8th Jan 2009, 16:07

I own a 2002 Mustang Coupe V6 and have had it for six years. It's a great car. Of course I love the body style of the older models, but all in all it has been great.

The only time it really started acted up is after I wrecked it. And no car will ever run the same after it's been wrecked.

I would recommend it to anyone. Just take care of your car. If you mistreat it then of course it's going to give you problems, whether it's a muscle car or whether it's a standard coupe, and check the background on the car. If it's been wrecked before it may also give you problems down the road.

The only type of people I wouldn't recommend it for is someone who has kids. The backseat and trunk is small. It wouldn't accommodate many passengers comfortably.

11th May 2009, 09:40

To be honest, I've had a s197 (05+) V6 and GT... fuel mileage is actually comparable. The new 3v V8s do pretty dang good on gas if you're gentle with them. The new V6 is a great engine. It was pulled from the Ford Ranger pickup line. All Mustangs are Mustangs... the originals had a straight six as a base engine. The reason why the Mustang has lasted so long is because it offered a good reliable 6 cylinder with the car... something GM couldn't really figure out, I guess. I have an 08 Bullitt, but will probably have to trade down to an 02 GT vert due to the economy. Any Mustangs are cool in my book, GT or not.

12th May 2009, 11:50

I totally agree. A Mustang is a Mustang, regardless of engines. I recently attended a car show and two of the real hits of the show were 1966 Mustang convertibles with the 200 C.I. 6. There were also 2 current generation 4.0's and they were awesome as well. I own a customized 2007 4.0 with cold air induction and a few other mods. I've also owned 3 V-8's. All of them have been great cars.

1st Oct 2013, 09:48

I know your post is an old one. I have to laugh at the comment about the cheap interior. I got rid of a lemon 2008 Dodge Avenger. You have no idea what cheap interior is until you've owned that car. LOL. When I got into my V6 2002 Mustang, I found the interior a relief believe me. HAHAHAHA.

I bought this old Mustang because it's reliable and easy to work on.