26th Dec 2000, 00:31

About "get a Cobra and then well see"... damn! For that price Chevy guys will get a Corvette and then....... "WE'LL SEE".

4th Jan 2001, 22:49

For "get a Corvette then we'll see" for that price, Ford guys get a Saleen Mustang and THEN WE'LL SEE.

9th Jan 2001, 09:25

Come on, everyone know's a Stampede is faster than a heartbeat. Love those Stangs.

14th Feb 2001, 11:59

For the price of a Corvette you can build a 10.00 second Mustang monster that no one would see.

15th Feb 2001, 16:30

Chevy/Pontiac are faster. There is no question about it. I have a 99 stang and would love to beat a Z or TA. The bottom line is if the person driving the Z or TA knows anything at all about dragging, they will win. If someone tells me they have a stang and just killed a Chevy, my question is were you racing or did you just blow by them? The smart thing to do for a smart FORD man is to dump a little money into your stang and kill all Chevy's pontiacs. How dedicated are you really to Fords? Simple gears, TB, MASS, Pullies, and mufflers will do the trick.

19th Feb 2001, 22:28

About the Trans Ams and Z28's... your cars are geared different than a Mustang. A Cobra, Cobra R or Saleen would kill all of you. As for fixing up GTs, it can be done, and the only Fords you will beat are stock V6, or stock V8 GT... alright so keep dreaming.

23rd Feb 2001, 12:14

Geared differently? Are you kidding me?

1st, a Cobra only has .7 tenth on a GT. That's really not much.

2nd, a Supercharged Saleen is only .2 tenths faster than a Cobra. A stock Saleen only has 25 more hp than a stock GT and is not more than .2 tenths quicker.

3rd, who has $65,000 to drop on a Cobra R. I think a Viper would be my choice for that much. Check out the specs for a TA or Z28. You'll see the are actually geared lower than 3:27. If you do all the bolt on's I listed with 3:73 gears, you should drop from a 14.2 for a 99 to about 13.4. That's what a Cobra runs.

13th May 2001, 21:44

I don't care what any of you all say, Mustangs are weak and are getting weaker every year. I have friends with stock V-6 Acura's that are beating stock V-8 stangs, but they can't touch the V-8 Camaro or Firebird. Lets face it, Ford are losing the game.

17th Jun 2001, 09:10

Sounds like somebody needs to work on his shifting. The Chevy cars are of course a bit faster, but not so much so that they're impossible to beat with a stock GT. I think they're so close that it comes down to driver skill, and driver willingness to rev the engine. Even a good Chevy driver who's not willing to rev up past 4000 will lose to a Mustang driver who's willing to flog his vehicle a bit. So (if anyone's reading this after enduring the 15 mostly asinine comments above), I think it comes down to this: if you want to know what car beats what and by what, you need to look in Motor Trend. Using daddy's Acura to blow by oblivious middle-aged women in hot cars proves nothing.

6th Sep 2001, 10:03

All you guys are talking jibberish, American cars are all show no go, all they have is big engines, my brother and I raced a 98 GT with a VW GTI VR6, and we beat the crap out of it, and same with the Trans Am, all of this happened with a 2.8L V6. If you want a Cobra R or a Corvette or something, get a Tuned Twin Turbo Supra which could reach 1200HP after a couple of upgrades and a shot!

12th Oct 2001, 11:40

Hey, I have a stock 74 Chevy Nova, I can leave any (stock) Mustang sitting still from take off. They look nice, but if a 1974 CHEVY Nova can leave a 2001 GT, something is wrong. Wake up Ford, give your folks what they deserve, a GT that can at least stay beside a 74 Nova.

19th Dec 2001, 19:32

All you guys are very funny. First of all, stock vs. stock, a Camaro/Firebird will beat a stock GT. This is of course 01 to 01. The GT is running the 1/4 in 14.0 - 14.2. The Chevys are running it in 13.7-13.9. They definitely have a hp. and torque advantage over us GT owners. This is not including the Ramair cars or the Cobras. This is GT versus Camaro/Firebird. Both of those other cars are a few tenths faster than the other ones, but for the extra money it costs for the Camaro/ Firebird, you can make your Mustang considerably faster.

I, for instance, went the supercharger route. I pretty much laugh at whatever comes my way. It doesn't matter what it is- Firehawk, C4, Z06, Ciper, they are all victims to my innocent, little white coupe that runs mid 12s on stock rubber. I guess it all depends on how fast you want to go and how much money you got to spend. Just remember - there is and always will be someone faster than you!

7th Feb 2002, 14:01

For 2003 Ford has got the hint with the Cobra, but what will they do about the GTs? And further more what will Chevy do about a 390hp Cobra. I like Mustangs, but did not buy one because on a test drive of a 2001, a z28 could leave me on the highway. And by the way, it is not the driving, it's the car, Ford needs to step up or step off. And I mean stock, no addons. I do not buy a new car to lose or add on. And if adding on is needed, do not call it a GT. Really, do you buy a new car to paint it? No, so why add to it when it's new? You should not have to do that for some years to keep up with newer ones, not the same year.

25th Feb 2003, 17:24

My 'riceburner', a standard Subaru Legacy Turbo -92 (AWD 200 hp) is capable to do these 402.33 m in 14.9 sec. The wheels don't spin at all on asphalt. That makes the car shoot away like a bullet!

But these type of cars are not built for green light, steering wheel-lock races; the clutch and the gearbox take the hit, and that's of course not good for the drive line.

Instead, they are perfect for really brutal driving on small country gravel roads, and on snow or ice. Pontiac F Trans Am and similar cars are summer/good weather cars. Not too fun in the long run?

Why not try a good AWD?

Janne, somewhere in Europe.

14th May 2003, 16:09

I have an '01 Mustang V6 convertible that cost 13,500, that came with leather and a six-disc CD changer. Compare that to a Camaro convertible of the same year, completely base model (didn't even have rims, just some crappy plastic wheel covers) for 15,000. As for the power problem, spending about $150 or less on a Cold Air Intake will put your Mustang up about 10hp, which puts the peak horsepower up to about 200hp, the same as the Camaro. If you're really enthusiastic, you can even consider (on the V6 model) switching to the GT exhaust, which will add another twenty or so and cost you about $800, which still puts you under the price of the Camaro and gives you a twenty horsepower advantage. Besides, in my experience Mustangs are more fun to drive and the windshield is a lot more user-friendly (Camaros are a bit hard to adjust to if you're tall.) I think both cars are awesome, but the Mustang clearly has an advantage when it comes to aftermarket.