the much cheaper V-6 insurance. Also, since the newer Mustangs have gone to the less attractive styling, keeping the pre-2010's is the option most of my buddies are choosing. That's what I'm doing.

1st Aug 2010, 12:26

Styling is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but I have heard so much negative comments from Mustang enthusiasts about the 2010-2011 styling change that I feel it has hurt future sales of the cars. Even with the huge increase in Ford sales recently, my friend who works at a local Ford dealership tells me that the new-style Mustangs are harder to sell due to buyer resistance of the new design. Most buyers aren't savvy about horsepower and handling, they just want a sharp car. Hopefully the new V-6 will add to the appeal enough to help offset the negative reaction to the new styling, although most people test driving a car are too timid to even find out how the cars perform, and couldn't tell the difference between a GT 500 and a 4.0.

1st Aug 2010, 21:44

To the first poster, yes I was happy with it. The BMW albeit fun to drive was just as plastic-ridden as the Mustang, but without the exterior flair.

Where did I find a Shaker package for the V6? You were able to purchase after market Shaker hoods for these vehicles before the 05 model even came out.

Last of all, the 4.0L can handle up to 425HP safely without any rebuilding of the motor prior. Any Mustang forum could give you the answers to all things specs.

Now, from MSRP, to gas to insurance over the GT, I'm still saving nearly 5 grand by sticking with the V6 over the V8, and I also have a faster car than them now too.

To the third poster.. you must not know many Mustang enthusiasts. Bringing back the 5.0 and whipping out the new 3.7 was a fantastic move by Ford, but their exterior and interior design has been ridiculed by most high end reviewers and by most loyal customers. The retro look that the 05-09 model gave was lost in the front and rear end on the 10-11 models. The interior gauge cluster isn't as throw back and all the updates, although extremely nice, make the retro fastback into more of a modern regular sports car.

Also, in case you didn't pay attention, I'm the original owner. I've already owned this car for over 5 years; putting in a supercharger cannot lower the value, mainly because I can take it off whenever I choose, if I wanted to go the route of selling, in which case I could just get back probably 50%-70% of what I spent on it on eBay.

I'm all for constructive criticism, but please let it be based off of facts, that's what this site is for!

2nd Aug 2010, 10:09

I have 2 Vette convertibles in my garage with 40 years separating them. The older body has more visual appeal, but elements from further into the 50s appear on my C5 such as the waterfall design between the seats, and the return of a real trunk. I love great retro designs incorporated into new cars. I had a Celica GT I bought new long ago, and it had Mustang styling in the body. I like imports and domestics that have some identity in the design, as well as handle and perform. Bland styling and boring is not worth buying if you hate driving it.

2nd Aug 2010, 12:13

"Now, from MSRP, to gas to insurance over the GT, I'm still saving nearly 5 grand by sticking with the V6 over the V8, and I also have a faster car than them now too."

True, plus the better front/rear weight distribution improves handling as well. I've owned both V-8s and 6s, and prefer the better handling of a good modified V-6.

2nd Aug 2010, 16:14

The 2011 V6 is not faster than the 2010 V8 sorry... or even the '05 - '09 cars. 0-60 in 5.4 is the V6's best compared to a 4.9 to 60 run in the 2010 GT and 5.1 seconds for the last generation GT. Now the 2011 GT does it in 4.6 seconds. 5.4 is plenty fast enough, don't get me wrong, but let's not get carried away there.

Also, the GT handles better than any V6 up until the 2011... but only with the 19" wheel package on it. The new GT pulls .94G's on the skidpad, which is pretty amazing for a live axle rear end car. The V6 barely eeks it out at .95G's with the big wheels and tires.

As far as front to rear weight distribution... obviously, by the numbers, it makes no real difference. The newer V8's all aluminum design doesn't add a ton of weight up front and they have balanced the Mustangs out much better as of late. Even the Shelby GT500 has lost weight and become a much better balanced car.

2nd Aug 2010, 16:17

Oh, I missed the part about the supercharging of the V6... so you are right, you got a faster car than a GT... Didn't the supercharger eat up much of that $5K difference though??

