7th Feb 2004, 03:05

Kudos to that comment... who buys a V6 'muscle' car... go buy an Accord v6...it'll wipe you Mustang butt all over the place.

23rd Feb 2004, 20:15

Mustangs definitely are head turners. I just test drove one (a 2002) two days ago and I saw people in the other lane turning to look at it. What's wrong with a 6 cylinder automatic? Not everyone buys a Mustang to race them, you know.

(BTW, did anyone read the rules that said "Poor spelling or grammar will result in your comment being deleted... Use correct punctuation and spacing"? From what I've seen, very few people know how to use correct punctuation and grammar.)

28th Feb 2004, 09:45

If a Mustang turns heads where you live then so must everything else. The 2002 are less bland than the mid to late 90s Mustangs, but are very similar, not to mention there are plenty of them on the road, once you've seen on you need not look again. Secondly, why would people buy a Mustang if not to get a muscle car, a 6cyl Mustang is like a 2wd Jeep or a really beautiful boat that doesn't float, its posing at its worst. Why else get a Mustang? It can't be for reliability, it's a Ford. Looks? Doubt it there are nicer looking cars on the road. Comfort? HA. People who buy 6Cyl automatic mustangs think they are being cool buying a REAL car, problem is they are only buying the shell of what could be a real performance car.

14th Mar 2004, 00:46

I own a 2002 yellow v6 with white on white. Out here in the Pacific NW, Hondas and the imports are a dime a dozen. I have people complimenting me all the time on my car. If you think having a V6 under the hood is posing, I sincerely hope you aren't driving a tin can Honda. I had a Honda before the 'stang. Great little no-frills car, had a 155k miles and going strong (gave it to a kid who's since made it a racer). The Mustang is WAY more fun, and you can feel the power (even with only the v6) in the steering. Test drive a Honda, Mitsubishi and then jump in a 'stang. There's no comparison. I test drove a new Mits Spyder the same time I drove the 'stang. Cute car, but felt like I was driving my little old 4 cyl honda. Why buy a v6? Well, insurance rates for one thing, and for two no matter what you drive there's always something out there that's quicker... and probably stuck in the same traffic jam. The car is good looking (only ~620 made that look like mine, so not every other car out there looks the same - mine is one of only a couple in the state!), it didn't break the bank on payments or insurance, and it effortlessly speeds up to merge into traffic or get around the slow pokes. The car rocks, the stereo kicks, and it's a great value for the money.

14th Mar 2004, 07:50

To the last comment, its posing in a V6 mustang and not a honda, because the Mustang SHOULD be an import killer, a real machine (V8). And I don't drive a tin can, I also wrote the first comment, I am driving a tank with a Killer power plant. 79 Impala, custom 355 Small Block V8. I think this is an argument between real car enthusiasts like myself, and people with only average concern and knowledge of cars. V6's in Mustangs, automatic transmission in Corvettes, etc., sure these things are okay, but come on.

14th Mar 2004, 23:21

This isnt's an argument; it's information being provided out there for folks who are researching cars they may be interested in purchasing. For those considering a daily driver with a little more kick than the average car that won't kill the budget, the V6/GT Mustangs are worth looking at (Cobras & Saleens, however, you may wish to consider all the cars in those price ranges if you're looking for more performance-focused vehicles). I have a few cars stored back east that could easily take a 355 small block, any year any make. Pro-stocks are like that. This does not appear to be a hard-core car enthusiast site. I am sure there are better forums out there for enthusiastic views & interests.

25th Mar 2004, 06:14

Regarding the person with the Chevy Impala, the younger generation here refer to those "tanks" as old people's cars!

4th Jul 2004, 15:22

I took out a 2002 standard trim v6 model yesterday. This car had just over 27,000 miles on it. The car looked and drove like new. It is a very good-looking car and it had very responsive handling. The price was fair and with the v6, insurance rates will be within reason. I was hoping to read more reviews on the overall performance and reliability. I am looking for a better than average ride for my daily commute to work. Will this car give me any major mechanical problems? I'm not looking to race, but I like the looks and am looking for a comfortable and dependable ride. Is this a good choice?

4th Jul 2004, 22:28

To the last comment:

Just beware of the RWD if you do decide on the Mustang. It sounds from your post anyway that you probably aren't a die-hard car nut (who has experience with RWD sporty vehicles). Since you aren't basing your decision on all out performance either, the question stands, why buy a car that will give you nightmares in the rain and snow if not for the performance? Granted a V6 Mustang isn't exactly lightning quick, but it will still wipe out just as easily as a V8 or Cobra. They're not exactly unique anymore either, since every second high school girl drives a V6 'stang. Take a new Mazda 6 or a Nissan Altima out for a spin. The V6 versions of both will match or surpass a V6 'stang in terms of performance, without the touchiness of RWD. IMHO either would make more sense for a buyer who wants a good looking car with some punch, but not for racing.

8th Sep 2004, 02:06

The winter can get a little slick, here in MN, anyway. I just add a couple bags of sand in the trunk and drive safe, I really like the mach stereo. The v6 has enough power for me. Last week I was on a trip and got 28mpg on the hwy at 65mph, car runs great. JPH>

18th Apr 2005, 10:55

Just bought a 2002 V6 Mustang, Mineral Gray in color, fully loaded. Absolutely beautiful car, inside and out. Yes, it turns heads. I have received tons of "nice car" comments from friends, co-workers, and the general public. V6 has plenty of power, but is obviously not a racer. Who cares? If you want a race car, go buy one, build one, or become a NASCAR driver. I checked out the reliability ratings on-line and found them to be more than acceptable. I don't want or need a V8, and with today's gas prices, who would? The reliability of Ford products has greatly improved over the years, and they are no longer the Fix Or Repair Daily joke that they used to be.

Overall, if you want a nice, daily driver that you can still go fast in, then the V6 will suit you fine. The insurance rates won't kill you and you'll save money at the pump compared to a V8.

P.S.- There a ton of aftermarket parts available to kick up the horsepower of the V6, if you're interested.