11th Jan 2001, 15:05

Hey listen, 9 out of 10 Mustangs are beaten by kids. They mess around and beat the crap out of them. Sorry to hear you bought one of these. If the car has a rebuilt tranny and engine, it pretty much means the crap has been beaten out of it or improper maintenance.

My 90 GT has 108,000 miles and runs fine. Strong and fast as hell. Never any major problems. Always a rush to drive. Change the oil every 2000.

20th Jun 2001, 13:32

9 out of 10 times you can prevent your car from breaking down just by listening and watching for anything unusual (strange sounds, leaks and smells).

Maintaining your car regulary helps a lot too. I am a mechanic and every day I see people driving their cars to death and then blaming car manufacturers for making them poorly. I would like all of you, who do this, to understand, CARS ARE COMPLEX PIECES OF MACHINERY, so treat them as such, and you`ll have a lot less problems with them.

1st Jul 2001, 21:03

Hey, you said you know the people that owned it before you and they had some problems with it. So you knew that it had problems before you got it, so why the hell did you buy it? Don't blame it on Ford, look at the surveys, most people have good luck with theirs and I'm one of them. 190,000 miles, very little problems, and that mechanic is right, you have to take care of your cars, that's why mine has been so good, I've taken good care of my Mustang and Ranger.

4th Oct 2002, 11:00

Proud owner of a 1989 Mustang GT, love it to death, hate to sell it, but Maine winters are tough to drive such cars, This is my 4th 5.0 (never can make up my mind) my first was a 1982 GL 5.0 4 speed what a trip!!! then I had an 86 GT nice, but not as fast as the 82, next I went to an 88 Gt Convertible, now the 89 GT, all have had minor problems, nothing major (heatercore fog light switches, etc) I take care of my cars, do all my own maintenance, they are not the best "family car" but way too much fun to drive, I am 35 years old and have 2 kids under 8 years old, plenty of room for them in the back, I am told I drive too slow to be driving a GT, (especially by my kids telling me to go faster) but there is a time and a place for everything when the kids are in the car, it is not the time!!! My brother is a big Toyota fan as well as all the other imports he says they will last longer, then he had to replace his timing belt on his 91 acura legend $2500 later he is starting to change his mind I will live and die a mustang owner!!!

30th Oct 2002, 16:06

Hi I own a 1990 mustang gt. It has 98,000 miles on it and it hasn't had anything wrong with it except the alternator a week ago. So don't insult a mustang because you bought a piece of crap its not ford's fault. I think most of use owners take offense to it. Mustangs are great cars and they always will be.

18th Aug 2005, 18:10

I have an 89 GT with 70k original Miles and I love this car more than any other car and I have owned many, There is nothing like these cars, These are the best years ever. Did I mention I love my car???

5th Jul 2006, 12:03

Hello all,

I own a 1988 Ford Mustang GT. I have recently put in a new tranmission and changed the rear to 373 gear ratio. Well I don't think something is right - in OD it will jerk in the rear. I know it is kicking down, but so hard, and when in drive it feels as if there are only two gears changing, and the mechanic says it fine, but it just doesn't feel right.

It is an awesome car, I love it a lot, but I would like to know if anyone could help?

The rpms go up when in drive. At being pegged out it wanted to overheat. I shifted to OD, it was fine, but then the other day, I went to the mechanic and he says when you change gears from OD to drive, the rpms are supposed to go down, and mine go up... HELP.