2nd Aug 2010, 19:58

12:13 saving $5000 means you are paying more on top of that. Do you live in Manhattan or have a lot of points? I'd rather buy an older V8 GT Automatic coupe or a Vert, pay cash and only carry liability, high deductible, alarm, and be on the honor roll. Probably pay the same or less.

4th Aug 2010, 09:18

It was a rough guesstimate of my savings after all is said and done, I will go through it now a tad more thoroughly.

MSRP of my car with its options was $25,640.. equipped with the V8 the MSRP with same options would go to $30,925. I saved over the last 5 years roughly with how I drive, (60% city, 40%HWY) $1020 and insurance if it stayed the same about $3300.

So that's $9,605 of savings.

After all my visual enhancements and performance that I have done so far, it all came too $6068.37 (after tax + free shipping).

So my total savings roughly looks like $3536.63 after it's all said and done. Still not too shabby.

4th Aug 2010, 18:09

Arguing with V-8 Mustang owners is a bit like arguing with creationists over evolution: Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. The words "saving money", "sensible", "better buy", "cheaper insurance", etc. Are incomprehensible to these folks. The arguments go as follows:

1) The V-8 goes 0-60 a WHOLE SECOND faster, so for only 7 grand you gain a WHOLE SECOND!! Never mind that NO ONE ever actually accelerates flat-out anywhere in the real world. Even with a 4-cylinder sub-compact, you'll be riding your brakes up entry ramps to keep from rear-ending slow-pokes in Challenger Hemis.

2) Of course you NEVER USE the power of the V-8, but it's worth 7 grand to just know it's out there somewhere. You should never DREAM of using a car's full potential.

3) The SOUND of the V-8 is worth the extra 7 grand and higher insurance. Baloney. I owned a plain-Jane GT with awesome-sounding Flowmasters. Not a single person ever said a WORD about how it SOUNDED. When I take my customized 6 out, it gets TONS of attention and not a SINGLE PERSON has ever asked WHAT ENGINE it has.

I have, however, been asked if the car could be used as a backdrop in ads and videos. No one ever asked ANYTHING about my boring GT... EVER. It looked like a rental fleet car.

4) The GT is FASTER. SO??? So is a Corvette, a Viper, a Lamborghini, Ferrari and lots of other cars. WHO CARES?? Street racing is illegal in all U.S. states, and the 6 does 120 in 4th gear easily anyway. I don't miss my GT's small edge in performance because I COULDN'T LEGALLY USE IT. So why pay 7 grand for it??

5) The GT HANDLES BETTER. SO??? I guess for all of us who just HAVE to get to Chic Filet before breakfast cut-off time, taking those curves on our 20mph residential streets at top speed is REALLY URGENT. Frankly, my 6 actually handles BETTER than my last GT due to better front-rear weight distribution, though in all fairness it DOES have the GT suspension upgrade.

6) Only GT's are REAL MUSTANGS. Sure. And the 66% of the public who actually choose the V-6 are actually driving well-disguised Chevy Aveos?? I think not. All Mustangs are virtually identical and 99.99% of the general public can't tell a GT from a 6 (or from a Toyota Camry for that matter). Let's face it, no one CARES what ENGINE is in your car. It's hardly a life-changing concern for the average person.

7) Only secretaries and old maids drive V-6 Mustangs. Yeah, sure. Tell that to all the macho policemen, firefighters, construction workers and pilots out there who drive them. Or guys like me who have raced and done stunt driving. Race cars are for race tracks. V-6 Mustangs will break every speed limit in the U.S without breathing hard. I have just as much fun LEGALLY in my 6 as I ever did in my GT. I also saved 7 grand up front, 40% on my insurance and a lot on gas.

Of course I DO lose sleep at night worrying about how all those GT owners are questioning my manhood. I sometimes toss and turn for two or three seconds it worries me so much.

So, there you are. I know reason and logic have no place in discussions about Mustangs, but I commend you guys who choose to drive the 6. It's a GREAT car, saves you enough to take your family on a great vacation to Aruba and can still get you from 0 to a ticket in 6 seconds. I'd rather have a car that's admired for its looks rather than its sound any day... especially while I'm walking on the beach in Aruba.